Tony Robbins: Mastering Your Psychology ( Tony Robbins Traning )

Oh Do you need someone is not gonna listen
to your bullshit it’s gonna push you until you develop the discipline to
develop the skill and even then they’re gonna know the little things the two
millimeter things you don’t know that could save you a decade how many follow
this AI so don’t get a good coach get an outstanding one and the problem is I
created the coaching industry before I came along no one called myself a coach
in this industry there wasn’t this industry you had to be a therapist and
you got approved by insurance and I came along and said these therapists are
sitting down with people for seven years and I can wipe out that phobia in twenty
minutes or an hour and so I went around and I said I gotta figure Who I am I’m
not a motivator I never was you know I’m not a guru
whatever mind I thought was an athlete who influenced me the most of my coaches
and many of them were not as good as I was but I’m in the game I’m in the
forest they’re outside of it they could see things and give me cues and they
cared about me so I said that’s what that forget athletics I’m a coach I love
people I’m not better than they are but I’m gonna see things they can’t see
because this is my focus all right and so I did that and for many years they
call myself a coach no one did I remember I was on Larry King Live and I
just started coaching President Clinton because what is this coaching thing
you’re not a coach you don’t coach athletes I said well actually I do but I
said no here’s what I mean by coach and is about to give it up and like well the
next six months everybody was a coach therapists are calling self coaches
financial planner stucco himself coaches became a term of art now I hate it
you know I there’s no standing by anybody say they’re calling self a coach
and we go out there and do it they go to some glass some idiot teaches and three
skills they’ve never produced the fucking result in their life and their
coach so I feel like I created a bastard industry and so like any industry
there’s good and bad you gotta find somebody’s outstanding don’t settle for
somebody’s good and don’t sell some because you like them cuz white game is
a nice thing you need somebody who has the skill to get you there who’s with me
on this AI and why do we want to coach so you measure at least twice a month
some of you three times a month because if you don’t measure you can’t manage
what you don’t measure does that make sense
and you gotta measure it and it’s easy with your children with your life with
your businesses you’re gonna get caught up you need
somebody helping you to stay on target for what you want for your life
how many follows say hi and it’s cheap most coaching is inexpensive and the
people overcharged don’t go to them but get somebody’s really great and then
finally thirdly and this is what I want to show you this morning
you need a daily practice and a daily practice that’s gonna put you in the
best state possible regularly and so there’s two parts of the naeli practice
one is you want to feed your mind every day for at least 30 minutes and when I
say feed your mind my teacher Jim Rohn used to say miss a meal but don’t miss
reading for 30 minutes and I don’t mean reading the web or your social media
bullshit or Twitter I mean reading a real book that you’ve selected because
it’s gonna make you grow spiritually mentally emotionally financially
something that makes you think something that gives you a strategy not some cute
little blog posts that you can read in five minutes I mean something that’s
gonna make you not be nymphal candy some that’s gonna produce a different result
because our lives that the result of the input input a bunch of garbage to get
garbage out so I I would like never miss reading and then I started listening to
audios when I was really up and the great thing about audios is you can do
what I call net time no extra time so the biggest challenge we have is what am
I gonna read what am I gonna do this women do all these things the answer is
it doesn’t take any extra time you use net time you can do it while you’re
cleaning the house while you’re working out going for a walk when you’re driving
in your car should be your new University where you’re feeding your
mother because if you don’t feed your mind leads grow automatically you have
to work on growing weeds they’re gonna be there if you don’t do something to
replace it so every day thirty minutes of easy audio or a book something that’s
gonna make you grow it’ll feed your mind it’ll keep the momentum going so this
won’t be just the one burst this will be the one that got you going and then you
keep the momentum by doing this and then finally and most importantly many people
from the most silly question I’m asked in the media all the time for 40 years
is don’t you have bad days don’t you get upset don’t these things happen of
course but I said I don’t stay there I’ve trained myself like an athlete
trained their muscles are trained my emotional
muscles which by the way I think your emotional spiritual muscles are the most
important ones it courage unused does it grow or shrink which one faith
unemployed unused does it grow or diminishe diminishes passion unexpressed
does it expand or shrink so the most important muscles that change your life
are those mental emotional spiritual muscles if we develop them more we’re
going to experience more so the way I do that is to a process I call priming and
this is the part that I really want you to get because it’s really simple most
