Sociological Perspectives on Modernity

welcome to the massive open online course
on sociological perspectives on modernity this course consists of thirty lectures each
lecture spans between fifty five minutes and one hour and these thirty lectures will provide
certain perspectives on modernity i mean perspectives on critical modernist paradigm in sociology
at the same time this course aims to interrogate the idea of a singular view of modernity ok
this course aims to promote the idea of alternative modalities or multiple modalities ok
this course has basically seven models thematic preliminary secondly sociological modernity
thirdly ultra modernity i mean ultra relationalism the structuralist case the structuralist interpretation
ok the fourth one ah will dwell upon the western marxist views about ah critical modernist
paradigm in sociology i mean society as a human creation ok the fifth one will dwell
upon how to synthesize modernity and social theory ok
the ah the sixth one will attempt to deconstruct modernity ok and thereby the last one ok we
will attempt to forge some kind of a new totality ok in thematic preliminary we will in the
first module in thematic preliminary you will try to discuss what are the basic themes what
are the basic paradigms of critical modernist paradigm in sociology ok there are four ah
central pillars of modernity namely holism or totality reflexivity rationality and social
movements and what will be the method to study that ok for this course ok we have tried to
device a methodological tool ok in the form of c right mills the sociological imagination
in the second module we are going to discuss the contributions of karl marx and max weber
to the critical modernist paradigm in sociology ok in the third module in i mean in the module
on ultra relationalism ultra modernism the structuralist interpretation of modernity
we are going to discuss the works of levi strauss and louie altuzer in the fourth module
western marxist perspectives on modernity ok we are going to discuss the contributions
of ah duog lookerts antonio gramsci and alan turine ok and in the fifth module synthesizing
modernity and social theory we are going to discuss the works of immanuel wallerstein
antoni giddens and dugen habermas ok and when we try to de construct modernity ok i mean
in the sixth ah module ok we are going to deconstruct modernity through
certain perspectives may be ah ah feminist challenge ok ah maybe post modernist challenge
ok may be cultural studies ok especially feminism cultural studies and post modernism ok how
they try to deconstruct modernity and and then we will we will we will see how ah when
we when we arrive at at a ah to to to forge a new totality when we try to forge a new
totality ok we will discuss modernity in non modern contexts
ok i mean european modernity in in in in a non modern situation like india ok the idea
of multiple modernitys the idea of alternative modernitys in this in the last module we will
also discuss the paradigm of revisionism in the discourse on modernity reflexivity i mean
post industrial society autonomists social movements and alternative paradigms in science
and development the basic purpose is to critically engage with modernity and and interrogate
modernity ok there lies our dialectic of engaging with and interrogating modernity ok
thank you