Sociology and Social Anthropology – BA (Hons) – University of Kent

I chose to study Sociology and Social Anthropology because I studied Sociology at A level and found it really interesting and
quite engaging and thought I’d like to develop a deeper understanding of it. I
was tossing up between studying Sociology and studying Social
Anthropology because I saw Social Anthropology and saw that you could
study really interesting cultures from different parts of the world which are
built completely differently to the cultures of the UK. I thought that was
just fascinating and so when I saw I could do it as a joint honours course, I
thought ‘well, I get the best of both worlds’ because I can study the stuff
from Sociology that’s really fascinating and the stuff from other cultures around
the world. The aspects that I like about this course are how the study of Sociology has given
me a more complex understanding of how individuals behave and Interactive with one another in day-to-day life. You can see that and there’s
evidence of that everywhere. With Social Anthropology, it’s shown me how little I knew about different cultures in different countries and how their
history affects their day-to-day lives. So I’ve learned a lot about how
those kind of individuals will interact with each other and how those
individuals interact with the modern world as a result – and that’s really
interesting. So recently I did a piece of work on religion and why religion continues to flourish in the modern world. I found this particularly interesting because I attended the lecture and it was extremely engaging. The lecturer was clearly passionate about talking about this and I thought, ‘well… …I’ve never studied religion in much
depth before. This is a good opportunity… to get into it’. And, yeah, as soon as
I started answering the question it was really interesting and it really was easy to write an entire piece of work on this because the books that we read all fed into each other and matched was what the lecturer was saying. The whole process was enjoyable. After I graduate, I would be really interested in studying a Master’s and, if
possible, doing this abroad. It would be interesting, after studying Anthropology,
to be able to put what I’ve learned into practice; to go to a different
country and do research, and interact with individuals that I wouldn’t
ordinarily meet.