Student Centred Methods of Teaching Mathematics | Dr. R D Padmavathy

hello friends welcome to this e-tutorial
on student-centered methods of teaching mathematics after watching this video you
will be able to in the rapid changing world technology has brought unprecedent
innovations in all the aspects of human civilization to handle this
technological world knowledge in mathematics and science a very much
mandatory throwing light on this code Dr. Abdul Kalam 11th President of India
remarked in his speech that in line with this Obama (2013), Ex-President of America remarked in his speech that from this we
can understand mathematics and science are mandatory subjects not only
important for individual attainment but also important for the nation’s
development. So every nation tries to produce a technically skilled person
by improving the mathematical and scientific knowledge among its citizens. Criticism in teaching of mathematics
but one of the major criticism on teaching learning mathematics is large
number of failures or performance lags in the subject most of the students feel
that concepts and procedures of mathematics are difficult to understand
because rules and algorithms overlook them. These lead them to do more error when
they solve mathematical problems which create frustration in the minds of the
learners and make them to drop on the course. As a consequence, , students tend to lose the sense of importance of mathematics and move away from quantitative literacy. There were many reasons identified for student failure in mathematics.
Among them researches focus in learning mathematics proved Instruction or defective methods adopted by teachers play a crucial role in hindering the mathematical development among the
students. What is going wrong in mathematics classroom. Many teachers
mathematical instructions focuses mainly on the procedural fluency than conceptual understanding. So students are not able to understand recall the facts
use correct algorithm to solve a problem and apply them in the a
real-life situation. Due to that mathematical understanding cannot attain
by the students To improve
mathematics learning mathematical instruction should focus on To promote a
relational understanding and mathematical proficiency
student-centered methods of teaching mathematics should be adapted. student-centered methods
of teaching mathematics are the combinations of different instructional
methods and approaches that draws from multiple theories, disciplines and trends
in the field of education. In student centric classroom students ideas are key
factors. Teachers begins their classes by understanding where the students are
with the students ideas. In student centred method importance are given for which means students take active part in the acquisition of their own mathematical knowledge. In this method students current knowledge and
ways of thinking as well as ways in which those learning develop are taken
into account. In student-centered method emphasis is more on discovering and
understanding the students likes, interest and skills. It lays the basis for
the research oriented attitude of the students and conditions the development
of skills in terms of putting forward and verifying the hypothesis concerning
natural phenomena and process, practical application of knowledge, observations,
measurements and experiments as well as broadening the knowledge of the
methodology. student-centered method can be applied in everyday situations in which students
deal with their own tasks and projects. In this strategy, mathematical thinking, reasoning
and competences of learners play a crucial role. Here focus is on the
individual through differentiation, scaffolding, and opportunity for choice. Role
of teacher in student-centered methods- in student-centered methods e Now let us discuss the
different student centered methods of teaching one by one the first method is
analytic method. Analysis means It is a scientific and formational
method. In this method every steps has its own importance and reasons which
leads to discovery and encourages here meaningful learning, based on heuristic approach. In this method there is enough opportunity for learners to
present their original thoughts. Therefore analytic method develops
originality of thinking and reasoning among students. The students can recall
and reconstruct easily if they forget in any step. This method provides a close
contact between the teacher and the taught. The next method let us discuss is
inductive method This method has been found to be a very suitable method for teaching mathematics
because mathematical formulae and generalizations are the results of
induction method. This method encourages better pupil
teacher relationship. The next method let us discuss is Heuristic Method So the knowledge obtained
through this method is stable in the minds of the students. In heuristic
method students are trained to collect data, interpret data and arrive at the
solution by rejecting superfluous statements. If successful implementation
of heuristic method can develop efficiency in problem-solving skills,
individual practical work, careful observation and independent thinking
which make the student self-reliant. The next method let us discuss is laboratory method laboratory method stimulates students to do experiments or encourages
to carry out certain activities to make discoveries in order to verify the
validity of mathematical generalizations, law or a statement. This method is based
on the psychological principles of learning such as learning by doing,
learning by observation and so on. A well-furnished
mathematical laboratory helps in stimulating and worthwhile experiences in clarifying the meanings of mathematical principles and for the acquisition of understandings and skills. The success of the laboratory method depends on the
skilled mathematics teacher as well as the availability of a well-equipped
mathematics laboratory. The next method let us discuss this is Project Method . The next method let us discuss is problem solving method The next method let us discuss is Action teaching To conclude the session, methods are the way to understand and practice the
art of teaching. Methods of teaching has an intimate relationship with
teaching and instructional objectives. Any method can be effective method for
teaching mathematics in the hands of an able and resourceful teacher of
mathematics. Every method has some goodness in it.
Children should be told as little as possible and induced to
discover as much as possible. By using student centered methods of teaching
mathematics teacher can provide successful experience, maintain the
interest and enhance the mathematical thinking proficiency among the students.
With these words I conclude my session. Hope you enjoyed the session let us meet
again thank you