The Microfloral / Botanical Challenge! ? | Make Thrift Try #6

(upbeat music) – Hi, what’s going on cuties. So, I’m laying down. We’re hanging out. I’ve got Instagram on my phone. You know what time it is. I currently have a migraine and I’m also a bit out of my mind on pain meds. But I pretty much manage to
have a migraine every single day this month so far. Yeah, but I really wanted
to film this video. So I just took a lot of meds
and I’m dealing with it. Anyway, you don’t even care about that. You’re here to see the results of the Micro Florals Challenge. So that was the theme
for the last two months. The Make Thrift Try Five. The theme was micro florals but then it kind of just
expanded out to florals and botanical kind of theme in general. And this time, I actually
made two entries myself. I made a cute pinafore dress using, it’s like thinner than corduroy. It has a specific name that
I can’t think of right now. I got this fabric from
Okadaya Fabric Store in Japan. Which was a massive six
or seven floor fabric and sewing supply shop and I used it for this
Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Pinafore patent in the long version that has a little slit in the front. I also made a backpack for my mom, using this fabric, the floral fabric here. She actually bought, I
think before I was born because she had all
these maternal intentions of making me some cute
clothes out of them. 27+ years later, I finally used it for a present for her. There’s something poetic
about that somewhere there. But now it’s time to go through
the Make Thrift Try 5 tag and see what all of you have made. (sighs) I legit get a little bit upset in the best possible way by doing this, by having to choose
just a few to showcase. And this isn’t just a bit I do. It’s legitimately upsetting not being able to show all of you. Because you’re just all so fantastic and I love you all and
everyone here who entered I’m giving you all the
biggest hug right now. Unfortunately I don’t have several hours to go through every single entry in detail which is what I want to do
because you’re all amazing. So I’m just going to show
you some of my favorites. Only some of my favorites from this round. And then I’ll do what I did last time. At the end I’ll also just
put up a whole bunch more that I really love. So let’s go through some
of these brilliant entries. Now this was posted just a couple of days after I announced the last challenge. And this was done very speedily and oh my gosh, it is so cute. From some thrifted micro floral fabric comes this beautiful
top from Hi I’m Cheery. The outfit that you’ve put together with this fabric as well
is just perfect as well. You are just so adorable. Sabrinakid has done the most gorgeously detailed embroidery. I actually really love
embroidery that makes a shape by leaving the shape
they want to show blank. Words are failing me today. I hope you know what I mean. And look at the cute multicolored roses and little bundles of fruit
that they’ve added to this. It’s so pretty. Naomi’s closet creation has made the most gorgeous. What! (laughs) (slow motion) Gorgeous, bwa! Let’s try that again. Naomi’s Closet Creations has made the most gorgeous dress here. It really gives me reformation vibes and this is an upcycle. So check out the dress that they upcycled. They turned this into this. You’re a wizard. I went window shopping
recently at my local mall and these type of dresses
were just everywhere so you are very on trend with these dress. So it looks like how they upcycled it was that they added a
elastic around the sleeves, maybe around the neckline too. Possibly added some extra
showering under the bus. Shortened it of course and added ruffle along the bottom. Which when you think about it is actually a pretty simple upcycle but it works so effectively. It was just done so well. Amazing. I’m loving these vintage style shorts from Cabra’s Cosplay. The bleating and buttons is so good. Along with the vibrant color of the shorts just really makes them pop. These are so pretty. This is the most adorable thing ever. Matching outfits from
Khaosbykay and their daughter who is 4-years-old is very rich. You two are adorable
and I love the addition of this satin blue ribbon
around the seams of this outfit. Matchy matchy is my favorite. Now, this is something a little different. This is a little portable
floral travel case, with these super cute cutlery pieces from Starlightballad. This is a great eco-friendly project. So they can bring utensils
and stuff with them to picnics and use less
plastic disposable ones. I love the vintage button
they’ve used for the closure and I mean honestly this
is just peak granny chic. I loved how that rhymed. Linoleum_roses has made the most gorgeous floral
overalls plus I love the pride in their work. They’ve written, they’re
my crowning achievement, I’ll be buried in these. I mean they are incredible. They have their dog in
the photo with them. They’re made from upholstery scrap fabric and this is all around fantastic. Granny chic all dang week. A significant proportion
of you have made things out of old floral upholstery that looks like it was from your granny’s couch and I am here for it. Okay, we’re definitely moving away from the micro florals and this is more of
the macro maxi florals. But hey I did say we just
could do botanical theme in general. I adore this poppy print fabric and the style of the dress too. It’s got such a good vintage vibe from it. You almost look like you
could blend in with some 70s wallpaper there. It’s so good. And if you thought that florals
was a little bit colorful and frilly for you. I doesn’t have to be. As Alicia.alazae is showing here. They have made a matching
crop/bralett top and short set out of this really pretty fabric. Which really just elevates this
whole design to a new level. If this was just made out of plain fabric, I don’t think it would
be nearly as interesting but with the subtle floral print in there. It just makes it such a cool eye-catching two-piece set. I love seeing people getting inspired to do a whole range of things. This person has upcycled their bar stools by making a bunch of cute