of us have you ever thought seen something do something I thought to
yourself what the f is wrong with this idiot who’s ever have those thought how
many of you ever done something yourself and thought what the f am i doing
okay many times we think we’re thinking our own thoughts when we’re not we’ve
been trying by the environment to think a certain way and we don’t even realize
it now sometimes that’s unconsciously by marketers or advertisers that’s a
simplistic example but a more powerful example is what happens in your daily
life so let me give you a couple examples so you become aware of the
power of priming and then I want to show you how you can consciously prime your
own mind and body and emotion so you naturally go where you want to go as
opposed to hoping you go there so some of the studies on priming have shown
that what you think that your thoughts actually got there because something in
the environment that you’re no longer noticing so an example this would be
they did a study and they took two actors and they both approached a
hundred people each and the actors were designed to do the exact same thing they
walk up the people they have the same facial expression and they say well your
singers do this me could you hold this for me for one second one got my phone
and they hand you this cup of coffee and then they reach in their pocket to get
their phone for two seconds they put it back real fast they go thank you so much
and they take it back and every time they did it exactly the same way with
all the people 200 people 100 each each person did a hundred people but 50 of
those people they gave hot see tip 50 the people they gave iced
coffee to now listen to this this is mind-boggling
after 35 to 45 minutes roughly a person walks by outdoors or at the mall
wherever they did this they have a check for a clipboard and they go scuse me um
we’ll give you $20 if you’ll give us three minutes of your time to read these
three paragraphs and answer two questions ninety-five seven people do it
20 bucks three minutes of look and they read these three paragraphs which is
this story about this main protagonist and then the two questions are tell us
what’s the first emotion that you linked to the main character and what’s the
second one those the two questions when they do this with people they have a hot
coffee – 80% of the people 81 percent to be exact
roughly 80 81 say that the person they read the story about is generous and
warm sometimes they had the word loving but generous and warm is always there
the people of the exact same presentation 34 40 minutes earlier we’re
giving iced coffee 80% is a 1% difference which is statistically
irrelevant 80% of them say the person is cold and uncaring and the only different
is 35 or 4 minutes earlier somebody handed you a hot or cold cup of coffee
that’s wild isn’t it I gave another example you know in
America many of the other 72 countries here but in America a lot of people see
individuals that come from Asia as being superior in science and math and there’s
a different mindset in those countries about science and math and when those
people come here they work incredibly hard and incredibly focused they believe
and the belief structure is they do really well if you’re Asian now in our
culture in the past many times people have been focused on the fact that if
you are a man you do well with math and science but if you’re a woman it’s just
not your cup of tea you’re not quite as strong in it and there’s no basis for
that whatsoever but it’s a cultural anchor that people
have begun to believe in so here’s what’s interesting they took the mast
the SAT test and they took a group of women at Harvard and all they did to
change the test has changed the first question of the test on half the test
they said what’s your gender on the other half the tests they said what is
your nationality right what’s your ethnicity well interesting when they’re
asked what their sex was and they’re all women they performed 11% lower and if
they are asked what is your ethnicity and they said Asian they are 11% higher
a 22% difference between the two and the only difference was the first question
was asked because it primed you either for your higher level of skill based on
your conditioning or a lower level of skill based on social conditioning
how many far-right there’s a million studies like this another interesting
one that’s really simple is they did an ad where they show the IBM logo and the
Apple logo and they also did this with the commercial I don’t know if you
remember the commercial think differently than Apple made years ago so
had people watch the commercials in both cases afterwards they were given a
creativity test the people that watched the 30-second Apple commercial versus
IBM scored 20% higher consistently across the board and all they saw was 30
seconds about thinking differently that is the power of priming so my point is
really simple if you’re gonna get the results that you deserve and that you
want you want to prime yourself for success prime yourself or love prime
yourself for courage rather than hope that you show up that way based on the
triggers of your environment does this make sense
and so I prime myself every single day for a minimum of 10 minutes it’s the
first thing I do in the morning and I’d like to show you how you do it and have
you do it so you can have a daily discipline and if you do this every day
if you keep once or twice a year get yourself to an immersion experience it
