Weird Tradition of… Semen Drinking?

week three of our c_n_n_ scientific
study coverage i guess we we we want to focus on things like
teaching a lot about the world and so we’ve taken by ourselves this month talk
about seemed so we’re gonna give you a couple of more interesting facts about
it know what’s going to college and having
to deal with similar knowing what you’re getting yourself into so uh… we’ve got an article this is
from the scientific american and their summarizing some of the interesting
research has been done on scene in the past uh… we talked to a_b_c_ about how it
has antidepressant qualities about how it might tear and dogs although that’s
probably just uh… away that husbands and hits and tim
early morning beaches uh… but we’ve got some extra interesting research and
this actually goes into so the research has been done and as
people criticize us for a spokeswoman when a delicate little semen so um… we talked briefly about how
uh… the anti-depressant qualities and the nausea like what effect chemically
does it have on men and unfortunately there’s not a lot of actual chemical
research but they do say in research into tay-sachs uh… the bear backing culture it’s caused
they say that it does make you feel closer to your park that that the condom
in the lack of connection makes you feel for their part and it’s not i don’t think crazy to
assume that there’s a possible chemical reason for that but there’s actual hormonal reason that
you feel close to your partner after unprotected gay male sex uh… second interesting thing is is
that we had heard about previously like if you take on decided like interest sociology some
class actually t_v_ mention these specific studies and what they’re
talking about here is a papa new guinea tribe called the sandia who have the very interesting tradition
that they’ve done historically avenues musical seamen ingestion rituals
involving young boys uh… now this sounds bad on the face of
it from our cultural point of view but once you’re more and the defection
pretty interesting so uh… this is coming from out two
thousand issue of the archives of sexual behavior that that that person baldness
study eyes go over her and martha mcclintock and what they’re saying is
that there’s a virtualized homoerotic practices involving young boys for
leading older males in order to adjust their cement and the same inviting angel eleven to
twelve the sunbeam boys have actually become
aggressive fell leaders who actively pursue seeming to mask or masculine as
the bodies and that the reason that they do for
this the thing that they think that the boys get out of this is that the ingestion of testosterone through seem ingestion can actually have a hormonal impact on
the boys in because that extremely violent uh… pop culture in terms of
warfare between tribes that i can actually have some positive impact
physically on the boys as they’re growing up does that make sense or do you think
it’s actually censored institutionalized taking advantage of bliss it makes sense or not that balanchine
great them to be even more masculine women have more testosterone i would believe that they believe that i
don’t necessarily think that it’s ban institutionally taking advantage of of
younger boys i think it probably is something that’s institution on their
culture but i believe that they actually believe that it’s it’s benefiting that
future mail generation on their culture i don’t know that much about the culture
and basically summarizing what they say here if you’re interested you can look
up this research and judge for yourself
what you think of this cultural practice i think that’s an interesting thing
going around the world so uh… this is from gordon gallup again yet another scenery study from gordon
gallup and i’m going to happen and in sakhalin
stunning alliance even gather probably for a reason might do that ones’ bodies can detect four in semen that differs from their
worker in sexual partner signature semen and of old system invoked gallipoli is often leads to unsuccessful pregnancies
because signals a disinvest of male partner who is not as likely to provide
for the offspring so they seem to be implying that might
be a protection against being impregnated by somebody that you’re not
typically with i’d actually read research in the past
the said that you are more likely to become pregnant while cheating that there’s some sort of
hormonal reason it was in the uh… the red queen and
sperm or eggs actually are two famous books about this nazism about that but that you’ve all
that the say that women who cheater actually
more likely to become pregnant from impregnated from the cheating which i
think is interesting and they also say that when you can come in on both of these uh… women who had unprotected sex with
a x partners after breaking up he had sex with them are therefore uh… and there were there
for more regularly inseminated experience more significant oppression
on breaking up than those who were not regularly exposed and they all seem on
the rebound fasten seeking sexual partners which presumably would help fix but c’mon deprive depression is for god to sting kind of ridiculous
again do you think that even those are likely to turn only india now one man has api each level andy allocation being alkaline or aesthetic heaps level can change based off of what foods you
eat eight you know hall is very different
kind of call balances are imbalance of the stuff like that and a lot of people
have said back and make it easier for leader expert are widespread to survive
inside the female vagina because if you’re idea which is effects for surmise better out larry
said it but you know once in my is better in the other and so a lot of
people leave that to you in certain foods if they wanna have agrawal charts
child a record by on sanchez and i can change what kinds of of sperm are sir are surviving inside your
body now it also makes an the cement going into your body would of
course alter the ph level so i would imagine if your consistently
having unprotected sex with the same male partner your ph level has probably adjusted to
be a compatible with his c_n_n_ that would be different if you start having
sex with a different partner now i don’t know if that means you’re more likely to get
pregnant last night to get pregnant but you know that it is the fact that you do
have a ph level and the bad team has been some right in different things and
i would think scenes from one of them i think fine scientific research to be
interested drip to be interesting that’s why when into grad school and so i liked bring a spotlight
interesting research in this people think that it’s all it’s all just bigger his and and nerds
basically and nobody has any fun but fax and cemented stylish but if you go on like on uh… today i learned a separate
honorary here find references many interesting scientific uh… like papers and read research isn’t done and so i want you know that as you go
into your university career like it can be fun to engage in the sort of
stuff it doesn’t have to be involved it doesn’t have to be about seaman you can find time also shedding light on
interesting subjects uh… so that’s my excuse