SIMPLY AMAZING- Florida’s First Aquarium Fish Farm, Botanical Garden TOUR PART 1

what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s fish
tanks bringing it to you with the video unlike any video I have ever done before
I’m going to talk today about a man you’ve probably never heard of before
but has been very instrumental in the growth of the aquarium hobby in the
United States this story starts back in 1896 when a young Albert Greenberg takes
a British boat with his family to settle in Chicago his father and mother both
avid gardeners during World War one he enlists and then afterwards becomes a
traveling salesman I like to think of him as a hustler and during his
Traveling Salesman days he spent some time down in Florida and he gets the
idea that Florida just might be the perfect place to start keeping and
selling tropical fish fast forward to about 1930 or so Albert Greenberg
stumbles on to an area he would later call Eureka Springs he purchases 80
acres of land which includes 11 crystal-clear water springs this video
you’re going to see today is part one of the history of Albert Greenberg which is
being toured around by a gentleman named cliff and Bob who both worked under
Albert Greenberg Oh walk and talk so over here was
something the group Greenberg adds to the original of the small poems and
there were used to be three of them there okay yeah for sure Wow look at this duck pond this is
wicked man now this wood this pond was dug dug I
was reading he did a lot of it by hand until he could afford a mule oh yeah
well the spring itself is just right out there with that clear water is believe
it or not okay and it there used to be a culvert
that comes up I’ll show you over here but when it got clogged up we have to
come in I always knew this was here but we had to dig it out
so we loved this way and you notice it’s not even flowing and it was last week
for a couple weeks ago oh yeah a little bit we finally had a
temper answer Ramos now this used to be a beautiful pond and one of my things I
would do about once every month are we go in and we the ponds get all the weeds
out of them and keep the good stuff in it what was the good stuff you were
keeping in it uh Greenberg used to have some Sagittario
lobelia was not a Sagittarian lobelia isn’t name or Sagittarii and libido yeah
okay he had such a Terry uh cut Siana I know
you heard of that it looks like a valve well but it’s a little taller sach no
this this side to Terry is about like that
really Wow that’s it and I thought it was a valve yelled at me yeah tell
things about it why they bloom I said yeah I should have known out of
Sagittarius bloom it didn’t have a bowel scenario blonde Oh it’s not much there was a culprit that
went under here and I told you about once every year we would have to clean
the culvert out the calls it was kind of messed up so weird send an air hose hose
through it and it would just come up now I don’t know what’s the problem they
probably let this get dammed up this flows around Everglades aquatic okay but
it looks like they blocked it up so it’s not flowing that away everyone so you keep the lobelia it was like a
lobelia cardinalis and was it a okay no and they got the the red cardinal flower
and the sad because I’m used to Sagittarius of lotta that’s my one of my
favorite I don’t even know that one it’s a real it’s just a little just short guy
the folio latifolia and this what Deana that’s a native one yeah don’t know work
out what are the names of those Lance’s Foley I’ve heard of that one
Lance the Foley is just a regular longleaf one latifolia to follow dr.
tater this is awesome and I see his secret was never he told
yes oh that’s right you are his secret was never get old that’s what he was
always tell people never get old and he used to walk around play with plants all
day that’s when I first started working in here he was walking around the park
twice a day with his big dog and a little dog one was a wolf hybrid now
there was a chihuahua and Bob bought his house yeah yeah you
know when I left the other day I came back and oh yeah I went over and knocked
enough oh yeah I remember you told me some of the things Greenberg planted out
here went crazy like the cat-lair guava what’s that oh it’s it’s a little guava
about yay big the little orange colored tree uh the
horn with the bark yeah kind of a dark brown
that’s a cat Lea guava they have a tea Beauty guavas on them but it’s a weed we
tried to wipe them out behind the room one time so when he died he donated a large this
this Park basically right was donated way before he died away before he died
before he died and I guess I read that wrong he yeah yeah I knew he’d on the
stipulation that it remain a county park and a Botanical Garden made a big
official mystery yeah when all this competitors started catching the meat
economy this shit started plants really so he started in fish yeah so fish is
where he made his money yeah so he was the first guy to really bring an
ornamental fish we’re one of the first guys but he was the best at marketing it
though I’m kind of getting it going see Bob wouldn’t know know this even more
than I do about green bird early years but that was how he made his mark and
then he moved into what plants when the fish kind of picked up or what’s us gravitated over the Lambs I don’t know this is cool some of the
this is Indian slope where we almost got to last time
what’s Indian sluice Indian sloughs a spring well Indian Springs a 2-headed
spring 500 yards out of way behind that big building we tried to get to it the
other day but it was the water was hard when might be able to get to it today I
am a down is neat little water level easy to put back here forever
and then the stupid air Roy vanozza something spinosum and when you can see it closer up here
you’ll see why they call it go out there I like this you need to you need to
willingly come out here spend an afternoon because they don’t know
anything about how the water works yeah I noticed that you noticed Dan I
noticed it and I don’t either really I had to explain the Grizz that no that
wasn’t the original culvert the original culvert we have to clean out once a year
with an air hose and and that’s just a you know bad example they’re usually
either the whole north ends underwater like it is now or there’s no water
anywhere it looks like they they’ve dammed up the stream that goes through
everglades property because you know they’ve kind of betrayed are they
auctioned at all an auction and they auctioned it and somebody bought it and
six months later they put a sign so i don’t think they did anything they just
