University of Alberta Biological Sciences Graduate Studies

♪♪♪♪ We have an amazing range of
opportunities for studying biology. Anything that
you can imagine, you can study in our department. *tools scraping* The most important thing for a
graduate student to choose when they decide where to go is who do they want to have
as their mentor? I picked the U of A
because of my supervisor. He in an internationally re-
nowned evolutionary biologist. He is extremely supportive
of your research; he will send you to see
all of the specimens, all over the world that you
could ever want to go see. We have a lot of strengths in
a lot of different areas, so you have the capacity to
not only do research on your specific thing, that
you’re really interested in, but also to see it in the context
of a lot of different fields and a lot of different
subject areas, and to expose yourself to things that maybe
you didn’t even know you were interested in when you came
to the University of Alberta. So, I think the diversity, the
breadth and the size of our University is a really big
advantage for Graduate Studies here. Biological Sciences attracts
the best students. We have a high track record of students that obtain
scholarships, external funding, students that write their own
grants, students that go on to succeed in other places, and
end up becoming research professionals or professors,
so I think we stack up extremely well; our
students are as good as they are anywhere. ♪♪♪♪ For me, the most imporant
part of the Biology Graduate Student Association is
that it’s introduced me to people outside of my immediate
research group and my supervisors, and it’s given
me, y’know, a network of friends, a network of colleagues
that I can play sports with, that I can collaborate with; its
kind of one of the things that’s made me feel the
most at home, here. Edmonton’s a good place to be
a Graduate Student. The city offers a lot:
good food; nightlife; entertainment opportunities.
It’s quite easy to get outside, get out of the city and
enjoy the outdoors. I think this is one of the best
places to come in Canada. if notthebest. ♪♪♪♪♪