Turn Milk into Plastic! Lesson Plan Introduction

Milk is truly a multipurpose liquid. You can drink it – and treat it to make other
products such as cheese, ice cream or butter. But did you know that you can also use milk
to make plastic? Plastic, usually made from oil, is a material
that is everywhere. Almost every product that we use nowadays
contains some type of plastic. Just look around you! But why is plastic so useful? Plastic is a polymer, which means that it
is made up of a long chain of molecules that are linked together, and are repeated over
and over again. The molecular unit that is repeated is called
a monomer, and can consist of different types of molecules, or one type of molecule. Depending on the monomer the plastic is made
of, it can have different properties such as being flexible, or strong. But how do we get from the milk to the plastic? Want to find out? Then grab some milk and vinegar and try out
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