Undergraduate Sociology at Kansas State University

Sociology at K-State is more than
studying human society: It’s about students actively engaging and
evaluating the world around them. There’s research opportunities working alongside experts in the field, learning to analyze data and communicate effectively. Most importantly, it’s becoming prepared for careers they love. Sociology prepared me how to think. I work with first-generation low-income students to help them get into college. There is an immediate impact and I can see my students be successful. In sociology you can earn a degree by focusing on one of three concentrations. Criminology is designed to prepare students for careers in the criminal justice system, including law enforcement and court services. Students with concentrations in Community, Agriculture, Food and Environment, also called CAFÉ, can go into a wide range of careers, including education, journalism and international development. With our third concentration, Social Inequality, students can find rewarding careers in nonprofit service, social services, social research and political advocacy. There are so many opportunities available for students in sociology. My internship is really valuable because I was able to see how the security department is run in a large-scale stadium like Children’s Mercy Park. For even more professional experience, students can earn a research and evaluation certificate, or students can complete a project of their choice in the research methods course. Taking the research methods course at K-State really gave me a better understanding about the statistical side of sociology
and a better understanding of what to expect. Sociology majors can earn a
concurrent five-year Master of Arts degree in either criminology or sociology, building on the undergraduate major with focused training in research,
and data analysis. By taking just one more year of classes students can earn a master’s degree on top of their bachelor’s degree. This new degree will give graduates
additional skills that they wouldn’t get with the bachelor’s degree and qualify them for higher-level and higher-paying jobs. The program provides a global and
holistic perspective by emphasizing human behavior, group interaction and
research skills. Our faculty and advisers will prepare you for whatever career you choose! My favorite thing about the program is honestly, the faculty. Meeting them outside of class and inside the class getting to know them is helpful and super encouraging. They helped me develop my interests, they helped me get this position, they stayed with me in all the research I did. K-State offers in all their classes a lot of collaborative work that really helps bounce ideas off
each other and you get to understand more about what you’re learning in a
deeper sense. I love that I know I’m making a difference. See the bigger picture. Discover yourself and others. Get a sociology degree at Kansas State