Solving problems via industrial mathematics ′산업 수학′… 산업 발전, 사회 문제 해결까지

Can math solve corporate challenges or social
problems? Mathematicians are receiving extra attention
these days… as they visit industries… with solutions of their own.
Eunice Kim reports. Someone once implied… solving a stubborn
problem… is preceded by not obsessing over it.
And that′s not the only ″answer″ imbedded in Disney′s box-office hit ″Frozen″…
the first animation to pull in more than 10-million movie-goers in Korea.
Mathematicians were behind the vivid computer graphics… calculating every minute detail
to create arguably the most realistic, animated snow. ″How will snowflakes move in point-one
or two seconds? Using algorithms to figure that out makes it more realistic than having
it animated.″ Math is also playing a key role in medicine…
predicting the movements of cells injected with a drug.. and in robotics… in the development
of artificial intelligence. American mathematician James Simons is also
a billionaire investor. Using the power of math, he figured out how to walk away with
a 30 percent-plus profit each year during the global financial crisis.
Back here in Korea… industrial mathematics is being used to figure out how to best restructure
household debt… just one example of how math and other industries are cooperating
in finding workable alternatives. The ″Industry Math Problem Hunter″ project…
has math professors from some 20 universities visit industries to help solve problems. ″We hope the pool of ″problem hunters″
will grow with more mathematicians as the infrastructure is further developed.″
And hopes are more math and creative solutions will pop out of textbooks… to help solve
real problems in today′s society… in the months and years to come.
Eunice Kim, Arirang News.