UC Davis Chemical Biology Program

Hi, I’m Cody Palumbo.
I’m a trainee of the Chem Bio Program, and I’m here interviewing people at the
annual Chem Bio Retreat. What is your favorite part
of the Chem Bio Program? Hmm, well, my favorite part of the
Chem Bio Program is really seeing how synthesizing molecules
can be applied to more bio applications. I think given the opportunity for the students
to actually come out and present their work and be supported by NIH is great and also the
collaboration with different departments too. Favorite part of this program is getting out
of my comfort zone and meeting people, like you two, who I hadn’t previously really
talked to or gotten to know, and now I’m learning more about your research and
just getting to know you guys as individuals. I agree.
Just getting out of my comfort zone because this program, even though it’s the combination of chemistry and biology,
it really is more heavily chemistry oriented, and I think getting out of my little biology group
and seeing the chemistry side, I love it. It’s really important to train scientists
that have broad skill-sets and that can be able to communicate
with both chemists as well as biologists. I think my rotation went really well. I learned a lot of skills I didn’t know
anything about before, and I got to spend time in a lab
that does work that’s completely different than the work
I do every day. I think it was great for preparing for the QE. It really helped me figure out exactly what I needed to know about the instrument and my project and where my holes were. I hope that when Calvin comes back he’s going to be able to speak
the language of neuroscience. He’s going to be able to understand how to read and interpret results
from electrophysiology, things that neuroscientists all can understand. My name is Glenn Millhauser,
and I’m a professor at UC Santa Cruz. UC Davis Chemical Biology Program
is really outstanding— excellent faculty, really diverse interests
in terms of the research that’s going on. I know the faculty,
some of them on a personal level and professional level,
and I know that the faculty are very devoted to the students
and really want to mentor them in an effective way so they have
productive futures, successful futures. I can definitely give a thumbs up to that. Well, thank you guys for letting
me interview you. Whoop whoop!