Two Bats and a Spider

– We’re looking for bats! Mario, our mammalogist, has set up a couple of mist nets
that kinda traverse the trail that we have here, so there are some running this way
and some running cross-ways. So bats will fly around kinda familiar paths at night, and oftentimes they’ll turn off their sonar if it’s, like, a “highway” that they’ve navigated before. It’s kind of like flying on autopilot. So we’re hoping to catch some of them
in some of these nets here, which will just stop them mid-flight and then we can look at them and
see what’s flying around the area. – Yeah? – Under? – Oh! That’s big! What kind of bat is it? – Wow! – So, Mario, what are you going to do with this? – So in the span of, like, two minutes
they caught two different kinds of species in the same net along the same line. One is an insect-eating bat and then the other one was a fruit-eating bat. And what they’re gonna do now is
keep them in bags for a minute, and then take them out, photograph
them before they release them. – ***kin’ nuts, man. Love it. – I was sitting over at the lunch table
earlier tonight and I saw— and the sun was going down and
I just saw the leaf litter moving, and I jumped up and
I said “What is that?!” and I thought it was either some
kind of mammal or a snake, and we put a flashlight—
or a headlamp— down a hole and saw this guy’s rear end
and have kind of been waiting all night for it to come out, and it is, like, the largest tarantula
I have ever seen, and it’s the largest tarantula that a lot of
other people have ever seen here! We think it’s a bird-eating tarantula— so the idea that a spider could kill and
consume a bird is kind of unfathomable. And it’s also been kicking off
its rear-hairs all night, kind of in defense, and I’ve been told that they have
hallucinogenic properties, so I don’t really know why I’m standing
with my face so close to its butt. So Alvaro, the guy who caught this thing, captured it after he had gotten out
of the bath, wearing his towel… He only put clothes on— – He only put clothes on to, uh—to film this. – Oh my gosh. This— He doesn’t wanna walk on me. It’s— I don’t know. If it starts cruising again— Woah, alright. Okay.
I signed myself up for that. I cannot believe this thing. – Oh, screw you, Tom! Oh, man. Is it gonna comb my hair?