Thyroid Anatomy

>Okay, we have a 3D image of the thyroid
gland that we’re gonna go through here. So a doctor I want you to walk us
through this what we’re looking at. First of all with this let’s give us
give us an example… first of all just of overall what we’re seeing here.>A ll right
this is an artist’s rendition this is a butterfly-shaped gland composed of a
right side and a left side with a bridge going across in the middle that we call
the isthmus, the little portion that you see coming up from the middle portion
going towards the upper part is called the pyramidal lobe and that can be very
variable in individuals. Now you mentioned lobes here tell us
about the different lobes in the pituitary — in the thyroid — well we
basically have a right lobe and a left lobe and then the connector which is the
Isthmus. Now in certain circumstances there can be an under development of one
of those lobes and sometimes there’s it’s actually absent.>What are the major
muscles surrounding the thyroid primarily you’re talking about the strap
muscles which are in the neck and they would be anterior or in front of the
thyroid. So you have … We’re looking at this too and we see left superior, left
inferior, parathyroid gland, would you… There’s four of those. Correct?>Sure if we
rotate the thyroid gland and look at the back side you will have four glands. Now
there will be in variable positions this again is an artist rendition that shows
the parathyroids and these are typically attached to the posterior capsule of the
thyroid but not necessarily there’s a tremendous variability in the location
and parathyroids.