Singaporeans Try: ‘O’ Level Biology Quiz

Hi guys! Hi! How good was your Science in secondary school? Okay, Bio was one of my strongest subjects. Wow! It has been a long time since I’ve been in school. But it’s okay. You’ve got a lot of practical practice in Bio. -What’s that supposed to mean?!
– You have a baby! Physics is my worst. Chem is like my second worst. Bio is like never click.So Science, bye bye! It’s like Bye-o. Lower sec I get all A. Upper sec… I also get all A. – All A also?
– All A. What the heck! Means you are good lah. Okay lah, decent decent. Between Biology, Chemistry and Physics which was your favourite Science subject and why? I like Chemistry. You go to the lab then you mix like chemicals then you a little bit like Breaking Bad. I took pure Bio lah. Okay. Was that your only… Was that the only thing pure about your secondary school? Eyyyyyy… Since you ask me what’s my favourite amongst the 3 right Then, relatively Bio is my most favourite subject. Bio, Bio for sure. My Chemistry was so bad right I was getting Fs all the way until like a couple of months before my ‘O’ Levels. Then become a B – because I went to a very good tuition.
– Wow! They should have you as the testimonial like the – Sorry, tuition teacher.
– from an F to a B. Yeah! How was your experience studying Biology and was it relevant to you in real life? Very… sensi question this one.
Because I went to an all girl’s school during the reproductive section of the class they actually showed an entire video of a woman giving birth to a baby and there’s like no censorship at all – Oh my god!
– to prevent girls from having premarital sex. The only time where I apply Bio in my life is when I have a stomachache. Oh it is going through my intestines and then like – oh I know I know!
– And your mouth, oesophagus! Yeah yeah.
So on this episode of Singaporeans Try you’ll be trying ‘O’ Level Biology questions! – Honestly…
– Honestly… Honestly I quite scared because it is 9 years ago. I see the 10 years series, I want to throw. – It’s so disgusting eh!
– Set it on fire! We try lah we try! This doesn’t even look like Bio to me. No! It’s so fun like I love these sort of diagrams. – Aah… Okay…
– Mmm… – Pyra…
– You see before flea… You see before flea eat fox a not? – Never.
I don’t see a lot of fox. So I just assume that common sense wise fox should be the smallest and then rabbit should be like not so small. Rabbit people keep as pets mah. You must count ah! Got rabbit at home, got rabbit in the wild. How to balance? There’s no balance in A and B, will topple one, right? – Ya, cannot cannot.
– So cannot. So A & B ciao! I feel like if you ask me to draw like the arrow I can but I cannot decipher the pyramid. What does it mean? Okay, so number. – There’s a lot of grass on this Earth right?
– Mmm. So the bottom… Oh so it’s read from bottom ah not read from top ah? Yes, it’s from bottom up. – Huh… Wo hen ben eh (I very stupid eh).
– Because it is a pyramid. Pyramid starts from bottom. Oh my god, I’m stupid… – Oh fox should be small right?
– Yes. – D got a lot because got a lot of flea.
– Yes, yes. Oh my god! You are such an amazing tutor. You should be a teacher eh. Please call me for tuition! Like you say already then I understand. Thank you, thank you. 3 2 1. It’s the D. – Big D!
– Yes, correct! Oh my god! See! Our common sense worked. So guys, if you are stuck in ‘O’ Level think about logical reasons. Fox not pet so must be the smallest. – Simple reflex action.
– BAAH!!! Wow! Mandon, you are lucky you are my good friend. Bro… Lucky I on camera. Lucky you not B. – Legit. Usually I am but I too focused on the question to the extent
– So is it B? – that I don’t jump.
– Aiyoh… Wasted. AAHHH!!!So for A, B and C right, these are the things that you can’t control – but you do anyways when it happens
– Ya… because it is just in reaction to a stimulus. It doesn’t have the tick tock tick tock, what should I go with? – If a simplehx.
– Simplehx! If a simple reflex action and it applies to D right, it wouldn’t be steering a car. It will be AAHHH!!! D, steering a car. I think this one got no external stimulus. It’s like your decision, like you can choose. – If it’s automatic then there wouldn’t be any car crashes.
– That’s right. – If it’s automatic
– Car accidents zero!3 2 1. – D.
– D. D. Big D again! – Yes, correct!
– Yay! What is a type of muscle, I also don’t know! Wait, where the shoulder at? Type of muscle. Extensor. Flexor. If we bend.
Alamak, cannot see ah, wait. So this one you flex or you extend? – Flex right?
– Flex. – So it’s flex-or?
– Yes. Flex-or! *bromance moment, touching non-stop* – Contract ah!
– Stop touching ah… Eh! You put here how I know! Okay, I’m just going to say that it it contracts for sure because then – the big one come out
– Ya, contracts for sure. like Bolin’s one. 3 2 1. – C!
– Bingo! Oh my god! I anyhow one eh. Yes! C is for correct. I think the direction of the arrow – would mean that… kena makan (gets eaten).
– Kena(gets) eat The insect directly affects lizards and badgers. Lizards only eat the insects whereas the badgers they have squirrels to feast on and lizards. So the lizards confirm er bian(starve). Ya, actually the badgers is out of the question because if there is lesser insects right that means there’s more sagebush. If there’s more, sorry. Sagebush pulak. Sagebrush. – Then let’s say if there’s more sage
– Sa ge. sa ge brush? Sagebrush? Then there’s more squirrels then the badgers will not die. Yes. 3 2 1. B. Yes, correct! Wow! Ba ba b ba ba b. What’s bile duct? Bile duct is where the bile comes from. – Come out from.
