Top 10 Dumbest Prison Sentences

Most people who get sentenced to jail have
made a stupid mistake or they deserve to pay for their actions. However, not everyone sentenced to jail deserves
the punishment that they receive from a judge. Sometimes the judge tries to get creative
with their sentences so let’s take a look at the top 10 dumbest prison sentences. So just before we get into the video, we now
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over on Patreon. Starting us off in at Number 10 with Overdue
library books sentencing. Lori Teel checked out a Twilight book from
her local library and no, her bad taste in books wasn’t the reason for her sentencing. Well, she forgot to return the book that she
had checked out for two years and she racked up a staggering bill of $36 in fines. She refused to pay the late fee and because
of that, she was handcuffed and taken to jail where she had to
stay overnight. Sentenced to jail for sending her children
to the wrong school district comes in at Number 9. A mother who didn’t live in the best neighborhood
decided to send her children to the neighboring school district that has way better schools. Technically the mother didn’t lie and put
their father’s address on the application because they were living there part time. However, once the school found out that the
children weren’t living at that address full time, they contacted the authorities. The mother was sentenced to serve ten days
in jail for sending her kids to a nice school. So, I guess she should’ve sent them to the
crappy school? What kind of sentencing is this? Getting arrested in at Number 8 we have the
man who was ordered to get a job. A 25-year-old man from Spain took his parents
to court demanding that they pay him a monthly allowance of 400 euros. He took them to court because they refused
to financially support him unless he tried to find a job. Well the judge didn’t like this very much
because he ruled against him and sentenced him to leave his parents’ house within 30
days and ordered him to get a job. Well, that completely back fired didn’t
it. Now in at Number 7, is a man sentenced to
three days in jail for sending a friend request on Facebook. A man named Jacob Jock was on the jury for
an auto negligence case and he did do something really stupid. He sent a friend request to the defendant
who was a young attractive female. But come on man, you’re on the jury… you
are supposed to be neutral. You can’t be hitting on the defendant. I mean get some common sense. He was obviously removed from the jury but
the judge decided to take things to the extreme. He also sentenced him to jail for three days. This seems a little bit too excessive. Number 6 brings us to another Facebook crime. A woman was jailed for not deleting her Facebook
account. Paula Asher was originally convicted of driving
while under the influence. After her sentencing, she went on to Facebook
and posted this “My dumb ass got a DUI and I hit a car…LOL” Now obviously she deserved
to go to jail for that but this aggravated the judge so much that he ordered her to delete
her personal Facebook account. When she failed to delete it, the judge ordered
her to go to jail for two days. This just seems like a violation of her free
speech. I didn’t know writing stupid posts on Facebook
was a crime but I guess it is… half way there in at Number 5 is a man who
got three life sentences. Now I know what you are thinking, he must’ve
done a really horrible crime. Well, not exactly. Clarence Aaron was sentenced to prison back
in 1993 at the age of 23 for being “involved” in a drug deal. He wasn’t the seller or buyer, all he did
was introduce the two men who were actually involved with the transaction. He didn’t plead guilty because he didn’t
believe that he did anything wrong. Well because of that, he received three life
sentences. He was in college at the time and didn’t
have a criminal record. I think this sentencing was way too harsh. Coming into Number 4 is a teenager who was
sentenced to listen to 20 hours of classical music. Andrew Vactor was potentially facing a $150
fine for playing rap music too loudly through his car stereo. However, a judge offered to reduce the fine
to $35 if Andrew spent 20 hours listen to classic music by Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. Apparently, this was supposed to
be a lesson showing him how it felt to listen to music that he didn’t enjoy. He only lasted 15 minutes. Number 3 we have two teenagers who made an
ass of themselves. Back in 2003, two teenage friends stole and
vandalized a statue of the baby Jesus that was in a nativity scene at a church. A judge sentenced them to walk around town
with a donkey and a sign that said “sorry for the jackass offense.” Oh and they also had to replace the statue,
complete drug and alcohol counseling and serve 45 days in jail. Chained up in at Number 2 is The teenager
who was sentenced to ten years of church. This 17 year old boy was convicted of first
degree manslaughter after a drunk driving incident that killed one of his friends. Instead of sentencing this young criminal
to jail, a judge thought it was more appropriate to sentence him to one decade of attending
church services. So, in order to avoid going to prison, Tyler
Alred must graduate from high school, graduate from welding school, take drug/alcohol and
nicotine tests for a year, wear a drug and alcohol bracelet, participate in victim’s
impact panels and attend church for the next ten years. Finally in at our Number 1 spot is a woman
who was sentenced to five Christmases in jail. A judge from Ohio sentenced a woman to spend
the next five Christmases in Jail. She was convicted of a driver’s license
scam that involved illegal immigrants and now for the next five years she will be incarcerated
during Christmas time but for the rest of the year she is a free woman. Well almost free, when she isn’t in jail
she will be on probation and if she misses her jail time or violates her probation, she
will face 15 years in jail. I know for
some people; missing Christmas day or Christmas dinner would be the ultimate form
of punishment. Well there you guys have it…