SixBlindKids – Abi – Blind Girl Best Buddies Outing! (ft. ArnieTheBeagle)

– [Mom] Abi, you’re
sitting in dad’s chair. Is it comfy? – Yes.
(happy music) – [Mom] Arnie’s having a fit over there ’cause he wants to go outside. Yeah, you’re siting in dad’s chair. What? – She wants pet him. – [Mom] Oh, you’re not gonna pet Arnie ’cause your friends are coming, remember? – Yes.
– Who’s coming? – Who? Allison. – [Mom] And who else? – And this is Fed? – [Mom] Fedrica right? – Fedrica. Oh. Best buddies. – [Mom] They’re your best buddies. – Yes. – [Mom] Do you remember who
Allison was gonna to bring? – Who? Oh, um. – [Mom] Was Maya gonna come? – No. (Mom laughing) – [Mom] She was too but
she had band practice. So where are you girls going? – Oh. – [Mom] Are you going out somewhere? (dog barking) I think mommy needs go
take Arnie out first. – Okay. – [Mom] Alright I’ll come back. (light music) There we go. Okay, Arnie had gone
outside now he’s in there. Can you see through the fire place? He’s in there playing with Bethany in the kitchen. So where are you going young lady? – Oh, um. I’m going out for ice cream. – [Mom] You’re going out for ice cream? That’s such a lucky girl you are. – Okay. – [Mom] And you’re going
out with your buds. – Yup. – [Mom] You’re best buddies. – Yup. – [Mom] Are you very excited? – Yes! – [Mom] Oh, I can hardly
wait to see how this goes. It’s very, very exciting. – Okay. – [Mom] Wasn’t that nice of Allison to offer to come and get you
and take you out for some, a little break? – Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah, they’re
great kids aren’t they? You have nice friends, Abi. – Yes.
– Yeah. At school and on the internet, don’t ya? – Yup.
– Yup. Yes, do you have something to say? – Uh, Allison. – [Mom] Allison. – And Fed. – [Mom] Fedrica. – Fedrica. – [Mom] I’ll give you a pass on Fedrica ’cause you’ve never met her I don’t think. – Fedrica. – [Mom] I’m not sure you’ve met her. – Fedrica. – [Mom] Yeah, Fedrica. And that’s a little difficult for you to say too isn’t it? – And. – [Mom] Yes? – Maya. – [Mom] No Maya’s got band practice. – Band practice. – [Mom] Yeah, so, yup. – And Maya got band practice. – [Mom] She does. Boy you sure look
comfortable in dad’s chair. – Yup. – [Mom] You know what? – Yeah? – [Mom] It lays back. If you push back with your back. Push back with your back. There you go. Push back. Push back, let’s see if you can do this. (both laughing) Whoopsie!
(both laughing) Now you can lay down. You see how that, whoa! (both laughing) Did you expect that? – Yes. – [Mom] You look pretty comfortable Abs. No don’t bounce on it. It’s not a toy. Okay, now you can push it back up. Push, push up with your feet and then you can sit up straight again. There you go. That’s how that works.
(light music) That was pretty funny. – Don’t bounce. – [Mom] No don’t bounce ’cause
you’ll break dad’s chair. And he would not be too happy about that. – Okay.
– Okay. – Oof. – [Mom] Yes? – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay. Well we’re just gonna wait
for your friends, okay? – Okay.
– Alright. Arnie are you so excited? Some of Abi’s friends are here. Are you so excited? – [Allison] Oh my God! – You have to come in. Come on in on this side, Allison. There you go.
– Like over it? – Yeah just come on over. – Hi.
– That’s Allison and Fedrica, Abi’s friends. – [Allison] This is the cutest dog ever. – [Mom] He is crazy! – Hi. (laughing)
– He’s crazy. – Hi!
– He is crazy. Oh my gosh. – Did you guys rescue or
get him from a breeder? – [Mom] We rescued him. – Awe. – [Mom] Well his mom, his mom was rescued and she was pregnant when they got her. – Oh. – [Mom] And so he, we’ve had him since he
was eight weeks old. – [All] Awe. – Yeah.
– How old is he now? – [Mom] He is, what 12? Oh, did he piddle? Did he piddle? – Maybe.
