War on Boys: Poison boys, all of them [004]

Men and women are so much genetically different,
that a human female is genetically closer to a chimpanzee than to a human male. Every cell in male and in female bodies contains
these diferencies in form of genome and genes, which are instructions of how to produce approximately
20 thousands of varieties of nano-machines, called proteins, which work together in building
our bodies. The numbers of those proteins to be produced
in our cells are regulated by tiny portion of hormones which are like commanders, shaping
our bodies into specific operating mode – male or female. We must mention, that female body is extremely
toxic/poisonous place for infant boys. The female body is full of hormones (for example,
estrogen) toxic for boys, those hormones attack the cells of the baby boys trying to make
them develop into females. For a boys fetus to survive, his organism
lives in a constant stress of battle for 9 months within his mother’s womb. Many baby boys lose this battle and they die
before they are born. Even when born alive, the bodies of the baby
boys are exhausted by this battle and are on the brink of dying. This is why infant mortality for baby boys
is much greater than for baby girls. This is why nature produces more baby boys:
to even out the chances of boy survival in environment toxic for them. The poisoning of the boys body does not stop
at birth, mother’s milk contains those same hostile hormones, which are dangerous for
boys development. Even more – most of the modern day food is
poisoned with micro-dust of plastic, which is used everywhere (for example in food packaging,
in baby food bottles, plastic spoons, plates, food containers). Those plastic dust particles are everywhere
in baby-boys environment – plastic in baby toys, plastic in clothes, in pampers, in all
types of things, including mobile phones. When scratched or teared, those plastics turn
into fine dust, which is ingested by baby boys and stay in their bodies for days, even
weeks. The plastic inside human body behaves like
the female hormone estrogen, so this toxic environment continues to kill the survivor
boys until they mature. The plastic pollution of the environment is
hugely neglected by majority of the governments, because plastic effects for women and girls
is not as bad as for boys. When exposed to plastic-infected environments,
the girls mature faster, they develop breasts at 8 years or even earlier, their sexual maturity
also comes earlier. For the boys this plastic exposure is a killer
– boys are weakened, they develop girl-like looks, their self-esteem, psychological health
is ruined, they constantly think they are not normal, many of the boys exposed to critical
doses of estrogen tend to develop girl-like behavior and to identify themselves as girls
and so they are easily persuaded to transition to females before hitting puberty. Another source of female hormone estrogen
in boys body is the food. The fast food restaurants are the worst in
controlling artificial materials in the food, which makes the taste good, but which is absolutely
poisonous for boys. Those foods further reduce effects of male
hormones in boys body and transform regular cells into fat, which is absolutely a killer
of boys natural development. It has a huge impact on boys mental health,
on intellect, strictly speaking, boys are pushed to become too stupid to even understand
how they are being abused. The natural way for the boys body to fight
those female hormones and the particles, which mimick those hormones is by limiting the poisonous
food and by the natural physical activity. The boys instinctively know the ways to increase
male hormone in their bodies, so from the young age boys are much more physically active,
when compared to the girls of their age. The unfortunate circumstance is that absolute
majority of the children care environments are dominated by females, who hate physically
active boys, so the boys are constantly punished for their activities. The absolute worst, the most toxic environments
for the boys are the modern western schools, dominated by feminist females, which cooperate
with physicians to diagnose boys with diseases like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder), which they “cure” by drugging boys with even more poisonous substances like ritalin,
which cripples boys nervous system, kills their natural deffences against those toxic
environments and puts them in a life-long misery. Even if boys escape further poisoning and
pretend to behave like girls, they are further attacked by the public education system, which
is increasingly banning all normal male activities like running, fighting, competing, or anything
at all, which can cause a minor injury or has a shadow of any risk. Those feminized systems are systematically
banning male spaces like clubs and gatherings like boy-scouts, in some schools they even
ban to have a best friend. I argue, that even death camps and war prisons
were more friendly for boys, than the current education system. Because those prisons, those concentration
camps were just killing the body of a man. The current public education systems are killing
the soul of a boy. This is why so many boys end up thinking of
suicide. Now if you find yourself miserable or thinking
about suicide, with damaged body (say fat or weak) or damaged mind (say, drugged or
constantly depressed), you have to train yourself into the warrior mode – you must understand,
that you were captured by the enemy and you have been put to prison, mental prison, you
are being conditioned and prepared to spend your short life serving in plantation while
being poisoned, your mind kept in constant fuzzy state, so that you can not even understand
what has been done to you. You must either talk to your biological father,
tell him how you feel, tell him your frustrations and ask for advice. There are still some private schools in the
world, which give education just for boys, which create environment free of toxic feminazzis,
free of poison in your food and in your daily environment. This is not an easy way, still you can have
a better chance to survive and reach your maturity in those specialized schools. In case you do not have a father, you must
become smart and take care of yourself: First – you must remember, that most food
is poisonous to you, so, stick to the food, which is not contaminated with plastic; learn
about the food you eat, reduce or avoid meat or fish – they usually are heavily contaminated
with plastic. Ideally, learn to grow your own food. Second – be aware, that your living environment
is mostly poisoned with plastic dust. Try to avoid any plastic: food packages, water
bottles, even mobile phones are mostly made of plastic and are the permanent source of
fine plastic dust, which gets into your body. Try live with the minimum number of items,
especially one-time-use things. Third – take care of your body – start regular
physical activity (preferable daily), increase your muscle mass, it helps you fight female
hormones, also sweating clears your body from toxins. Be always prepared to survive in the wild,
to run as long distances as you can, to fight for your life with your bare hands against
bullies, against bad people. In puberty your body will start produce more
testosterone and you will feel yourself more confident, more ready to face any challenges
which life throws at you. The general rule is that you must take the
responsibility of your life, you must understand, that nobody is going to help you, you are
practically a slave in the making, so only your logical brain only the advice of your
father can prepare you for survival in this crazy feminized world.