Tilden Regional Park, UC Botanical Garden (Berkeley with Kids): Traveling with Kids

Knock knock. Who’s there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow who? [Cow] Moooooo! Today, we’ll be exploring Berkeley Hills. We are at the University of California Botanical Garden. Established in 1890, this 34 acre garden is one of the most diverse landscapes in the world with over 10,000 types of plans including many rare and endangered species. Brother is going to be our guide. We’re now far away from the desert. First, we are going to the desert section. We’re now in Southern Africa. This flower looks very interesting. We found a bench with a great view. Then brother got us lost. [Brother] I’m lost. [Brother] I’m really lost. We ended up in Asia. Crossing a river. Brother, you almost fell into the water. This pond is very tranquil. Oh look, it’s a little tadpole. This is the tallest tree a botanical garden. I’ve ever seen. We’ve reached another section. Now we’re going to Australia. Brother is walking like a robot for no reason. And he found a tree trunk to sit on. Time for the tropical greenhouse. It’s very humid in here. I never knew a tree could grow out of a coconut. We have returned back to California. I’m showing Brother that this field of grass is really a pond. I am smelling some plant. What is rosemary and lavender taste like together? This is the state flower of California the golden poppy. At the nursery we saw some insect eating plants. What if you put your finger in it? Lastly, we visited the gift shop. There are many toys here. Come here little boy. I’m going to give you a bear hug. Please visit botanicalgarden.berkeley.edu for more information. We spotted a deer on the way to our next destination. We have arrived at Tilden Nature Area. This is a seven hundred forty acre nature preserve. We are at the Little Farm. This place was built in 1955 and features a variety of barn animals. Visitors are welcome to bring lettuce or celery to feed the animals. Come here Mr. Cow. Brother, the cow can’t get the food like that. The cow’s tongue is long and fast. Next is a chicken. There are many hens and roosters. [Rooster] Cock-a-doodle-do! These bunnies are so cute. This goat is begging for food. Brother you don’t put the food down there. You’re supposed to hold it in your hand like this. Now it’s time for the sheep to be fed. Why is the white sheep bumping its head into the black sheep’s butt? Lastly we’re going to feed some ducks. Quack. Quack. Quack. Never knew that just have sharp teeth. Too bad the pigs were sleeping or else we could feed them. We had so much fun at the Little Farm. Find out more by visiting ebparks.org/parks/tilden. We are t Redwood Valley Railway Company. This place offers train rides along a scenic ridge on a scaled down steam train. The steam train is an authentic miniature live steam railroad featuring four operating life steam locomotives and over 30 pieces of rolling stock including passenger parts a railroad servicing equipments. Dad, stop recording me while I’m recording. All of a sudden, we’re entering a dark tunnel. Now we’re crossing a bridge. Let’s speed things up. Brother loved it so much that he rode it twice. We have so much fun here. Check out redwoodvalleyrailway.com for more info, if the website is even working. We are the Lawrence Hall of Science. Established in 1968, this is the country’s only science center that is part of a top-tier public research university. First I’m going to learn about planets. Next I’m going to play some games that involve math. And checkmate, Dad. This is like a giant abacus. I’m arranging the numbers so that each row and column add up to 15. In case you’re wondering where Brother is, he’s taking a nap in the car. I just thought you might want to go so you wouldn’t be worried. I’m moving the shape to the water to make a current. You can build your own thingy and put it on top of the fan to make it spin. Now I’m reflecting light on this solar-powered airplane to make it fly. Lastly I’m going to create a stop-motion animation. We had an educational and fun time here. Find out more at lawrencehallofscience.org for more information. Plan your trip at visitberkeley.com. Stay tuned for part two. Please hit the subscribe button, so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.