– Oh my gosh. Oh he did he was so excited you guys. He was so excited to see the girls. Lemme clean that up. – [Fedrica] You know
what kind of dog he is? – [Mom] He is a beagle. – I love beagles. (mom laughing) – [Mom] He’s a crazy beagle. – [Bethany] Oh yeah. – [Mom] Very excited too. – [Allison] I love the ears. Oh you have fluffy ears don’t you buddy? – [Fedrica] Awe. – [Allison] Don’t you? – [Mom] And you guys, you know what? Abi is afraid of Arnie. She’s afraid of dogs. Come here Abs. Come on over here. – You don’t like doggos? – [Mom] Not too much, no. – You like cats? – [Mom] No, no animals. (all laughing) – [Bethany] She and Hannah, both. – [Mom] She and Hannah,
well Hannah’s not afraid Hannah just doesn’t like them. So. Abi your friends are enjoying Arnie, you should come on over. Just come on over, you can pet him. – Abi I like your shirt. I used to have a really similar shirt in like the same kind of print. Like really similar. – The flowers are beautiful. – [Allison] Yeah it was
a tank top version though but super similar. – [Mom] What do you say Abs? – [Abi] Thank you. (all laughing)
– You’re welcome. – [Mom] We went through this earlier. Her dad told her she looked nice and she went, “Yup.” (all laughing) – [Fedrica] Sounds like
something my sister would say. – [Mom] So where are you girls headed? – [Both] Cold Stone! – [Mom] Cold Stone Creamery, Abs. Okay, so you guys are in
the best buddies club. – [Both] Yes. – Just like the shirt.
– Awesome. Best Buddies! – Abi you have to come back
and visit us next year. We have a lot of fun stuff planned. – Come here.
– It’s so sad. – You can come and visit. Come here Abigail. – [Fedrica] Yes puppy, I know. – [Mom] Come here I’ll hold your hand. Don’t be a scaredy cat. I’ll put him in his
crate in a minute, okay? And then you girls can get going, okay? – Okay. – [Mom] It’s your mother. – Hi mother. – [Mom] Mother. (all laughing) Hi daughter. – Hi. – [Abi] She wants food. – [Mom] Who wants food? – Arnie. – [Mom] Oh Arnie always
wants food doesn’t he? – Yes. (laughing)
– [Mom] He’s a funny boy. – [Abi] Okay, step. – [Mom] All right, oh
you’re gonna come over now. Okay, well come on. Come on. – [Abi] Oh, hug. – Hi buddy. – [Mom] Oh hug? Hug your mother? Hug your mother? (mom laughing) Are you petting air again Abi? Alright. Okay ladies have fun! – Bye, we will. See ya. – [Mom] Bye, see ya Abs. Don’t forget your cane, babe. – Okay.
– There you go. – [Mom] Have fun but not too much fun. (all laughing) – Teenagers. – [Mom] Be careful driving girls. – Bye, do you want to get her left side? – [Mom] Bye Abs. – [Fedrica] See ya. – [Allison] I’m an excellent driver. – [Mom] See ya. – I believe you. Have fun, we’ll see you in a little while. – Bye. – [Mom] Bye Abi, make sure
to remember your manners. – [Abi] See ya. – [Mom] See ya. – [Abi] Step. – [Mom] She doesn’t usually
go out the front door so she might need a little help. – Oh okay. Here I gotcha.
– You’re good. Go with the girls Abs. – [Abi] Okay. – [Mom] Alright. – [Allison] That’s better, here we go. – [Fedrica] Step right here. – [Mom] She’s off with her friends. – [Allison] There you go, we’re good. – [Mom] Like a typical teenager. – [Fedrica] Okay are
you ready for turning? – [Abi] Yeah. – [Allison] You get the front seat Abi ’cause I already got kicked out. – [Fedrica] Yeah I got
kicked out of the front. (laughter) ♪ Hold on when you need a friend ♪ ♪ Ill never let you go again ♪ ♪ Reach out when your mind’s uneasy ♪ ♪ Cause I’ll understand ♪ ♪ Hold on when you need a friend ♪ ♪ Ill stay here until the end ♪ – What flavor did you get? – Chocolate. – Chocolate is really good. – [Allison] Hey guys. – Hey. – [Allison] Abi say hi. – Oh, hi. – [Allison] What’d you get? – Chocolate. – [Fedrica] With M&Ms. – Yes with M&Ms – [Allison] Yeah M&Ms – You want help? – Yes. ♪ All I needed was a landing spot ♪ – I’ll get you one with tons of ice cream. ♪ Gimme my heart back, somebody stole it ♪ – [Abi] Yeah. – [Allison] Nailed it. ♪ Gimme my heart back, somebody stole it ♪ ♪ And put it your hand ♪ ♪ Gimme my heart back, somebody stole it ♪ ♪ And put it in your hand ♪ ♪ Gimme my heart back, somebody stole it ♪ – Hello.