makes you grow you get yourself a coach where twice a month 30 minutes even
you’re just staying on target of measuring and you read 30 minutes a day
you hear an audio 30 minutes a day and you start with priming then this won’t
be a three six twelve month thing this will be a lifetime thing
does that make sense so you’re not going to get a lifetime results unless you are
lucky by one experience but you can certainly happen to use this as the
blast-off and then you have a daily discipline to keep the momentum going so
how are we gonna prime well let me give you a story first a simple example first
was one of my boys my second youngest son’s name is Josh love him to death
amazing kid and Josh came to live with me when his five years old never I’d
told I was 24 and instantly I got married to live been married twice
before with kids from two different husbands and she wasn’t living with her
kids and so I met her I love with her brought her into my life and then saw a
sad she was without her kids so I brought her kids away from both the
other husbands they were happy to give him to us and I adopted them as ours and
so I’m 24 and I got a 17 year old son cuz she was 13 years my senior an 11
year old daughter of five year old and one on the way
well Josh was the five year old and Josh is just such a sweet really incredibly
great kid but one of the challenges for Josh was he was afraid to even walk down
the driveway to get to the bus I’m mister fear and the power rips it open
and my son can’t walk down to the bottom of the straight and so I had to kind of
try to figure out how to deal with this how to figure it all out and figure what
I was gonna do to try and make this thing happen to make a change and so one
of the things that happened was I started to realize that I needed to
train his nervous system to have courage instead of hoping it showed up I got a
really training and I started doing these things with him and I watched him
before my eyes Chiefs become more confident he were strong and all it was
feeling was getting to program his own mind
prime himself just really simple little things to do and then one day Josh came
home and he was laughing uncontrollably I liked over nothing and then I came in
the room and was a new friend with him and this kid
you know you know anybody that’s not really funny but they think they are I
mean oh so like this somebody who cracks themself up you know I need and this kid
was cracking himself up he wasn’t funny but he laughed so hard I found myself
laughing at his silly jokes right and Josh laughing so much so when he left I
said to Josh that kid he’s your friend I said make him your friend for life he
goes why dad I said because if you hang out with him who you spend time with us
who you become and you’re around him there’s so much more playful you just
have so much more joy you so much you have so much laughter and that young boy
my son is 36.3 grandkids with him and his best friend is still that young boy
who’s now also 36 years old and josh is yeah to this day josh is funny as shit
when he was a little kid like he’s seven or eight years old he stole this dirty
jokes book and memorized every freaking joke in the damn thing and he got so
much reward for it and his body was like that the dista if I want to laugh you
know josh is my partner a couple of my companies and he’s not my partner I have
four kids none of my others are partners with me I love them all equally but he
shows up differently and part of it is things that stress
other people out he breaks the pattern with his own laughter has being totally
around him great uh any problem so I’ll give you another example of priming when
I first started on my date with destiny seminar
decades ago I did the seminar in my own house at a place called the Del Mar
castle and there were about I don’t know 38 39 people to seminar a little
different now as you can see and I was delivering like my heart and soul into
this particular program and gradually I started looking around and going man I
can’t keep doing this my house there’s not enough room we got some 100 people I
had to move it but I wanted to keep it and you know I lived in Del Mar
California on the beach and I said well there’s a hotel on the beach and well
it’s a really nice hotel called lubbers LeBaron we’ll go down the birds will do
it there and they have a room that’ll hold 150 people which is a giant seminar
for me at those days and when they didn’t count on I thought this is great
people work on their beliefs and their goals and values and they go out
side and they can sit on the beach during the breaks breathe the fresh air
but what didn’t think about is right there in Del Mar on the beach there’s a
train station and so somehow my little brain didn’t figure this out till it’s
too late I’m in the middle of a seminar and someone is sharing this emotional
experience as one was raped and she’s going through it all and I’m stepping in
to help her and I’ll see her this frickin way in a train whistles and they
do it like five times so nobody misses the train and so everytime sirtaki
interrupted again and people are getting pissed off and it was happening so often
because there’s so many trains and at one point I realized I know the
scheduled whenever able to be pissed off 8:30 a.m. 10:15 11:30 12:10 they’re
gonna be pissed because the trains gonna come so I turn to the audience and they
said we gotta have a schedule for being pissed off right now and I’d like us to
train ourselves to feel differently how many of you have something in your life