floral printed cushions for them with a piece of fabric they
found at the thrift store and all these buttons in the middle. I don’t think we’ve ever
had chair cushions here on Make Thrift Try yet. So this was really cool to see. Ow, my arms are hurting. I basically been sick
with a virus for a month as well as having migraines all month, so my body’s just not happening right now. (groans) All right this upcycle is amazing. You ready for this? Froggobaddins found some, oh
my god, actual granny makeover. They found these pants that are, I’m pretty sure they’re velour
in their grandmother’s closet and look what they turned it into. Amazing. They turned it into this
gorgeous princess style top and then added just a
touch of floral embroidery and the waist of the pants became the bottom of the top. I guess it’s still a waist band. This is just so inventive. I love it. And I love how poofy the
sleeves were able to become because I guess you had a lot of fabric from the pants there. I have a question, did your grandma know you were looking through her
closet to take things from it? (laughs) Okay, if you don’t
already follow belieubear, actually never said that out loud. Hope that’s how it’s pronounced. If you don’t follow them
on Instagram you should. They do the most amazing upcycles. But they did this upcycle for my Make Thrift Try 5 Challenge. Turning this very early 2000s
floral dress on the left here into this extremely on trend crop top. I love the sleeves. I love the, what’s it’s called
when you, that gathering. The gathering at the bust. And I love the tie in the middle. It looks amazing and I love
how you’ve styled it as well. Incredible. Roseryapparel has made themselves
this really adorable dress out of micro floral fabric. I really love the subtle
puffiness of the sleeves and it’s tied of literally
with this bow on the cuff. Just some really nice
details in this piece. Also they have a handmade
stoll which has really cute pieces in it. So by the way not sponsored at all, I just think you should go check them out. This upcycle’s really cool. Okay sot is is a pair of pants, I think they’re children’s pants, they’ve taken a lot of
photos of their process, which I really love. And it’s become these adorable overalls, with little floral accents, and then this super cute
little patch in the middle. It’s so cute. And an amazing use of fabric
to go from that to this. Like it barely looks like
you lost any fabric at all. I love this top that tiny sparrow made. You might remember them from
one of the first challenges, for making this top here. Well, they’ve done it again and they’ve made this
two-toned floral top. I love how the prints
aren’t exactly the same but they really compliment
each other well. You are an amazing designer. You have a great eye for color, I would never think to put
those two things together but now that I’ve see you’ve done it, I’m like it’s almost obvious. It’s such a great piece. (sighs) I want to keep going but my arms are getting so tired from holding up my phone and
my throat’s really hurting. My body’s really working
right now as you can see. Shout out to anyone else
who is also exhausted from a chronic illness
watching YouTube videos in bed. But before I leave we need to
talk about the next challenge. Which will be Make Thrift Try 6. Now I actually asked on Instagram if any of you had suggestions
for the next theme. Because I couldn’t think of any. And you all had some great suggestions. So here are the ones that
are going up to vote. Halloween is the first
theme that you can vote on. Now, I don’t celebrate
Halloween so I’m sure that more people out there also do not. So if this one does win,
I will put up a secondary theme was well for everyone
else who doesn’t celebrate Halloween but seeing as
I know a lot of you do, I think this is a really good one. The second suggestion comes
from Freda 96 which is nautical. That includes sailor
style, anything sailorish but also sea creature inspired, which I think would be a
really interesting theme. And then Erin Kearns had
an interesting suggestion, they suggested opposites. Combining two totally different styles, like for example leather and lace. And then a lot of you sent in
this suggestion of metallics. So apparently they’re trendy right now. A lot of you want to see
metallics including fabrics, threads, yarns, little puff of metallic or an all over metallic outfit or item. And the final one that you
can vote on is fabric scraps. So using up all of your different scraps from other projects. A lot of you suggested this one as well. And it would also lend itself
well to patchwork style items as well. So those are the five potential themes for the next two months of challenge. You can vote for them now using the eye in the corner of this video. I’ll be showing a lot more of my favorites at the end of the video. So stick around. There’s a rip the crotch! What’s that? It’s me and someone needs my help. – Ah, darnit my pants
are ripped at the crotch. – Don’t worry. Are you okay, are you breathing. How many fingers am I holding up. It’s okay this will be all right. – I’m fine. I just have a
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Make Thrift Try 5 tag. To see all the entries
for the micro florals and botanical theme because
this still isn’t all of them. Keep supporting each
other in the comments. I love this little community – it’s so wholesome and supportive. I can’t wait to see what you
decide on for Make Thrift Try 6 and what you all come up with. See you all in my next video
which will hopefully be a sewing tutorial if my migraines stop. In the meantime, stay crafty. Bye! (mellow music) – [Annika] Wow, thanks Super Sewist. – Wow, should I be like Own Wilson. Waow. – [Annika] Waow. – Waow thanks Super Sewist. – Oh great it started raining heavily just as I start filming. I’m recording a video but I’m going to go if
it’s nothing important. (sighs) Y’all I just dropped my computer, it is not going well.