Why I Sauna

hey there it’s Susan Peirce Thompson and
welcome to the weekly vlog I have something exciting to talk about today
so first I want to share a little bit about the history of why I’m bringing
this topic to you it has to do with weight weight loss weight loss plateaus
and what happens when you get stuck and your body won’t cooperate and then I
want to talk about a tool I’ve been using lately and the results I’ve been
getting and I want to share the science of that tool because I know you love the
science and then I’m gonna take you on a field trip in my home which I almost
never do in the weekly vlog usually we’re just here in the basement against
this same old same old background so that’s gonna be fun
I have my executive assistant Angela here and she’s gonna literally take this
camera off this tripod and carry it Blair Witch style down to my basement
and we’re gonna show you the tool I’ve been using and then I’m going to offer
you something free in case you want to start using the tool so that’s the plan
ready here we go so weight loss plateaus they are a thing they really are and the
science of the weight loss plateau is just math it’s basically what happens is
when you start on a plan of eating and you make it really automatic you’re
eating maybe this much fuel a day what your body needs this much fuel a day so
you lose weight right because your body’s burning fat to fill that gap
right but a smaller body needs less fuel so as you lose weight the amount of fuel
you need each day starts going down because your body’s getting smaller and
smaller and smaller that’s just math that’s the way it works but then also
the brain is very smart it knows not to let you starve to death so the brain has
ways of compensating for sustained weight loss by lowering your basal
metabolic rate and it does this just by a quick shift in thyroid hormone and it
just says oh look there’s a sustained food shortage happening let’s not starve
to death please let’s burn fewer calories
every day just to make sure that we survive through this horrible winter
that must be happening because I don’t know why we’ve been eating less every
day now for a long time so let’s be sure to not die that’s what the brain is
thinking right so it just lowers your basal metabolic rate a little bit this
is a temporary adaptation this is not permanent metabolic damage this is a
normal brain healthy brain response to a sustained caloric deficit this is the
way it works right so that that’s smart the brain just says okay we’ll just
shift thyroid hormone a little bit lower our basal metabolic rate but now your
basal metabolic rate is even lower and your body size is going down so all told
your basal metabolic rate goes down a bunch as you sustained weight loss so
the question is did you start off with a robust enough metabolism both
genetically and just through good habits because that’s what supports your
metabolism is strong mitochondria you get strong mitochondria through good
habits like you know good diet good exercise we’re actually going to talk
about habits in this vlog here did you start off with a robust enough
metabolism so that you hit goal weight before you plateau I’m gonna say that
again did you start off with a robust enough metabolism so that you hit goal
weight before you plateau everyone will plateau eventually if you keep going on
a reduced caloric input for long enough and it doesn’t even have to be a huge
caloric deficit the question is do you hit goal weight first okay so some
people do and some people don’t now we’re talking about a universe in which
you have squeaky clean bright lines okay now if you plateau out and a plateau in
Bright Line Eating speak is months of no weight loss with immaculate Bright Lines
so 90% of the people who come to me and my Bright Line Eating coaches saying
I’ve plateaued out they haven’t they’ve not had immaculate Bright Lines and they
haven’t been plateaued for long enough to count as a plateau but if you’ve
really had immaculate Bright Lines and you’ve been plateaued out for months
then what well you can eat less food but if you’re already really hungry
and not yet and you’re fatigued and you have other signs that like eating less
food doesn’t really sound like a fun option what’s really happening is you’ve
kind of groundout with your body right and this can really happen one of the
things that will make it more likely to happen is a lot of stress on board like
not sleeping enough because that creates its own issues stress will also lead
often to breaking of Bright Lines which means that you’re sometimes eating more
food you know sporadically here and there and then that can result in a
plateau that’s not really the kind of plateau we were just talking about it’s
a plateau caused by breaking your lines but if your life is stressful enough
that you’re not keeping your lines sort of you you find yourself in a place
where you’re basically at war with your body right you’re trying to get your
weight down you’re doing the best you can and your body is basically saying I
refuse to cooperate right so often doubling down on clean Bright Lines is
the way to go here a lot of people in this situation find that they haven’t
