WVU prepares you for a career | West Virginia University

I can’t wait to use my knowledge and skills
in practice and actually start developing software. I learned many skills that actually
helped me to become more employable. Besides my major coursework, I try to be involved
in student organizations. One thing I like about US colleges is they do a lot of career
fairs. Recently I went to a career fair and talked to a few companies. I’ve still not decided yet what my plans
are. Maybe I’m doing a PhD here, or maybe going into industry, but I think this course
prepares me very well for whatever I have to do later. I am planning for when I go back to my country,
I want to work with people who struggle to find housing because in Haiti we have a lot
of problems, especially after the earthquake. In my social work classes, we see a lot of
things that are really related to that field of study and I think that it might help me
to be better prepared when I come back to my country. My vision is being able to create an internationally
accredited forensic science lab. I think it is important that the justice system retains
integrity. Being an individual that can stand for that and can help the justice system uphold
its integrity I think it’s important for me, being here at West Virginia University.