or someone who can trigger you at times annoy you
it could be a family member you love but they have this little thing they do it
could be husband or wife it could be your kids it could be a Cobra how many
got one of you say I said what if we trained ourselves so the same stimulus
that was making us angry we trained our nervous system just using basic science
neuroscience trained our nervous systems so the same stimulus makes us feel great
and people look to me like this is bullshit what are you talking about I
said here’s what I want to do since the trains gonna come a dozen times a day
and we have three more days together perhaps we should enjoy the train how
many of you when you’re a kid when you heard a train you wanted to see the
Train maybe count the number of cars or run down to be close to it how many how
many were excited when you saw a train raise your hand say hi now you’re on the
way to work or a meeting and the train comes in your way freaking try I’ll give
you a clue the train didn’t change right so the question is I said what if every
time the train comes we train ourselves to celebrate to feel good to enjoy I
said so here’s one ask you to do every time your train I don’t care from
the middle the most important conversation of your life I don’t care
for her we’re doing something but you think it’s so important if you’re tired
I don’t give all the books on your chair I want you to instantly just drop
everything and I want you to jump and start to celebrate like a little kid
like it’s the greatest gift of your life and then we’re gonna end with a low clap
and then we’re gonna laugh hysterically into our chair if you can’t laugh I want
you to fake laugh into your chair because most of you know if you fake
laugh what starts to happen real laughter comes right and then you water
your self to last more easily just like with Josh I wanted people wouldn’t be
nice to laugh easier you didn’t have to ever everything need perfectly funny for
you to have a good time because most of you doesn’t have to be perfectly bad for
you to be pissed off so train it so I got it whoo degree and we did it so
every time the train came and some people are gonna freaking train that
won’t work you gotta go it’s a trap you got to be like a little kid and pretty
soon people look forward to the Train and by the way will this be useful to
train yourself around a person in your life or a situation yes or no so I don’t
have a train nearby but I haven’t reported a special train whistle and I’m
gonna ask you for the rest of today no matter how tired we are to my hard
working no matter what we’re in the middle of if we hear that train was so
we’re gonna jump up and we’re gonna celebrate like little kids make noise
have fun well clap will do the well clap and then we’re going to have a
sterically into our chair make the point of somebody else and laugh at them while
we’re doing it to train our nervous system who’s willing to go for it who’s
gonna go for it yes if that feels good say yes say yes say yes
so that’s priming can we pry myself to feel good yes or no what if you knew you
would never have a really important conversation with your kid or your
spouse or your loved one and you’re starting to feel a little tension cuz
you don’t want to deal with this cuz you love them you don’t want the older
bullshit potato you got to in this state of being primed about it how’s it gonna
go but if you primed yourself a laughter or
joy or playfulness and now you’re gonna be with them and somebody goes no you that’ll fuck with him real quick love it
they don’t a deal with you enjoying yourself so we are in charge here’s the
point life changes the moment you make the decision that you’re a hundred
percent responsible for your experience of life not responsible like a heavy
response able if you’re responsible you’re able to respond you’re going
respond and be able to do that if you own yourself and if you know people can
do anything but still you’re the authority of what it means to you you’re
the authority of your own emotions you’re the authority of your own actions
who’s with me on the side and blaming other people which the human mind is
always looking to do will never make you happy never make you fulfilled never
bring you closer to people never make you grown so when you’re willing to take
that level responsibility where you’re like making judgments and you go on that
person such a bullshit such a liar one of things I always do is I do a
reversal mat and go you’re such a bullshitter your social I know I’m not
where are you a bullshitter well it did bullshit about that once who’s ever said
something and after you said it fucked yourself what I just said was total
bullshit how many bought this how many birds
someone else say something about yourself well they just said it’s
fucking bullshit see if you can see it in someone else
they can see it you better to just own it let go cuz that’s what the mind does
if we let the mind run us we’re gonna have a tough time this mind serves me I
don’t negotiate with it member I told you I don’t say well I’ll do this well
maybe we can do it maybe we’ll jump in the water now it’s like it knows I’m not
here to negotiate when I say it we do it that’s what we want to train ourselves
to do that who’s up for that say ah so the first step to that would be priming
so let me show you exactly what I do for 10 myths by the way my son he came over
Adam enough he laughed so much he is a priming to other people when he shows up
or in because around Josh enough and they know