been actually getting support they said no to Bright Lifers or they’ve never
done the Boot Camp or they’ve never really done the Boot Camp or they’re
pretending that they’re doing Bright Line Eating but deep down they know that
they’re not really doing Bright Line Eating and if you’re in that category
then that’s actually good news because you actually know what you need to do
next do you need to actually work the program but there are some people who
are actually working the program completely they come to our coaching
calls and they’re like I’m in a mastermind group I’m in another
mastermind group I’ve got four buddies I’ve done the Boot Camp I’m in Bright
Lifers I’m connected up in Bright Lifers I listen to the accountability call
every day I’m in the Gideon Games blah I’m actually leading the Gideon Games
because I’ve had squeaky clean Bright Lines forever I’m a Crystal Vaser and
I’m plateaued out and I’m not losing any weight to which I say that’s terrible I
feel really bad for you and I feel bad for me too I was in the situation not
that exact situation but a similar situation and in May of 2017 so a while
ago now I actually shot a vlog called “Letting Go
of the Number” and the situation was that my forever and ever and ever perfect
ideal goal weight which was like 109 to 110 up to like 114 or 15
really with a sweet spot of around 112 was not working for me anymore my body
was in revolt it was not letting me get down there my metabolism had lowered and
lowered and lowered and lowered to the point where even though I was at
maintenance I was on the weight-loss food plan that was my maintenance food
plan sometimes I had to go even lower than that my metabolism was so slow due
to Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and due to extreme stress travel the whole Bright
Line Eating leading the free Bright Line Eating world is no fun I tell you about
that sometimes right like it’s a lot and all that stress combined with my
Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism resulted in my metabolism lowering over the last few
years and my weight was above where I wanted it to be and I was fighting with
my body for like a couple of years and what I finally decided to do was just
raise my goal weight and I shot a vlog on it in May of 2017 called “Letting Go
of the Number” and basically what I meant was I’m just surrendering to the fact
that my body seems to want to hover between 117 and 120 and I’m not gonna be
in the low 1 teens I’m gonna be in the upper 1 teens
that’s a fine goal weight for me I’m 5 foot 3 this is not an emergency right
but as you know for my job it matters that I look thin on camera the camera
does add 10 pounds and I wasn’t honestly thrilled about having to raise my goal
weight but I reached the point where I didn’t see another option fast forward today I weigh a hundred and twelve
pounds or at least 112.6 last time I stepped on the scale I’m weighing myself
once a week on Wednesdays these days what happened oh and by the way I’m
eating a maintenance food plan plus one add and I weigh 112 just saying I’m not
at war with my body anymore what shifted well
I started using a new tool in particular I mean several things have shifted I’m
under less stress mostly from a mindset shift of like I refuse to be stressed
which means I put projects off like you’ve seen me cancel vlogs you’ve seen
me just do things differently lately I’m not putting the well-being of
Bright Line Eating the movement before the well-being of me as a human being
anymore but also I started using a new tool and
that tool is my sauna and I don’t think I’ve ever shot a vlog on sauna use
before but I should have because it is a phenomenal tool in all of our tool
buckets now you don’t have to have a sauna at home to use a sauna gyms have
saunas some local spas have saunas and you can find out if they have some sort
of policy where they’ll let you use it for a little fee or whatever whatever
but a lot of places have some hotels often have saunas not always but often
if you just become a sauna tracking ninja and just go through your
environment like where are the saunas near mean there are saunas I promise you
and if you figure out a way in your local area to get access to a sauna you
suddenly will have a doorway open to you to an amazing array of benefits and a
tool to finally break free from this plateau problem so I want to talk now
about the science how does this sauna thing work sauna use is basically an
example of hormesis hormesis h-o-r-m-e-s- i-s hormesis hormetic stress sauna use is
effective because it stresses the body it stresses the body with heat stress I
thought we were supposed to reduce stress what’s the deal why is stress a
good thing doesn’t take much to realize that stress isn’t always a bad thing
exercise at any dose is a stressor in the right dose is
incredibly healthy why because it puts stress on the system on the cells that
forced them to uplevel adapt and get stronger that is the principle of
hormetic stress okay it’s a micro stress on the cells that force the cells to get
better stronger faster tougher they do that by growing the mitochondria in
