UVM: Anthropology Major Zoe McKenzie and Associate Professor Deborah Blom

[Music.] So we’re standing here in the
anthropology teaching lab, where Zoe has put in a lot of time. Countless hours. [Laughing.] Countless hours. We’re standing here in the teaching
lab where Zoe has put in countless hours working
to refine her methods training in osteology. As a first year, um having the
opportunity to talk to an upper level student who has taken
the classes that I was going to take and was
pursuing a career in anthropology was really helpful in
making me feel comfortable in my setting and
knowing that someone’s done this before that I’m not just
by myself, we have other students looking out
for us and professors looking out for us. Yeah I think the TAP program is
excellent in helping students make that transition from
high school. And learning how to do things like
write a research paper that you had never done before. I think those skills then carry on
and help students succeed in college.