What do Mathematicians Eat for Breakfast?

BRADY HARAN: And the first thing I’ll ask you is what you had for breakfast this morning so I can test the volume. PERSI DIACONIS: What did I have? I had rice puffs and banana, and Earl Grey tea, and fresh orange juice. HOLLY KRIEGER: I didn’t have anything for breakfast. BRADY: You didn’t have breakfast? I’m a coffee drinker. Coffee sustains me. It’s keeps you productive. BRADY: Was the banana on the rice puffs? Yes it was. I slice it up into tiny little pieces. Breakfast? What’s that? I just got out of bed. I had cream of wheat with brown sugar. BRADY: Cream of wheat? I don’t even know what that is. I used the last milk in the house. Almost none left for tea, but it was okay. For breakfast this morning I had oatmeal. I nearly always have oatmeal for breakfast. Do you have anything on it? Like sweetener or anything? Or do you have it just…? No, I have oatmeal and then on the side I have soy yoghurt. Okay. Testing…
Brady: What did you eat for breakfast?
What did I have? Starbucks. BRADY: You had Starbucks! Blueberry scone.
BRADY: Nice. Yeah, Yeah. BRADY: You were out and about this morning, were you? Oh yeah, every morning. 7. Get up, get out, do stuff. Egg, bread, and a coffee. BRADY: Egg and bread, do you toast it? Or plain bread? Oh no no, I toast it. Toast it. Yeah. I had rolled oats and bananas. and a really good coffee which is how I have to start my day every morning. BRADY: Good coffee. Colombian? Colombian, of course. Cranberries. Porridge and bananas. Little bits of dates and some wheat bran. Actually, I missed breakfast this morning. Which was… In fact I haven’t eaten yet today. BRADY: At all? No. Sometimes this happens. Is this thing on? But I did have a curry at approximately half past 12 last night, so really I’m probably still digesting. Uhh… and a bacon and
BRADY: Pound of wurst?
…and potatoes and it was all not good. Since we’re discussing my breakfast from this morning, which was not the breakfast the hotel offered us because they wanted to have a natural number of our English pounds in exchange for that breakfast. And obviously… BRADY: How many pounds did they want for breakfast? On the order of twenty. I had eggs and cinnamon toast. BRADY: Twenty pounds!?!
–Twenty pounds for breakfast, but I’m about to say they better chop it into bite-sized pieces and put it in my mouth for me for twenty quid. BRADY: Bit of test, what did you have for breakfast this morning? The usual. Muesli.
Brady: Muesli? Yup. Okay, so I got up and had oatmeal at about 5 in the morning. Oatmeal and coffee. BRADY: 5 in the morning!? Oh I had, um, cereal and coffee. And then my daughter woke up a little bit after 5 and I made her a coffee. Ah let’s see, I had coffee and a bit of a smoothie. Ah hello, HELLO! Hey hey hey hey! BRADY: Let me ask you what you had for breakfast this morning. No memory. Ah, actually, I do I do I do. BRADY: Of course you do. What did you have? Let’s see. What did I have for breakfast? Cereal with lots of fruit. I had all the leftovers from the kids. BRADY: Alright. I had some toast.
BRADY: Just toast?
Just toast yeah. BRADY: What did you have on it?
Peanut butter. What’s recipe today, Jim? Test 2, test test test. I’m probably not switched on. You are switched on.
-I am?
What did you have for breakfast? I had a bacon panini apparently. What did I have for breakfast? Some salmon and rice and she brought me some coffee, didn’t she? Yeah, she did. For breakfast today I had two Weetabix. BRADY: Two?
– Yes
BRADY: Why not three? Because then I’d end up with an odd number. Actually, you know I don’t care about the coffee very much. But yeah, I do drink it. BRADY: Bit of a sound check professor, what did you have for breakfast this morning? Oh, yoghurt and fruit. BRADY: What fruit did you have? More mangos. BRADY: Really? Did you have rum on them? Haha. I was yearning for that, but no. Porridge.
BRADY: Porridge?
With milk, bananas, and blueberries. Oatmeal. BRADY: Oatmeal. Did you put anything on ’em? Some raspberries and milk. Well I don’t generally eat anything in the morning. BRADY: What? You’re sort of healthy?… I know, but I… yeah, but I exercise a lot. I exercise for two hours then I eat lunch. Especially when I’m running late. BRADY: I thought you weren’t supposed to exercise on an empty stomach though. Well I’ve been exercising for fifty years so I do it the way I want to do it. BRADY: I’m going to do what you do because it seems to be working. Hello!
BRADY: What did you have for breakfast? Umm… I did some maths for breakfast. BRADY: You did maths for breakfast? Yeah.