number in size and in strength literally number size and strength mitochondria
are what exist in every single cell that run your metabolism hello hello that’s
what runs your metabolism is your mitochondria every cell in your body
I don’t care if it’s a heart cell or a brain cell or a toenail cell every cell
in your body has mitochondria toenail cells might be dead they might not have
mitoch- anyway every live cell in your body has mitochondria and the
mitochondria are the little think of them as like little wood burning stoves
they’re what actually produces the energy like the ATP Krebs Cycle that you
learned about in seventh grade biology and forgot all about that’s the
mitochondria it happens in there so if your mitochondria are weak and you don’t
have many of them and they’re small you end up having the energy and the
metabolism of a 75 year-old who sits in a rocking chair all day and knits and
has to buy a ranch house because walking up stairs even one stair is painful
sedentary completely hardly ever moves 100 pounds
overweight not even eating that much slow metabolism if you have a lot of
mitochondria and they’re big and they’re strong you you can have the metabolism
and the energy level of a seven-year-old boy with ADHD who literally can’t sit
still to eat a meal who has to stand up from the table and start lapping the table like running around like a mad kid right because the energy is just
bursting from every cell that is the difference between weak few poor
impoverished unhealthy little mitochondria and robust
big strong mitochondria so I took some actions lately to improve my
mitochondrial health through sauna use and I stand before you a hundred and
twelve pounds so five six pounds lighter on average then I was in 2016 2017 2018
eating 50% more food like a lot more food weighing less feeling better and I
didn’t do it through diet and exercise I did it by using other tools to make my
mitochondria stronger okay so sauna use is one of the classic
examples of hormetic stress healthy hormesis making the cells stronger from
the ground up now here’s the thing about sauna use my dear friend Ari Whitten
always says this and he’s right he’s looked at the research he’s written one
of the best blog articles on the internet about the benefits of sauna use
I think it’s called The Top 22 Benefits of Sauna Use and he actually
goes into the cellular mechanisms behind each of those benefits and you’ll be
surprised it’s it’s like a lot of different cellular mechanisms it’s an
amazing article I’m actually gonna link to it down below just so that if you
want to have the full scientific story it would take me I think he does it in
video 2 which you’ll also see in that length there’s a video there’s an
article or a video it’s an hour and 25-minute video so I’m
not gonna do an hour and 20 I’m a five-minute vlog I’ve already been
talking for a really long time so I’m not gonna go through all top 22 benefits
okay but there are that many benefits I’m gonna go through the ones that I
think you’re gonna care about most and I’m going to take you on that field trip
and then I’m gonna show you the actual sauna that I actually use and then I’m
gonna give you a freebie if you’re interested in going deeper with me on
this so here’s what Ari Whitten always says about sauna use he says if in the
history of Western medicine a drug were ever created that was a pill that
delivered by taking that pill the benefits that you get from sauna use
it would be touted as the most miraculous drug that had ever been
created in any sphere of medicine ever it would be prescribed to everyone by
every physician and everyone would take it and it would provide orders of
magnitude greater benefits than any drug that has ever been on the market in the
history of Western medicine if we could put sauna use in a pill that’s what it
would be it’d be a ga-jillion-trillion dollar drug and we the good news is we
do have that drug it’s called a sauna and there is a mountain of evidence on
sauna use showing that it is as foundational as diet and exercise it is
as helpful as not eating crap and starting to eat vegetables as healthy as
hitting the gym versus lying on the couch to your foundational wellness
sauna use is a miracle practice so let’s get into the nuts and bolts of what
sauna use actually does for you so one of the benefits of sauna use I’ve
already talked about which has to do with energy increased energy right and
the way that sauna use improves your energy is by strengthening and making
more numerous and more robust your mitochondrial engine so that is the
engine that produces the energy of your body but another benefit of sauna use
that I think you’re going to be really interested in is detoxification so this
matters when you’re on a weight-loss journey I’ve already told you in my book
Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free my first book and
also in a lot of the videos that I put out into the world about how weight loss
in particular is a toxic process and the reason for that is that the main
storehouses of toxins are the fat cells and when you start to shrink fat cells
you’re doing nothing more fancy than taking that fat and dumping it out into
