The Sci in Sci-Fi | StarTalk

Even though Kevin Smith
is a huge pop culture fan and science fiction
fan, he remains science-curiosity challenged. No. Yeah, Yeah. I have evidence of that. Let’s check it out. You’re talking to
a man, who at age 46, is still not quite sure
how the water works when I turn on the spigot. So mysteries of the universe. I got one for you, ready? The refrigerator light. That one I get. There will be a button
that pushes off. Oh, you found the button. That’s where my
science begins and ends. It takes some curiosity. The faucet, like it’s
not plugged into anything. And like so, wait, this pressure
is just waiting at all times. Like, isn’t this a ticking
time bomb waiting to go off? I realize I’m not smart enough. I’m smart about one
thing, things that don’t exist, comic books, movies, TV. I wasn’t even smart about
it, I just liked that. That’s where I
invested all my time. Not even in sports,
another unreal thing. I invested my life, early
life, in cartoons and comics and movies and TV and
fun things and sci-fi. And so it just worked out. I don’t know what I’d be doing
right now if the world didn’t fall the way it did,
but it just worked out that right now, people are
interested in those things, culturally. It’s no longer pop
culture, it is the culture. And because I was raised in
it, I’m well-versed in it, suddenly there’s this
weird the universe aligns, as you know, in
some times and some moments and it has given
me a path that’s like, so I could
literally just be a fan of things for a living? This is a job? And so that’s kind
of what I’ve– you know, I love
making films and stuff. But really, that’s only
one half of my career. The rest of it is just spent
mostly celebrating things that I enjoy, largely, of
course, a lot of it centered around the unreal sci-fi. That’s where my sci
ends, with a fi. You’ve made a brilliant
career out of the sci. Well I have used
people such as yourself, communities that you
represent, and explored ways to attach real science to it. And I have found that if you
identify a fan base that has rabid interest in a thing
and I find a way to attach something real to it, oh,
my God, give me all of that that you can.