Thom Hartmann on Science & Green News: February 16, 2015

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science and green news you need to know this everytime
meteorologists use words like snowpocalypse it seems a mother nature makes it a
point to prove them wrong are for this year that prediction came
true for folks in Boston and global warming is likely to blame
earlier this month that city was hit with back to back a record-breaking
snowfalls which broke this which brought the snow totals to more
than 77 inches so far this season course anytime
we have cold weather and ice science conservatives love to deny that
our climate is warming but even they have to admit that this winter has been
far from normal believe it or not these massive
snowstorms are directly related to hotter temperatures when the atmospheres warmer can hold
more moisture which eventually falls as precipitation frozen precipitation
snow combine de facto changing weather
patterns and we end up with the winter the dumb 6p to snow in Boston well area well areas only slightly south
see above-average temperatures in california continues to struggle with
devastating drought it may be difficult for the anti-science
crowd understand these chant changing patterns are all related and they’re all made worse by pumping
carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and if we don’t change our ways these
droughts floods and six-foot snow banks are all going to be the new normal
whether you’re Los Angeles for Boston you probably don’t want that to happen and that’s why we need to get active up
to us to remind our lawmakers that they work for we the people and the way the people would like to
prevent the next snowpocalypse from swallowing another major city binge watching TV shows may be just as
bad as binge drinking as the finding of a new study from the
University of Texas at Austin researchers decided to study the causes
and effects watch in several episodes of a program back to back but they’ve how does rather troubling
grain to the science we love binge watching you may very well be depressed to conduct the study the researchers
interviewed more than 300 young people between the ages of 18-29 asked how often the young people been
binge watch TV and whether the experience feelings of loneliness and
depression on a regular basis after reviewing the
results their survey the researchers found a strong connection between
depression and binge watching it was similar to
other harmful behaviors like binge eating or binge drinking all scientists are calling for any
Netflix guidelines are restrictions they warn binge watching is not the harmless
addiction that many people claim perhaps will think twice before that
next TV show marathon as many of us know the term a lot I’d
describe someone who is afraid of new technology specific layer was originally used to
describe someone who thought that a machine was going to take away their
jobs exactly why the Information Technology and Innovation foundation
decided to give Arizona Texas Michigan and New Jersey this year’s lot
I towards those four states band electric car
maker Tesla from selling vehicles directly to customers to protect car dealerships that
primarily sell gas burning vehicles whether they’re claiming at least in
reality the republican governors those four states want to protect the oil
industry and electric vehicles are one of their
biggest threats making it harder for Tesla to sell cars has much more to do
with oil company donations than it does with car dealership jobs
Robert Atkins the president of the Information Technology and Innovation
foundation said: I saw this I said enough is enough let’s
call these people out a shed light on the harm they’re really
doing he added hopefully the next time people vote in
an election in New Jersey your taxes are these other places together a little differently people in
Boston are still shoveling out but there are some ski resorts on the west coast
that would do anything or give anything for some %uh that’s now grainy go I shack on california’s
drought isn’t only causing big problems for farmers ranchers even the ski resorts are getting hit
hard by the lack of precipitation several the resort’s haven’t been able
to open at all this year and even the famed Tahoe ski resorts are drier than normal
you may be wondering why you should worry about ski resorts but for
California it means that the drought isn’t ending
anytime soon because as it melts snowpack in that
state typically supplies about 30 percent in the summer water
needs in the spring and early summer it to California so the fact that snowfall is far lower than normal means that
there will be less water to go around in the months ahead as melts even northern cities like
Vancouver Washington in juneau alaska shutting down ski resorts in til you get enough snow to open and
that means the areas that rely on that snow for their water will be feeling the neck the drought
next year too yet another reason to join the fight against global warming to save winter we better fight fast and
finally our nation’s largest solar farm is
officially on line and its operating on public lands last
week the desert sunlight solar farm opening californian started providing
electricity to that power grid at Solar Car farm produces enough
electricity to power 160,000 homes it’s estimated to displace 300,000 tons
of carbon dioxide every year secretary the interior Sally Jewell was
on site for the opening ceremony and she commended that state for their efforts
to go green she said I applaud the project
proponents for their vision and entrepreneurial spirit to build a solar
project and commend Governor Brown for implementing policies the take action on climate change and
help move our nation toward a renewable energy future desert sunlight solar farm is the sixth
project of its kind throughout our nation and it’s a great step toward any our
fossil fuel addiction is in public lands for solar farms makes
heck a lot more sense than leasing it out oil and gas companies for
destruction is the projects that will shape our
future and we should be fighting for solar farms in every state in our nation and that’s the way it is for the week of
February 16 2015 I’m Thom Hartmann on science and bring then it it it it I’m %uh time I’m the do