What Could I Do With an Anthropology Degree?

What could I do with an anthropology degree? I really hope you’re asking me that before
you spend 80K on a degree instead of asking what to do with it when you realize you won’t
get a job studying chimps. I did like the movies about Jane Goodall and
Diane Fossey. Dr. Jane Goodall. She had to get a doctorate,
and to be honest, no anthropologist makes a lot of money. And I can’t get an anthropology job with
just a bachelor’s degree. Well, maybe mucking out the chimp cages. You could go into marketing. No, really, what can I do? Marketing is a major source of money. And
there are marketing firms hiring sociologists, psychologists and other experts on human behavior. Anthropology is the study of ancient human
civilizations. There should have been some sociology and
psychology courses in there. And that might be enough to get you a job in marketing. I don’t want to design marketing campaigns
and commercials. You could take surveys of groups, studying
their reactions. It’s just a study of a different primate group. Yeah, there are some guys that don’t look
that different from silverback gorillas. The gorillas are better behaved than some
of those baboons. What else can I do with an anthropology degree? Depending on the program, you may be able
to use it as a precursor to a masters degree in psychology. Then you can become a counselor. I’ve heard you can get a job in management
with a degree in anthropology. You can get a job in management with just
10 or 20 years of experience anywhere. But as an anthropologist, you cannot do worse
than MBAs who have no understanding of people. A lot of those MBAs from Ivy League schools
designed investments on models that assumed property values couldn’t go down. And then there are financial managers who
don’t understand the impact of panic. I’m panicking. A lot of jobs you could get with a business
degree you could fill with an anthropology degree, too. Then I just deal with a different type of
mudslinging. But the pay isn’t much different.