Station 19 (ABC) Trailer HD – Grey’s Anatomy Firefighter Spinoff

And now, the world premiere trailer of the
Grey’s Anatomy spinoff “Station 19.” I chose to stop being a surgeon. You know I used to
open people up? Okay, we got that. It takes guts to
cut somebody open. My daughter’s got guts,
she needs no one. (fire truck sirens) Watch for active flame. Wet stuff on the red stuff! Captain, I lost your dad. What? Get over here! The captain doesn’t
have a pulse. Flames at the door! We’re getting out of here. Zoe, jump! Fly or fry. (explosion) You got him out,
you can breathe now. All right? Let’s go! He collapsed,
resuscitated on the scene. You left him in
the middle of a fire! I know. I know! Andy, I heard your dad
was down here. Come with me. (cries) Okay. That’s enough. Now put your
game face on. I have to step down as Captain
effective immediately. If you have to step down,
I wanna step up. I know I can lead. You’re about as
badass as they come. You’ve literally been
training your entire life. You slept with Ryan? Best friends since diapers Ryan? Go after that, he’s hot! Except there’s You guys hear that? Dibs on the puppy. You can’t call
dibs on the puppy! I just did. I do this job because I love it. Every fire put out,
every life saved. We’re Seattle firefighters. Station 19 is where we choose to be. Station 19 coming Thursday
March 22nd to TGIT.