Welcome to the Wilder School

Our faculty are top scholars and experts within their field, and they’re practitioners, and so bringing their experience into the classroom, passing that knowledge on, it’s a great opportunity for our students. We have the first elected African-American governor- our namesake of this wonderful school- right here with us, and we are blocks away from the capital and our students are able to get internships in local and state government, with nonprofit agencies, with Fortune 500 companies as well. In the criminal justice program we are looking to do two things: training students and educating them to enhance Public Safety on the one hand, and doing justice more effectively on the other. No matter what a student’s interest might be, from juvenile delinquency to terrorism, we have faculty here actively doing research in each of those areas. It’s one of the best Homeland Security schools nationwide. Almost every one of its staff had a previous career within one of the homeland security fields. I will end up doing very much what my cousins are doing as police officers back in Iraq, which is fighting terrorism. Coming back to school as a person that’s been in the workforce, the Wilder School has been very welcoming to me. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the local level and how important that is to the community. Richmond’s urban environment has played a big role in everything I’ve learned here at the Wilder School. Public administratorsare responsible for delivering effective, efficient and equitable services and government. We’re dealing with complex issues, but we are also grounded in practicality and reality, making sure that our students are out and engaged in experiential learning. The Wilder School faculty members do a great job through collaboration with students on research projects preparing them for scholarship roles. Everything we do through our research, we really try to find the way that that theoretical work transitions into policy. The Wilder School does a great job of training students for leadership roles through the internship opportunities. Our faculty really foster the opportunity to engage and partner and bring students in on their research. We have several centers that are a key part of our outreach to state and local government, businesses and nonprofits, all across the Richmond region and Virginia. We do research, we do training, we do consulting, we do leadership development. Ending poverty, realizing gender equality, these are public policy issues and public administration issues that are going to require the active engagement of students and faculty from the Wilder School. We are definitely a player in an international context as well. Our school bridges political, philosophical, and policy decisions, and we are on the doorstep of the nation’s capital. With over 10,000 alums within the Wilder School, they come back and mentor and guide our students who are here to then become leaders themselves, and start that giving back cycle all over again.