the blood to be used and processed and you’re now
releasing tons of ancient ancient stored toxins into the bloodstream to be dealt
with by the liver the kidneys the whatever and like dealt with right this
is one of the reasons we get so exhausted when we start losing weight
for real for real now contrary to the fake and to the informed person
ridiculously frustrating and annoying unscientific claims of little packets of
artificially sweetened stuff that talks about they talk about detoxing it’s
actually very hard to legitimately detoxify the body the vast majority of
detoxification claims are false meaning cleanses detoxes you know
home remedies to detoxify blah blah blah these are not scientifically backed
claims detoxification is very very hard and if you go to a functional medicine
doctor they’ll talk about like giving you some pills that are likely to have
some side effects and like real the detoxification is like a a problematic
thing to try to do they’ll give you these pills that bind to the heavy
metals and the plastics and then help you pee them out but they’ll say careful
we don’t want to be too aggressive with this because it could make you sick like
the process of detoxification if you try to do it medically assisted is a scary
invasive kind of feeling process sauna use however is a brilliant easeful
natural detoxifier that works through sweat which is by far the best
detoxification method through your sweat you get rid of both water soluble and
fat soluble toxins heavy metals plastics stored ancient drugs that are in your
system just about every damaging substance that
stored in your body that could can be contributing to resistance to weight
loss can be contributing to autoimmune diseases if you have any autoimmune
conditions that can be contributing to fatigue sweat sweat sweat sweat sweat is
the way to detoxify the challenge is it’s hard to sweat copiously in general
in natural life you can get some sweat from exercise but not nearly the sweat
that you get from sauna use and now here I’ll just mention there’s two main kinds
of saunas there’s heat based saunas which are either steam or dry right
where you go into a box and the air is heated up either through some sort of
heater that makes the air hot but in a dry way or through the injection of
steam which makes the air hot but in a wet way right that makes you sweat but
it also is really hard to stay in there for very long because your lungs are
having to breathe in this really really hot air and parts of your extremities
your body or face your feet your toes your butt your whatever start to get
really really hot and you can typically only safely stay in there for maybe
15-20 minutes in general the second type of sauna is a red light sauna with
ideally near mid and far infrared light now infrared meaning that it’s below the
visible light spectrum okay so you’re not actually seeing red lights
it’s infrared light what that does is it it doesn’t actually heat the air it
heats up your cells so your body starts getting hotter without you having to
breathe in super hot air and without your butt your feet your hands your face
your head whatever getting so heated up from the external air that you got to
get out of there after 10 15 20 minutes right you can actually stay in for 30
minutes 40 minutes and because the infrared light
is heating up your core cells you start to sweat copiously almost instantly it’s
kind of shocking you sit there and you’re like just all of sudden you’re
sweating you’re like wow it’s sort of like I’m a faucet that someone just
turned on but think about how brilliant that is for detoxification for
detoxification now I’m going to move on to another benefit of sauna use which
I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear about which is weight loss weight loss why
because well for example the infrared sauna that I was just talking about the
Sunlighten brand that I got a little bit ago has been clinically proven to
raise your core body temperature by up to 3 degrees it’s the only infrared
sauna that has that clinical data that it does that legitimately does that
raises your core body temperature by up to 3 degrees which means in 1 sauna
session you can burn up to 600 calories and research shows that sauna use
preferentially burns fat and especially from the waistline just saying that’s
exciting so I thought you would be interested in that benefit as well and
finally I want to talk about three more entire categories of benefits of sauna
use and there’s so much more information about these again I really recommend you
check out Ari Whitten’s amazing online free blog article about it and video if
you really want all of the scientific details but the three main categories
are first of all health like you know health so for example a study done in
Finland showed that men who used a sauna four to seven times a week were forty-eight
percent less likely to die of a heart attack during a 20-year study period a
20 year longitudinal study period than men who didn’t forty-eight percent less
likely to die of a heart attack just saying one in four people in the
United States are dying of heart attacks just saying and also sauna use lowers