at any moment Josh could crack them up and there’s an unconscious anticipation
of it does that make sense so either some stressful they’re almost done their
ads to Josh is gonna do something of this nature it’s an incredible skill
it’s an incredible gift so here’s how I pride myself I do three
things first before I do the three things whenever you want to make a
change or improve something the first place you want to prove it is in your
mental emotional state if you do something from the pissed off state from
an exhausted state from a frustrated state from a weak state you won’t matter
what you do the thoughts are weak when you’re in a weak place the actions are
weak so the first thing we’re going to do is I’m going to show you a simple
breathing pattern and the breathing pattern if you’re familiar do gets like
Breath of Fire is similar to breath the fire and it’s a movement here’s what’s
gonna look like is this you’re gonna sit up in your chair with energy I’ll show
you what we’ll do and then we’ll do it we’re gonna raise your hands up as we
take the air in and then you’re gonna blow it up only gonna blow it out your
notes now to do that if there’s anything in there it may show up coming out of
your body so if it does just wipe it on your neighbor it’s not a problem I’m
sorry so if you do have some Kleenex you might want to grab your Kleenex if you
got some just in case something happens cuz you’re gonna be blowing up that nose
strong in fact if you have some tissue or a sleeve or something now’s the time
to use it so here’s we’re gonna do you gonna take
the breath in your hands are gonna go where up and then as your hands go up
like this and we’re gonna do that over and over again for 30 breaths all
cannonballed you three sets of ten you’re gonna do this with your eyes
closed then you’re gonna drop your hands down palms up on your weight on your
legs and you’re just gonna feel whatever you feel you might notice some tingling
you might notice a sense of peace you might just feel relaxed and then
we’ll do another three sets of 10 another 30 will relax and then another
so there are three sets of thirty three sets of 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 – 10 with a
break between when you’re done with that you’re ready to prime because we put you
in stage priming is three options it’s done in 10 minutes you can do more than
ten and many of you will enjoy it so much you’ll go longer but the reason I
do 10 minutes of priming is I wanted to come up with a
daily discipline there was no excuse not to do if you don’t have 10 fucking
minutes for your life you don’t have a life who’s with me on this day i and by
the way when you get on the airplane what’s the first thing they teach you
when they get on the airplane they say ok here’s how to put your seatbelt as if
you don’t know and then they say in the result of a loss of oxygen what’s gonna
happen these masks gonna drop down they have oxygen and the first thing to drop
it and put it on your child it’s the first thing you got to do once they tell
you what do they tell you put on yourself you selfish bastard what are
you talking about why do they tell you to do that because if you don’t take
care of you you can’t take care of them and what a good metaphor for our lives
yes give it up for that pieces so we’re priming take care of ourselves so we can
take everybody else – is it make sense so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do
our three sets of ten three sets of ten three sets of ten then with our eyes
closed the first three and a third minutes of the ten minutes is we’re
gonna focus on three experiences in our life that we can feel deeply grateful
for three of them and we’re not going to think in like oh this this this we’re
taking one at a time spend about a minute each and step into that moment in
your life that you could feel grateful for it could be a little thing or a big
thing it doesn’t matter what matters is that you go there you know if I ask you
what’s it like to be on a roller coaster and you remember time you know the
roller coaster and you picture yourself in a roller coaster over there you’re
going to give me a very different feedback than if I get you to imagine
the moment you were going over the edge and you’re in the front seat then you’re
gonna show me a different result you want your gratitude to be in the
front seat not an intellectual gratitude out there so I take three minutes a
minute each I come up with something different every time I think of a moment
that I could feel so grateful for a blessed moment a beautiful moment a
loving moment a sacred moment and I step in and feel it and flood myself with the
gratitude now if you remember why we use gratitude sounds corny right but why
from a scientific perspective remember what I showed you the other day when
someone’s frustrated when they’re angry we can measure
and your AGG we can see what your heart and your brain are both doing and they
are all over the place they don’t match they’re jagged you remember the image
but when you breathe in your heart and you put focus in your heart where focus
goes energy and so what happens is you get unified and all of a sudden the
brain and the heart become one tracing energy it’s crazy that’s the flow state
so when you’re grateful gratitude is the antidote to the two emotions that mess
up most people’s lives what are they anger and what fear those
are two Biggie’s you cannot be grateful and angry
simultaneously that’s the beauty of it it’s the antidote to anger you can’t be
fearful and grateful simultaneously so the more you cultivate and prime