– Oh mm wow, no kidding bro! I think. I know lah the bile duct is the bile! Where the bile comes from! Oh my god, I thought it was a leaf for a moment. – No! That’s a big clue!
– That’s your Oh, I know what it is already. I don’t know if your school got teach you this but then they always say like It look like a leafy structure… Eh I don’t want to see your answer I want to kao wo zi ji (count on myself). Wah okay, I realised I don’t know what is P. Can I just say that P is not the stomach. Because your stomach leads to the small intestine. – Okay, fair fair.
– Through the one with the valves. Your stomach goes through there meh? That one is the small intestine. Wah, this kind of question I really, I’m gone ah this one. I have no clue at all. This is the kind of question that I will circle and I will skip. Then before the teacher is like “Oh end of… You have 5 more minutes” Then I’m like wah anyhow guess. I anyhow ah. Eh what’s an ileum ah? Don’t ask me! I thought we are competitors! Eh I don’t want to see your answer. I want to kao wo zi ji (count on myself). No! Eh, why you angry!Okay ready? 3 2 1. D! – B
– You are wrong. Then what is it? A ah? – So… No, D.
– A ah? Huh, D?! Walao, you explain the valve valve. I also listen to you. – But they never draw out the valves.
– It’s okay. To me it’s confirm bigger. No! When you go to the dark right your eyes will become bigger so that it will try to get more light. You look into the light now then I see. – Then we can help each other.
– Okay, I use my phone. Okay, you look ah. – Okay, I got the answer already.
– Okay, come. It’s basically smaller. Because your pupil dilate in dark to get more light. It’s like aperture. Ape cher?– Aperture.
– Ah correct lah that one aperture. Should be small meh? Ya. – Huh really ah?
– Because you want to like… This is the normal one right? If you go to the dark side… The dark side… If you go to the dark side then your eyes will be a little bit more like dilated. Oh after moving into an area of bright light. In a bright area then it becomes smaller to let less light in. So, I’m going to make it a tiny one. You make like a cat’s slit. 3 2 1. Is it correct? Toot! Yes, correct! Eyyy, experiential learning! Of course we are right! Cannot be my eye wrong what! – Cannot be my eye got problem what!
– We need to be secondary school teachers. I love this actually. I used to be very fascinated by teeth when I was young. Molar. Molar is to grind. – Grind the food.
– Ya ya. Like not grind grind eh. Wah, I forgot the term that they use for the front teeth. Err, I don’t think they are in…cisors? B, but this one the type of tooth, what ah? – I never hear before!
– I know in Chinese what is it called. – What?
– It’s called men ya (front tooth). Menya… Men ya direct translate is door tooth. – Because it’s at the…
– Then door tooth ah! Name of tooth is Err… Incisor? I just put front tooth. Bucktooth ah! Put bucktooth! One function. One function is to cut. To chew food. You got chew here meh? Oh ya you just like pull the… Imagine you chew here then all the all the food at the front of your mouth. I’m just going to go crazy! And write front teeth! Eh you could be right you know! Erghhh!!! Ready? 3 2 1. Bam! Yes, both of you are correct! Yas! Wait, so it’s really incisor right? Ya but it’s c i s o r. Kimberly is correct. – Yay!
– I’m dumb… Can see the answers? Han na han na, don’t show off leh! – Walao!
– Eh, no! I must make sure they can see right! It’s opposite of Megamind! It’s Minimind! Should I use a-hole or anus? Anus lah walao! Why would you say a-hole?!! You will write a-hole in your ‘O’ Level exam?!! This one. Gallbladder right? Because it’s like the useless one. Appendix. – No lah…
– You need your gallbladder eh. For what ah? For gallbladder-ing? You sure spell like that a not? – Which one?
– Appendix. A P P E N D I X. No ah? – This one is like…
– Like the report isit? Oh shit. Then how do I spell appendix? Cannot be d i c k s what. Appendicks! What is the skinny dangling thing ah? Which one? The, the one at the end. This one. It’s your appendix! That’s where you… When like your… It will bao zha(explode). What is this? Rectum… Scrotum… No! Scrotum is balls! Wah! I don’t know what is this thing above the anus. Is it your bowels? Is rectum asshole? No! Rectum is where it stores before it comes out. So small eh? Can fit meh? Maybe yours bigger. I think it might not be drawn to scale. 3 2 1. Okay, so both of you only have some correct. The gallbladder that you all wrote is the liver. The liver so high up meh? I think I got one wrong. The pancreas and the gallbladder I got mixed up. You know I wanted to wipe off my mistakes but it’s permanent. I’m embarrassed… So how do you feel about your results? – Great!
– Expected! I have to copy my way through. I’m dumb… Don’t say that! I’m quite surprised that I got – so many correct though.
– You’re a genius leh! You’re a scholar! No, don’t say that. Everything also cannot say. Coming in empty handed – I believe we did quite well.
– Ya. But if we had prepared for it I tell you, full marks! So which question was the most difficult to answer? I did not fancy the pyramid one because I feel like my brain quite stupid at interpreting graphs. I think for me is the teeth. The teeth one literally everything I copy him eh. All the stomach thing. – Like you don’t use those terms
– Not used to it right? Like you don’t say my food is entering my oesophagus now. – and then it…
– Oh, you don’t say that? Any well wishes for ‘O’ Level students? Okay! So if you are doing Bio and you are taking your papers right focus on like really knowing what are the terms for and also like how to spell. And you’ll be fine! Okay, drink 8 glasses of water a day… Look left an… Don’t be so like stressed out about it because it is not the end of the line. Thank you for watching another episode of Singaporeans Try! If you like this video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! And watch our other videos over there! Byeeeeee!!! Good luck for your ‘O’ Levels! Yes, study hard! I’m so glad it’s over for meeee!!!