blood pressure better than exercise alone if you do sauna use in
addition you know if you’ve got high blood pressure it’ll help the second
category of benefits has to do with improvements around exercise so if
you’re someone who exercises and if you care about things like your muscle
growth like your speed of recovery from an intense workout if you care about
muscle and joint health if you care about flexibility sauna use will help all
of that and then the last category of benefits has to do with brain health
reduce likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s increased neurogenesis in the
hippocampus which basically reduces depression it staves off all kinds of
poor memory brain fog aging of the brain in general
reduces chronic fatigue which is related also to decreased neurogenesis in the
hippocampus so increasing that neurogenesis in the hippocampus is
helpful across the board for brain health so if you care about your brain
and that’s something that you’re thinking about you know as the days and
months and years tick by and you’re like I don’t want to be one of the most you
know people who as they age get dementia well then start using a sauna alright so
I’m about to take you on a field trip and the field trip is to my basement to
my sauna my sweet sauna that I love so much I think you’re gonna fall in love
with my sauna my sauna is a three-person sauna and it’s a Sunlighten Sauna and
the reason I love that is that it combines all the benefits of sauna use
with all the benefits of infrared light use and there’s a whole other body of
research on infrared light use so infrared light use is separately its own
hormetic stressor and it improves all kinds of things including anti-aging
benefits and improves the skin and collagen formation at the cellular level
it improves muscle recovery so if you’ve got any injuries or whatever Ari
Whitten also has a whole thing on red light use I think he wrote a whole book
on it so what’s amazing about Sunlighten is it combines the two so you
get your sauna benefits through red light heating up your cells from the
inside again you can stay in longer sweat more burn more calories etc so I’m
a big fan of my Sunlighten Sauna but I just want to say again
here are my two tips for sauna use very basic do what you can when you can
don’t set an unattainable goal and be a perfectionist and therefore not start
any sauna use at all even once a week is better than nothing
so set the goal to become a sauna user it’s an identity become someone who
saunas even if it’s just once a year become someone who saunas once a year is
not enough start to do it at least a little do what you can when you can
alright so that’s tip number one remember James Clear and the book Atmoic
Habits set the identity change first become someone who saunas stick to a
regimen let the goals take care of themselves okay
don’t set a perfectionistic goal of like I’ve got a sauna five times a week or
it’s not worth it no no no start small become someone who saunas my second tip
is kind of quirky it’s um towel off thoroughly immediately when you get out
yes then go rinse if you can and blah blah blah but remember that your skin is
a living breathing organism and you’ve just detoxified to the max and
all of that sweat on your skin actually has those toxins in it so immediately
thoroughly towel dry off so that in the however many seconds and minutes it
takes you to get to the shower to rinse your not soaking reabsorbing some of
those toxins through your skin your skin will soak it back up okay so those are
my two sauna tips and I’m going to take you into my basement for a little field
trip come on with me okay hey welcome to my
basement staircase and come on and join me into my basement here so welcome to
the Thompson House basement household basement they got a little keyboard over
here that the kids sometimes tinkle on on me too ta-da look at my sauna just
saying the sauna got a big overhaul recently when David decided to turn it
diagonally so for some reason that made a big difference to how it felt in the
room so here’s the Sunlighten and this is an MPulse machine this is a
three-person sauna you can get one person saunas little tiny ones like a
little phone booth you can get two person three person four person I think
they go even bigger than that I’m not sure so come check it out I’m gonna
actually bring you in here and show you some of the things that I love about
this sauna so come on in -kay so you’re still with me can you still
see me all right so here’s the sauna three people fit in here super
comfortably look at this little gizmo here this is basically like like an iPad
I mean it’s it’s a it’s a tablet computer so it’s got all of the if I hit
media applications here it’s got all the apps and the internet that you could
have like on your phone your tablet your computer right so you want to watch
YouTube you want to watch Netflix you want to watch Amazon Prime movies I’ll
go to Spotify here and in Spotify I listen to podcasts while I’m in here
like what a great use of time or you can watch your latest your favorite shows I
don’t watch TV I haven’t watched TV in a really long time but so much is so
