Yoda Lingo 101 | StarTalk

So I was sure nothing
would come of Yoda. And here’s Yoda the wise. Who’s to say? So who gave you that call? Actually, George. George. George. And the pope. George Lucas, through
his producer, asked Jim– we’re doing them up in
a movie in Los Angeles– Jim was obviously too
busy and knew he hadn’t he couldn’t quite do that. He has an incredible talents,
but this one he couldn’t quite handle as much as
I could, he felt. And that’s how it happened,
it was through support of Jim. And then I started doing it. So you invented the voice? Yeah. Did anyone tell
you, speak this way? How could anyone
possibly tell you to speak that way,
because no one had ever spoken that way before?
– Right. You know why he says that? Why he talks that way? I’ve no idea. There’s always a
reason for something. I’ve come to learn
that as a scientist. Yeah? My view of it is–
first of all, it was Larry and George who wrote it– and I said, hey, this is nice– they use it halfway, and I
said, can I do it all the time? They said yeah. The way I view it is, Yoda is– This is where adjectives and
nouns are switched in places– I’m not smart
enough enough to know what an adjective or a noun is. OK. Yeah, the sentence is fully
understandable but clearly from another syntax. It’s because that’s the
way the original Jedi spoke. It was a very formal
and elegant language. He is now 700, 800
years old at that time. And not unlike the
Native Americans trying to keep their
language alive, he also is trying to
keep the formal Jedi language alive while
these surf kids are talking to their language. Right. And so he feels a
tremendous responsibility to talk that way, even though
nobody else talks that way. Even though he could probably
speak the way everyone else speaks?
– Right. But he has the
integrity and he feels– A cultural imperative. Yep. That’s that’s what I believe. Well, you don’t have to
believe it because you did it. So therefore it is. Yeah, It is. And it gives him dignity
and an integrity that’s important to his gravitas. So Adam, why is
Yoda so beloved? I mean, I think, first
of all, the performance that Frank gives is incredible. And it’s got– because
he’s right there actually puppeting the character,
there’s a real humanity to the performance. You really connect with it. And then he starts out,
this small little creature living in the bog. And he turns out to be
this wise, incredibly powerful creature. That contrast is so interesting
and funny and stays with you. Charles where you come in? I think we all
want to be Yoda. We all somehow feel
we’re inadequate, perhaps a little ugly, a little short– but within us we have
the power to move mountains with just our mind.