Trent University Anthropology Graduate Program M.A.

I love animals and I love bones and I
love archaeology so bringing in aspects in zoology in
archaeology together and into one topic and into one subdiscipline of archaeology was and really intriguing to me and I really want to help I guess better
understand human nature and I guess specifically and the
interactions between animals and humans and I think and what
really motivates me is I guess there very cliche booking
requests for new knowledge and I get the dissemination I’ll this knowledge and how it can help us
better understand ourselves and the environment that we live and inhabit. Sometimes I think oh this is getting really difficult this is a lot
on my plate it difficult to handle but I just think this is what I’ve
always wanted to do and this is what I’ve always want to study
and so it kind of like living the dream. So I
just think this is this is what I want to do this is that the career I chose this is what I
want to do with my life and just it’s just keeps me motivated.
You end up going through a whole process have designing a research project from
the start finding your data figuring out ways to
analyze the data and and of course you have the support
from the Faculty but to but it’s much more involved in rigorous
than and many other masters programs and so
you really do get out what you put in with a master’s
and there’s a reason why trent graduates in Ontario archaeology at least have
and have a good reputation one of the things that happens
every year I’m after a few weeks slogging through some
quite difficult material he finally see at the light box click on that missed
you getting quite excited about about the you know the skills that they
developed over a couple of months of quite
intensive work. I’m from Peterborough original and I was looking at all the universities are the entrance
thinking I didn’t want to come home and then I started researching it more and realized what a great program it is the faculty is top notch and and the more and more I I looked into it
the more I realized that this was the best choice.