The Universe & Light Speed – YouTube Space Lab with Liam & Brad

LIAM: Hey, I’m Liam. BRAD: I’m Brad. LIAM: And we’re from World
of the Orange. I am so excited to be
here at Space Camp. BRAD: Yeah. And this week, we’re looking
beyond our solar system and into the universe. LIAM: It’s kind of like looking
beyond your own backyard at the rest
of the world. BRAD: Yeah, that’s a pretty
good example. LIAM: Oh, thanks. BRAD: Say, like,
sci-fi movies. LIAM: Yeah. BRAD: And they always have intergalactic mining companies. LIAM: No. BRAD: Yeah you do. Like Alien or Moon where
they have like a mining mineral company. LIAM: No. BRAD: Well, either way, the
Japanese satellite, Suzuki, has discovered a real-life
opportunity to go prospecting in space. LIAM: Oh, is this the one
with the supernova explosion at 36 seconds? BRAD: Yeah, check it out.