Why Science? Behavioral Ecology

So I’ve always been interested in art in
particular and color. And so when I first learned about jumping spiders and I saw
their brilliant colors I thought “Wow I really want to learn more about why
they’re colored the way they are,” and you watch these animals interact
and the males are doing these elaborate displays for females, and so I was
just really curious about what they were doing and what the point of
all that was. And then when I took … in my second year of college I took a spider
biology class and an animal behavior class at the same time. In the spider
biology class I learned that we really know very little about spiders in
general compared to other animals. And in the animal behavior class I learned that you
can really make a career out of studying animal behavior. So I was able
to put those two things together and then spent a lot of time in college
thinking about those ideas and then went on to graduate school and here I am.