The Biotechnology Science program at Lakeland Community College

Opportunities in Biotechnology
start at Lakeland! Biotechnology Science is
the use of organisms, cells, or their components to
create products or solve problems. Biotech advancements can
be found in medicine, environmental products, food, agriculture, and forensics. In fact, there are over
1.2 million Biotech jobs nationally and 55 thousand in Ohio alone! I was looking for a second career and I needed something
that was going to be technical, where I could slide right into
a job and know what I was doing and Lakeland was perfect. It was a two-year program and there’s a lot of
opportunity in Northeast Ohio. Most of the Biotechnology
in Northeastern Ohio is biomedical biotechnology. Because of Case and the Cleveland Clinic, two world class research institutes
and the spin-off technologies and the companies that support them. And I just think it’s a
great program to be in. There just so many areas
that you can go into that I don’t even have to leave
the place where I grew up to have a fantastic job. Lakeland’s Biotechnology Science program
is the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio. The program provides students with
both in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in a wide range
of bioscience laboratory techniques. When we do experiments it’s very detailed and you know why you’re doing
what you’re doing. And it’s just fascinating to see
the results that we get. I really like the research
behind the science, rather than just accepting
everything how it is. I like to know the whys behind it. I see myself doing research, but I also would like to go into
an industrial side of biotech and be making products that would
improve people’s lives on a daily basis. Students leave Lakeland prepared for
laboratory technician positions in research and industrial laboratories. Over 90% of our students find employment
or go on to four-year degrees. A 2 plus 2 program integrates seamlessly with Ursuline College’s Biotech major. Transfer programs with
other local universities equip Lakeland graduates to enter as a junior in related fields such as Biology and Chemistry. I hope to get a job right away. I would like to continue and
get a bachelors degree somewhere but I’m undecided. I could go pretty much any direction. As part of the Biotechnology Science
program at Lakeland, students participate in an
internship setup through the college. These eight or ten week internships
offer real-world experience, and often lead to
professional recommendations or a first job in the field! I chose to do the Biotechnology
program at Lakeland mainly because it ends
in a really great internship and that just gets your foot in
the door when you finally graduate. Biotechnology is one of the top-ten fastest growing career fields in the country, and Northeast Ohio is the home to many world-class research institutions. There are career opportunities
in these fields, and your opportunity starts in the
Biotechnology Science program at Lakeland!