This is What Wildfires Look Like from Space

This is what wildfires look like from space. Three fires are currently burning in California: the Camp fire (125,000 acres) and the Woolsey and Hill fires (90,000 acres). This picture, captured by NASA’s Terra satellite,
shows them sending smoke over and into the ocean. Here’s the Camp fire, captured by
NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite. Active parts of the fire are highlighted
with short-wave infrared light. Wildfires are increasingly common in California, due to a growing population and Earth’s warming climate. In 2017, 1/4 of the state’s people
lived in moderate to high risk fire corridors. In the last five years, California has
seen three of its largest fires ever… including Camp, the state’s most destructive
and deadliest fire ever. More than 5.3 million acres of land have burned
since 2013—roughly 5% of the entire state.