Sociology Assignment Asking To Smile At Strangers Changed One Mother’s Life

This article is an example of how a smile
can cause you to make someone’s life better. The mother who almost finished the last task
of her sociology class in attempting to pass the college. The was simple and fun. Unlike
other assignments, it did not include a lot of research and maintaining long documents,
instead of the woman only had to smile at strangers and observe what it results in.
Learn how this unbelievable story continues below.
I am a parent of three children age 14, 12, 3 and recently willing to complete my college
degree. The ultimate session I had to get was Sociology. The instructor was completely
motivating with the traits that I hope every individual human was granted. Her current
outline of the task was named “Smile.” every person in the session was told to reach
out and smirk at three folks and write down in notes their responses. I am a very cheerful
self and always smile at people and respond hello anyway…, I guessed, this is going
to be an easy and fun task, literally. Right after we were allocated the task, me,
my spouse and my child made our way to McDonald’s in March one morning. We do this often to
spend some quality time without the little one. We were looking forward to receiving
our order when suddenly everyone in a row started to move backward including my mate.
I stayed still but the natural feeling of anxiety rushed through me as I did not understand
what is happening and tried to figure out why everyone paced back.
When I looked back, a disgusting scent baffled me… I curiously noticed that 2 less fortunate
men were getting in the line. One of them was a dwarf, as I glanced at him, he gave
me a soft smile and greeted me with “good day” mam. The grin of that man was brighter
than anything I have ever seen, it was calming and his ocean blue eyes sparkled when he greeted
me. After addressing the man got busy in counting his pennies.
The other man stood behind and kept playing with his hand, it seems like that this lad
was mentally ill and the other man who greeted me was a merciful gentleman who was willingly
helping him. My eyes tore up as I noticed these 2 men while the young girl at the counter
questioned them about what they want to have. He spoke, “just coffee mam”. That is all
they can afford with the money they have to spend some time in the eatery while they warm
up. To sit in the restaurant they had to make a purchase. While observing I felt something
strong. The temptation to reach out to this man and helped them somehow. I moved towards
the little man with ocean eyes and hugged him. Soon enough I recognized that everyone
in the restaurant is staring at me. I looked happily to the girl taking orders and told
her to set a different request for an additional 2 breakfast. When I received the order I went
to these men who were resting on the other side of where I was standing and I offered
them the tray of breakfast. He sought out to me with gloomy eyes and spoke,
“thank you, miss”. I bent towards him and told him that it is God who sent me to
look after you at this moment. I went back to my other half and my son.
As I settled down in our table, my spouse looked pleased. For a while, we stay quiet
while holding hands as we realized that by the mercy of God we have been granted enough
to help others. We are not too religious but we believe in God and the way He helps His
people. Without doing much, I knew I had completed
the task I was given in college. On the last day of the college, I submitted
“my assignment” and my professor went through it. She gazed at me and asked for
permission to share it… I granted permission and she shared this in
the class. With my own experience, I made many people
acknowledge how beautiful could it be to help others whenever u can. Is spread this lesson
to my kid, spouse, instructor, everyone at the restaurant and my classmates who listened
to this story. The last day of my college was the proud moment because I left the institution
with a valuable lesson that is unconditional love.
Much respect and kindness sent to every mortal who may peruse this.
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