Why Some People are Scared of Clowns – Sharp Science

I hate clowns. (Music) – Clowns makes me feel unnerved. – Uncomfortable. – Uncomfortable. – Anxious. (Music) – Typically phobias of clowns starts when children are young. – I’ve been afraid of clowns since I was nine, and I accidentally saw the movie It. – I’ve always been afraid of clowns. – People wonder why people might have a fear response to clowns. One reason is that clowns are spontaneous and unpredictable. – They’re really creepy, you don’t know what’s happening behind all that make-up. – Grown people should not be wearing like caked on make-up, that’s horrifying. – There’s some people that theorize that the fact that clowns are almost human-like but not quite, might make them kind of scary. – (Noise) – I was told there’d be no clowns, nothing’s scarier than a clown. – There’s also the pop culture piece, movies like It and characters like The Joker in Batman, can associate fear and danger with clowns. – Aren’t you going to say, hello. – I warned you, you had your chance, you’re going to the pound. You hear me. – What you should do if you’re afraid of clowns is begin to learn a little bit more about them, and gradually expose yourself to the clown. – If I saw a clown today just walking in the hall, I’d turn around and walk away real fast. – If I saw a clown right now, I would run. I would not be here. – You’ll feel anxiety, but the thing about anxiety with phobias, is that if you stay in the situation and face your fear, over time it gets easier. – What about this is funny? This is awful. – It was never funny, it’s not funny now, it wasn’t funny then. Not a fan. (Music)