– Hey. – [Mom] Did you girls have fun? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Girls just wanna have fun. – Favorite song. (all laughing) – [Mom] Abi. Did you have fun? – Yes. – [Mom] He’s in puppy jail right now. (laughing)
– Oh no. – [Mom] That’s okay, it’s
a good place for him. – [Fedrica] Abi, what do you wanna do? – [Mom] I can’t cook
unless he’s in his crate. – Go have fun. – Girls just wanna have fun. – [Mom] Girls just wanna have fun, Abi. – [Allison] Yes. – [Mom] What do you say to the girls? – Thank you. – [Allison] Thanks for
coming it was really fun. – [Mom] Turn around and talk to ’em. Turn around and face the girls. – Okay. – [Mom] And tell them. (all laughing) – [Fedrica] Thank you so much for coming. It was so much fun. – [Allison] Oh, I have change in my thing. – Lightened up the Cold Stone life. – [Mom] Where there other buddies there? – No, but someone recognized her. – Yeah! – [Mom] Somebody recognized her? Like YouTube recognized her? – No, no, no, a graduated class. – ‘Cause he graduated with her. – [Mom] Oh, a graduate. – [Both] Yeah. – [Mom] That worked there, oh wow. – He was like do you go to Madison? And we were like, “Yeah”. And I was like, “How did you know?” And he was like, “I know Abi.”
– I know Abi. – It was crazy. – [Mom] Wow Abs. – [Allison] She saw one
of her friends there. ♪ Now living in a matchbox ♪ – [Mom] Give it to Abi, Arnie. ♪ All this time ♪ Here you wanna give it to mom? ♪ All I needed was a little spot ♪ Here. (laughing)
Come on. Lets go, lets go get Abi involved in this. Here Abs. Here, come here. Here you can hold this end. There you go. Got it? – [Mom] Alright now you can play with him. – [Abi] Oh, Hi Arnie. – [Mom] He’s being a little wild. Well just don’t be afraid. Turn around. – [Abi] Okay. – [Mom] You got this girl. ♪ Gimme my heart back, somebody stole it ♪ – Leave it. – [Mom] Well don’t tell him to leave it if you want him to play with it. Hey Abi, just walk toward Arnie. See he wants the toy as long as you put the
toy between you and him he won’t attack you. But he’s just puppy attacking anyway. You wanna play some more? Tell him to bring it, Abs. – [Abi] Okay, bring it. – [Mom] Clap your hands. – [Abi] (clapping) Bring it! – [Mom] Here Arnie, No, Arnie, no, no, no, here. Here. Take it to Abi. Here, go give it to Abi. Here. Come here. Alright here you go Abs. Here, here you go. Alright. Abi’s glued to the counters. All right, good job! Tug of war. – [Abi] War. – [Mom] War! – War.
(growling and laughing) – [Mom] Good growling Abi! (laughing) Good job Abi girl! Call his name.
– Playing. – [Mom] He’s trying to. He’s trying to give it to you honey. You’re gonna have to lean down and get it. – [Abi] Oh, okay. – [Mom] You’re gonna have to bend over, oh now he wants your socks. Are you done? – [Abi] Yes. – [Mom] Well that was a good job and you came up all by yourself I’m proud of you. (happy music) Good job Abs. I have him with me, no problem. You sir are a stinker. You are a stinker. You are a stinker. You’re getting so big. You’re a stinker. ♪ Every storm every season ♪ ♪ Lives outside of status quo ♪ ♪ If you stop believing in meant to be ♪ ♪ Expanding our abilities ♪ ♪ If the passions gone ♪ ♪ We are doing it wrong ♪ ♪ Baby you and I ♪ ♪ Baby you and I ♪