UTS Science Open Day 2014

Rhianna Honey: My name is Rhianna Honey, and
I’m studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Environmental Biology at UTS. I really love Open Day because it’s such a
great day to be able to engage with future UTS students and see how interested they are
in science. My role is to work today in the OMG Science tents and get future students
engaged with science and all of the fun stuff we do here at UTS. It’s absolutely fantastic. My personal favourite has been the stress
imaging. Basically we have two polarized sheets and a piece of plastic in the middle. When
you tug down on the weight on it, you can see where the stress is. Nathan Charlton: My name is Nathan Charlton
and I’m one of the PhD students here at UTS. I’m currently studying forensic toxicology.
Here at the Open Day what we’re trying to do is expose some of the students and parents
to a whole heap of different fields of forensic science. The parents and students seem to
be pretty well engaged by this workshop, they seem very interested in the different techniques
and areas that we’ve demonstrated to them, and they had quite a few good questions at
the end. One of the things we’ve been showing people
is fingerprinting, simply because this is something they’ve probably encountered either
in day-to-day life or through TV shows and movies. One of the other things we’ve been
showing is how to detect counterfeited bank notes, so this can be done in a few different
ways. One of them is to expose the bank note to ultraviolet light, another quick trick
that we’ve got is using a high resolution camera to zoom right in, into the finer details. Stephanie Hode: My name is Stephanie Hode
and I go to Coffs Harbour High School. I’m looking at doing a Bachelor of Forensic Biology
and Biomedical Science. I’m coming to study Forensic Biology at UTS as it’s in Sydney
and it’s very central, I’ve talked to a lot of people here at the Open Day and they’ve
told me it’s a very hands-on university which is really good for me, and also it seems very
innovative and very science-based. I just went on a lab tour and I found it all
really interesting. All of the different techniques they use for fingerprinting are really interesting
and also when we visited the dark room, the way that you could test for different counterfeiting
measures was really awesome. Daniel: My name is Daniel and I come from
Marist North Shore. I just went on the biomedical and medical lab tour. My favourite part of
the lab tour was looking at the microscopes. I think UTS is a good choice for me because
of the fact that it is a very open and very practical approach to education. It’s been such a fun day, I’ve had so many
students coming in and asking me questions all about different sciences, not only what’s
going on in the tents. It’s just been amazing.