Sociology for Transfer

(upbeat music) My name is Kiara Rolon
and my major is Sociology. When I had my very first
class my first semester, the Sociology 101 course, I
fell in love with the subject because it gave me an insight
of the different social roles within society such as
education, ethnicity and race. My name is Pariss Youngblood and Sociology is my major. When I first came here
I was doing Animation. Over the summer I took a
Sociology class, Sociology 101. It made me like looking into
what caused these problems and what people think about this. And I also like people so it
kind of fit in really well. – [Brian] My name is
Brian Brutlag and I am, my official title is the
Assistant Professor of Sociology. At Rio Hondo students can
find a large sort of breadth of Sociology research. Anything that deals with society, anything involving society, there’s a branch of Sociology
that actually studies it. Sociology of popular
culture, Sociology of sport, perspectives of sex and gender,
race and ethnic relations. The Sociology classes here at Rio Hondo College have helped me out during
my day to day life. They have taught me how
people operate in this world, like the meaning of what
they do and what they say. – [Brian] We have the Associate’s Degree in
Sociology for Transfer. If they go through that
they’ll be able to major in Sociology at the Cal State system. I’m very shaky on
what I know about colleges but going to the counselors
at the DSPS they’re showing me colleges that are available for me. I wanted to do public relations, which is just outreaching
to the community. I want to do something that
I know I’m helping people. I just want, I just want to help. Start Rio, go anywhere. If you’re
interested in Sociology and would like to
transfer to a university, consider earning your
Associate in Arts for Transfer in Sociology from Rio Hondo College. Earning this degree will help
you meet the requirements to transfer to a university, specifically a California
State University, so you can earn your Bachelor’s Degree and begin working in an
entry level position. Your Sociology degree
will allow you to work in different areas within many fields such as social service and
non-profit organizations, law enforcement, business
corporations and education are just a few. A Bachelor’s Degree in
Sociology prepares students for graduate and professional
education in sociology, law, counseling, psychology,
social work, medicine, education, college student personnel, higher education administration, planning and other related fields. If you’re interested in
Sociology, begin by taking courses such as Sociology 101,
Introduction to Sociology. More importantly, meet with a
counselor on a regular basis to make sure you’re on track to meet the degree requirements.