yourself for gratitude the more you can push through anger and fear very quickly
does that make sense so again it’s scientific this is not like positive
thinking bullshit it’s about what actually changes biochemistry and what
will get you to wire and fire a new set of patterns that are more elegant more
rewarding more impactful than the ones that society will condition you to do if
you let it okay so three minutes a minute each and by the way when I do it
I usually pick two strong ones and then I pick something really simple and I
make myself really feel the gratitude like the wind on my face or the smell of
the ocean if I’m doing it outside on my house or the look on one of my
children’s faces and I’ll just fill that up and the reason is if all you do is
get grateful about big things you’re gonna miss most of life you know the
guys that the astronauts that went to the moon
think about that journey think about as a child these guys dreamed of being an
astronaut they competed with hundreds of thousands of people and then a few of
these guys get on that rocket and go to the moon imagine you walk on the moon
you look back and you see that picture we’ve all seen of the blue-green earth
it’s so beautiful and it’s not a photograph they were the ones they’re
seeing it talked about an experience and then they face their fears and come in
mail and successfully and they’re rescued and then there’s a
ticker tape parade in New York they shake the president’s hand and now what
do you do you’re 32 years old and you walked on the fucking moon
what do you do now for adventure and if you study the astronauts Buzz Aldrin all
these guys had a chance to hit up you most of them not all but three of them
almost all of them wrote about describe what happened to them they no longer had
a compelling future how do I have an adventure I’ve walked on the moon
everything else is small by nature and as a result they got depressed most of
them abused alcohol and drugs why because they’re looking for adventure on
a moon run and they missed the adventure in a smile so I trained myself daily
prime myself to find those little things that are so beautiful and feel them
because the minefields and the more I can give that to someone else the more I
can move that direction the more I can enjoy as well it’s putting the mask on
me first who’s with me on this say I okay so that’s after we do our breathing
step one of the three steps first the breathing then the three steps one
gratitude three minutes roughly a minute each
three different moments you can feel grateful for and feel it enjoy it
savor it live in it next three in the third minutes second place we’re going
to do is you’re gonna feel the energy in you and do a prayer or a blessing now I
know many of you are not religious I’m not suggesting you need to be but almost
all of us know there’s the power in love you know if God was love and we didn’t
come up with all the other names for God you wouldn’t have much argument between
people so imagine that what you’re gonna do is imagine that energy of God the
universe whatever you once imagined coming down them to you like a white
light and breathing it down the end through your body down your legs into
the earth and then coming back up and out again so and that comes back up and
you have to do this with your hands but I’m trying to show you what the feeling
is and while you’re doing this what are you gonna do during those three minutes
is you’re gonna give thanks it’s like a prayer saying heal my body my mind my
emotions strengthen me make me best I can be strengthened my love my
passion my courage whatever it is that you value in yourself you feel that
happening of the three minutes I do that for about a minute a half and the other
man in half I didn’t take that energy through me and I send it in a circle
around to my children to my family to my friends to my co-workers to my
associates to my partners to the people I meet on the street to my clients and
so it’s taking the energy and now you might sound like Lewis stuff but the
idea of allowing your nervous system to heal and strengthen just the focus of
that alone for you is strong and sending to others as well
so you can think it’s all bullshit but try it and decide based on the
experience if you do in a while I think you’re gonna find
it’ll a deep in that sense of gratitude because it becomes not only gratitude
but healing or strengthening and a gift to those you love the last three minutes
I call three to thrive you’re gonna think of three things that you really
want to accomplish or achieve but instead of like hoping it happens or
thinking about it happening you’re gonna step in your mind and experience it as
if it’s done you’re gonna see it or feel it breathe it celebrate it like you’ve
already achieved the goal what you’re doing is training your reticular
activating system that we talked about this the other day the part of your
brains and notices things when you didn’t you know before you bought that
car outfit you never noticed them now you buy that car outfit those cars and
outfits are everywhere how come cuz your Ras now that you own one says this is
important I need to pick attention of this when you get clear what you want
done and feel it and create it in your mind and your heart and you celebrate it
there’s a sense of certainty then there’s your body and your reticular
activates the speech that’s a little rubber-legged so
spend a minute each of those so basically three minutes each 300 minutes
each and we’re done