Sirao and Terrazas De Flores Botanical Gardens – Vlog #3

Hi Guys! Good Afternoon. We’re over here in Sirao Sweetrose and I are having a roadtrip because my initial roadtrip with my I.T. colleagues did not push through because it was raining. So we expected that the weather would not be fine but good thing it did so Sweetrose and I decided to go on a roadtrip to Sirao Sirao by the way is a flower garden here in Busay. It’s roughly 25 kilometers from Cebu City It’s situated on top of a mountain and there are two routes to get here. Either from Cebu City or through Pit-os But we chose the Pit-os route because it’s kinda mountainous and the view is pretty awesome Good thing it’s not so hot over here right now because it was raining last morning So it’s really good that our initial roadtrip did not push through because we got this opportunity to have a road trip over here in Sirao So this is really a beautiful garden Ahhm, well developed and this is one the tourist spots that you must visit here in Cebu city Actually this garden has gone lot of changes guys because only flowers we would commonly find over here before but it now has new several structures. They now have a pool and several cottages They also consider this garden guys as a mini Amsterdam or the Amsterdam version of Cebu They patterned its design to the garden in Amsterdam So it has many flowers then it has windmill replica then there are really a variety of flowers they planted here But I’m no longer familiar with the flower species that are in this garden What would you like to say dear? – I like the tree house You like the tree house? So we’re done over here guys So we will head to Terrazas which is also in Busay It’s another popular garden here in Cebu City Hi Guys! We’re finally here in Terrazas De Flores Garden! So their entrance fee is 100 persos per head Then 40 pesos of that is consumable in their Coffee shop. And it is our first time to come over here even though we’ve passed this place many times going to Sirao This place is also nice to visit if you have a date or to unwind because the music they play in their Cavanas is just mellow not hard rock And this place is so quite and the garden is beautiful So it really has a nice view And the fact that it’s only 100 pesos for the entrance fee so it’s pretty affordable