helpful with those apps it means that you can watch listen it’s basically like
the best multitasking in the world so here’s what I do in my sauna
I used to meditate actually in the morning in my sauna but now I’m using
the sauna more in the afternoons like late afternoon before dinner and what
I’m doing is I’m stretching so if I’ve worked out in the morning and just just
saying the weight loss that I’ve experienced this last year is not due to
exercise I started working with a personal trainer
yesterday so clearly that’s not what did it it’s it’s likely the sauna use
cleaner Bright Lines and sauna use and I yeah
like the it’s amazing so I stretch and I listen to a podcast and I’m getting
infrared light therapy benefits and I’m getting sauna use benefits so the
combination of all of that together like I’m sitting here stretching burning 600
calories listening to a podcast episode how much more effective could my time be
and and also just saying it’s really calming like I’m stretching and
listening to a podcast episode while the sauna passively works over my body and
my cells and my circulation and like wow amazing so I was talking about how
infrared saunas heat up your cells they don’t have to heat up the air but check
this out you can actually set the air temperature to be what you want so right
now it’s 72 degrees in here but I can set it for as hot as like you know well
not quite as hot as a dry sauna would be or a steam sauna would be but I can set
it to be pretty hot now I can set it for like 60 minutes and it’ll heat up so
this is just a quick way to set it up if you actually want to run a health
program the thing about a Sunlighten Sauna is it has far infrared mid
infrared and near infrared light which each does its own unique thing so you
get to run a program based on your goals so if weight loss is your goal that’s
actually all the lights at the optimum like maximum amount you just hit start
and suddenly boom start you’re running a weight loss program and you just sit
there and it’s a 30 minute program and of course you can go to the media
applications and while you’re listening to Netflix or watching a show on Netflix
or listening to Spotify or watching YouTube videos or on the internet
watching your Bright Line Eating Boot Camp
videos or whatever you want to do you can be enjoying your weight loss program
I want to say that there’s health tracking so you can set yourself in as a
user and track your data if you want to schedule a sauna session in advance you
can actually just set the time and date that you want to do the sauna session in
advance and and you can actually just repeat those sessions what that does is
it warms the sauna up for you in advance so that it’s nice
and toasty and cozy at exactly the moment you want to step into it and then
run your program you can adjust the heaters manually if you just want to
come in here right now because we’re running the weight loss program the
mid-infrared is at max the far-infrared is at max and then you can turn on any
of the the near-infrared as well so mid far and near so I you know what’s cool
about this is that it’s really quick and easy to learn I’m kind of a technology
phob and I don’t learn new technology very easily but it’s pretty basic right
here I’m just gonna turn off the lights you can sit here in the dark if you want
the settings are really easy this is where you just connect to your Wi-Fi
just as if it’s like a laptop or something it’s just a computer you just
put in your Wi-Fi code for where you’re at and suddenly you’re online and check
this out up here if you just want to pop in a CD player can we get a side angle
over here I’m gonna turn this puppy on right here this is like an old school
like a car CD player like you can literally listen to the radio you can
pop in a disc there’s a USB port you can put in a USB Drive if you want this
thing is like fully loaded it’s amazing um so anyway this was my sauna I love it
I use it I benefit from it and I’m so glad I get grain at lunch and dinner
again and a full maintenance food plan and I’m back to my ideal goal weight yay
sauna use for the win thanks for joining me in my
sweet little sauna okay so thanks for joining me in my basement we’re coming
to the very very end of our little vlog here on the benefits of sauna use but I
just want to answer a question that you might be wondering which is how often
should I use saunas most optimally and is there a point at which it’s too much
so I want to share a study with you that was done in Finland they sauna a lot in
Scandinavia probably because it’s so cold there it’s super cozy to sauna when
it’s cold they followed over 2,000 people for 20
years toward the end of life they followed over 2,000 people for 20 years
that’s very rare to have a long- longitudinal study that goes that long
and follows that many people and what they found was that someone who saunas
two to three times a week compared with someone who saunas once a
week on average is 24% less likely to die from any and all causes okay so that
just gives you a sense of the magnitude of the benefit of saunaing a little more
often now someone who saunas four to seven times a week was 40% less likely
