Summer Camps 2016: Biotechnology

So this is, of course, biotechnology camp, and in biotech camp we try and get young individuals, we try and get high school students excited about science, excited about the area of biotechnology, mainly microbiology and molecular biology and genetics. We do get some repeat students, not a lot. We do change the camp up a little bit from year-to-year, there’s only so much we can change, especially when we find something that’s really good. But, the campers that do come really enjoy it. They leave liking science, wanting to do more with science, and get interested in it, and another thing is, they really seem to like Ferris. I decided to come to this biotech camp because I‘m really into science in general, and I’m more of a physics person, but I wanted to see if I’d like this career path. I heard about it because my dad teaches here, and I was just like, ‘hey, this sounds like a good time,’ so I came, and it’s been a blast. I decided to come to biotechnology camp because, even though I was only a freshman, I really enjoyed biology, and it kind of clicked with me, and especially when we went through the genetics and DNA portion, it was really fun. But, I kind of just want to like, get to learn more about science and a potential field I was interested in. I do think it gives them an edge, because of course, even when we have students here at Ferris, of course when we’re advising them, we talk about, you know, figure out what you might want to do, experience, you know, job shadow, experience things and see what you might want to do, and what you might not want to do. So this is a great experience that students, early on, can get an idea of, oh boy, this stuff is really cool, or, maybe I don’t want to do that. So, early on, they’re actually beginning to set their path, and that will help make them be more flexible, of course, in the future. I’m actually doing experiments and learning hands on, so that way it’s more, I’m learning it quicker and I can actually remember it, because I’m actually touching it and I’m learning the mistakes, like oh, don’t do this or don’t do that. It’s really fun, and especially just being a freshman, I’ve learned like, a lot of stuff, and it’s really fun for me to go through because now I will come into my next years of science at my school knowing a lot more than the other kids. I would suggest it to others, yes, because
it’s just a really good opportunity to meet new people. I’ve made a lot of friends, and that’s really fun, and it’s just fun to learn about this kind of thing, and doing labs is really fun. I would suggest it to anyone, even if you don’t like science as much I think it’s still entertaining. I think it would be good because it show the side of science that’s exciting, like it’s not just sitting in a classroom and learning facts and having to take notes, like, it’s also experimenting and getting your hands dirty.