Study smarter and faster with scientifically proven methods

Don’t you often have that, after 1
or 2 hours of studying, you close your books, and you’re thinking: what have I
actually done? What information is really stuck in my brain? What do I
really really know and understand, and what should I study again? Now
that’s a big question. And probably you often have, that you’re not really
satisfied with a session. Now the second question is: wouldn’t you want to
have a method, a study method, like principals you apply, and skills you
apply, so that each time you study, you’re studying in such a way that you know exactly that you did it right. The information that you studied this in your brain, and it’s
not going anywhere, and you feel really really satisfied. And
when you enter the exam, you’ll know that you’ll just get a good grade. So
you’re studying less hours in a really good way, and you know that you’re
getting the grades you want. Now that’s the question I have. I’ve had that
problem like no one else. I’ve been in high school and I’ve had so many tutors and help from all over the place just to get me through high school. And then I went to college and there I filled 2 years in a row completely. I had a
really really hard time. Actually I had such a hard time that in my first year
in college you’re supposed to get 60 credits right? 60 points. And I got only
10. 10 points. And I studied really hard. I was quite motivated. I studied
Industrial Engineering at the University of Groningen and I got only 10 ECTS after
one year. Now, the second year, I did the same. I studied really hard. I did my best.
I got 20 points. Now nowadays it’s not even possible because you get kicked out
of the University but then it was still possible and after two years of studying
I had a delay of 1,5 years I only had 30 ECTS. Now, that was really
bad but fortunately I didn’t give up because what I did then (and I should
have done that way way way earlier), I studied the methods and principles that
are existing in the world, that help you to study in a right way. Ao if you’re
studying with these principles and methods, you’re just getting higher
grades, you’re studying much smarter and you’re doing it all much and much much
more effective. Now these this is not rocket science. These are not
super secret methods. These are just normal, good methods, that have been researched all
over the world, again and again, they always work and
they’re just really good. Now I applied these methods to my
own studying in my third year. In my third year and I spent less time I got
90 ECTS. That’s 1,5 year in 1 year with really good grades, in
less time, just by doing something really simple, and that’s applying the methods
that are developed to study better. Now what I did after that is (so I
graduated first) and then I started teaching other students around to the
world, because I think it’s ridiculous that people spend 2000 to 5000 thousand
hours studying (that’s only self studying) in their lives, and they’re not doing it
in an effective way. So they’re reading, they’re studying, they;re cramming, they’re
doing all the stuff, and they’re not doing it smart. So I made it my mission
to teach others how to study and I taught over 200,000 people into more than 24
countries around the world. I gave them teaching, I teach them how to, and I
give them a study tool. It’s an online notebook. You fill in your notes and by
using that that that notebook I will ultimately make you apply the
right skills. So I will ask you questions, I will plan your reviews, I will plan your breaks, I will make sure you study in the most most most effective way possible. So, have a look on this website and what I have to offer you, and I really
really really hope that I can start helping you out, because I know that
you’re making these hours and you’re unsatisfied after the hours, and you have
to do it all again and after a lot of studying you get this grade that you
should have gotten in either way less time, or you should get a way higher grade
for time you’re studying anyway! I really hope I can help you out
good luck!