to die during that 20 year period from any and all causes
so that rubric of all cause mortality it’s a very common metric in science to
just look at how healthy someone is right like what are the odds that
they’re gonna die of anything of an accident of a stroke of a heart attack
of right of whatever right so sauna use in general is super healthy the more the
better now just like with exercise start slow if your body isn’t used to it and
you’re kind of weak right so it’s not healthy if you’re totally out of
condition to go run a marathon today it’s not healthy you’ll lay yourself out
bad and you’ll probably get injured sauna use is the same way you got to
titrate yourself up you got to start slow and work up to it it is a stressor
on the body so hitting your body with tons of stress all
once isn’t a good idea if your body is weak okay so you need to build up maybe
start three times a week for shorter amounts of time see how your system
adapts to it but like I said earlier do what you can when you can right and if
you can’t afford to have a Sunlighten Sauna in your home fair enough
but don’t you dare sit on the pity pot and say oh I don’t have the money for
this I can’t benefit from this at all get off your duff and go look around for
a sauna in your area that’s in your price range because access to saunas is
everywhere again it’s in gyms it’s in spas that might be like oh yeah you can
go in there into the locker room and use that if you want it’s a five dollar day
pass fee right whatever it is then you could go twice a week maybe within your
budget or whatever right go find access to a sauna that works for you if you
want to take advantage of these benefits all right so before I sign off I just
want to remind you of what the links are down below one is the link to Ari
Whitten’s amazing blog article on the top 22 benefits of sauna use and this is
especially helpful if you want to know even in more detail the the specifics of
the biological mechanisms at play for each of these sauna benefits because
they’re actually different it’s like oh well you get this benefit through this
metabolic process and it’s stunning it’s a really well researched article and
there’s that hour and 25-minute video if you prefer to watch that information and
then there’s a link to get a Sunlighten Sauna if you feel so inclined so I’m
really glad I did that for myself and I encourage you to think about it this
holiday time getting it for yourself like yes you could try to weasel some
sort of beloved family member to get you one but if Bright Line Eating we like to
think about giving to ourselves right like how long have we neglected
ourselves and how worth it are we just saying now I understand that this is not
something that everyone can benefit from and/or treat themselves to because it’s
totally pricey I get that I get that but don’t you dare
don’t you dare use that as a reason to think oh I’m out of the sauna in inner
circle I can’t partake don’t you dare get up out of your house and go into
your community and find access to a sauna again look at gyms look at health
clubs look at spas that might have a sauna in the changing room and they
might be like oh yeah it’s a $5 day fee you can come use this or right like
there are saunas nearby to you I promise I promise I promise go find them go find
them and if you decide that you want to use a sauna often enough and the
benefits are strong enough which they are that having one in your home is the
path you want to go here’s what that link affords you it’s it’s an affiliate
link first of all what that means is that Bright Line Eating gets a cut
that’s a tiny cut I don’t even care about it so if you want to go to the
Sunlighten page and just buy direct from them you pay the same price either
way so it actually doesn’t benefit you to do that but if you are opposed to
affiliate programs in general they seem to be the way the world works but if you
don’t like them just go to the Sunlighten website that’s fine but with that
link you you get free shipping which is amazing think about how much it costs to
get a sauna to your door and you also get 10% off lumineer if you want that
which is a track like a sauna in a travel bag it’s like a wand that gives
you the red light therapy targeted to your face if you want the anti-aging
collagen benefits on the road to any joints that you’re trying to support
it’s like basically it’s sort of like the size of a glorified hairbrush and it
has a travel bag so you can bring the red light therapy and sauna therapy with
you on the road which is pretty cool so you get a discount on that if you want
so just saying that’s the link below and maybe you just get the lumineer if you
just want that like that would be pretty cool ah so sauna use there are ways to
boost your metabolism that work that work that work and especially if you’ve
gotten stuck in weight loss plateau feeling at war with
your body don’t know how to get out of you know grounded out with your
metabolism kind of experience then sauna use might be the way to go it certainly
has been for me so thanks for joining me on this extra long extra special extra
science packed vlog and I’ll see you next week