you know i think they walked in there went oh man what have we done yeah
that’s so they just decided I’m loaded so nothing’s going on over there and
what’s over there what’s the property we’re talking about
well that’s Greenberg’s old place but the concrete vats and all that yeah can
we see that no we can I mean you can come down here
again maybe next month and call them and tell them you’re interested in buying it
they make it so it’s a it’s a problem I got you know was never part of the park
I got you at the park ended at the fence we saw and all of that was all those
plans right yeah it was all plans it was all plans but it’s big and there’s a lot
of that yeah and there were what about half dozen ponds there’s about half
dozen ponds and the rest were concrete pads and it was all plants and what
happened was after he gave just quit on it all he gave it to the guys who worked
for and they ran it and they continued to run it through until they died till
they died Greenberg outlived them all really sooner down here Hema knew from
the lab yeah the guy that I talked to oh gosh oh yeah look at that
oh that’s what I’m talking about what is this crib no the bigger bed over there is there dryers not four or five times
oh wow no well see this is cuz they’re pumping that I meant to tell you they’re
pumping that well yeah in annual fishpond 24/7 and so here it
is yeah it’s right here and that’s why the woods are completely
underwater and it’s all working its way back so you see when Granberry first
came out here everything flowed to the west okay
that’s why he dug out here eCos the spring you know the big canal will go
through he dug it all out so the water would run to the east okay anyway I can grab some of that crip
where’s that I mean I’d go down and get it myself but yes I do well then tell me yes we went down and I
think it’s probably still there oh I know it’s still there but they just
haven’t maintained it there any other crypts of that around or is that that’s
the spot the biggest spot of crypts this this spot and the other spot that we
probably can’t get down through how can I get back up here let’s see see this is
the new boardwalk the old boardwalk you can jump off and jump off right back on
but no and they built it up this high so you would so if you jump what you can
you’ll break your ankle oh you’ll go up footing the Hat on the
muck yeah that’s gonna be really really soft
woman how long y’all gonna be down here I leave manana I can go right down on that bruh that
log right there get it done you can get it on video you care I mean it’s my legs
like I’ll zoom by care if I grab some of that Shelby you’re all in the camera hi
my name is Dustin and I have a Crip problem I’m going to grab some of Allen
green Greenberg’s or Albert member excuse me
Albert green Birds original Crips because I’m history major and this is
near and dear to me and these guys are like now the boardwalks to higher
whatever but watch this and I don’t feel bad by the way taking
these because they’re clearly growing like without a problem so to Fisheries
Watson I could take it to the lab yeah I know wouldn’t you go see what’s in the
bar no he wasn’t there he’s an Alabama right now so we went on
the lab oh is that what’s going on that’s what’s going on no so Eric gave
us a big tour and we interviewed a bunch of like the grad students doing their
projects it’s growing quite a bit from the big old weather balls that’s how I
find crazy you think of a fish pond being oh yeah it’s beautiful some nice crypts there what’s this
little round guy this little round low guys that like a money warping reward or
what’s that anybody know what that is that low-growing stuff look like it look
we’re to me yeah I was okay Deanna he probably put that that’s when
I got the lecture Norton yeah that’s a look whit yeah now that I look at it the
stem that’s a cool thing yeah you can see the stat on the Oh red
wow that’s cool well this ficus you’re talking about
that grows up on these trees you can see what it’s doing oh yeah Wow
way up there is once it gets up to a certain height in metamorphosis and the
little tiny leaves become what’s this big round guy this big guy that’s
obviously not a native the big huge umbrella or looks like a giant taro type
thing what is that taro I mean I want to give perspective for
this folks this is my shoe I have a size 12 I have big feet it’s not even a big
one I mean that’s like so just taro maybe idea where those are actually from
originally what’s this it’s an air void I don’t
know the genus species then you spin gulosa
spin you’ll owe some to the genes mean see if it gets five foot tall that’s a
cool plant and you can look over here oh we always hated to work around it you
can I kind of like Massimo claimed that he discovered this planet Madagascar
well it had not been described up to that point see about once a month it was my job to
get in and weed the ponds yeah so if I would have still been working here you
know this would have been all cleared out here so you’re gonna do a little
spring there’s the main spring right there you’re gonna do a little throwback
for us on the camera and do a little so that’s the actual spring popping through
there huh oh wow hope the camera can do that justice
that’s really clear like wow yeah that’s not doing it justice but man we have had
a we are right now at exact average rainfall for the year 2017 I mean
exactly the other day we were exactly at normal average normal happen so in a
normal average year the spring flows anywhere from the middle of summer until
Thanksgiving and usually it stops pretty soon but back in the last four or five
years with all the rain big fuckin flow in year round yeah we’ve
seen water flow down yeah we had a little damn fire see the damn bill there they don’t even
understand there’s a dam or what – damn it do it right or why we put it there I want to hear that story Wow
oh wow that’s the ficus at the root of the ficus weapons Wow guys I need to do
is a packet right there and hack it and it would die up there it’s all you got
to do is cut that and you’re good I needs that and then it’s done Wow all
figs are why not one of my favorite huh oh yeah it’s going wild like crazy
it slowly just chokes out trees huh yep that in the Sun gaudium is not nothing
air is bad Wow where this humbly learned a girl
it’s out that’s n gaudium your simple do your thing but yeah he did use that his own
applauding this is one of these plants it will it will survive underwater
it won’t per se grow but it stays green for they just I’m just wrapping to walk
up onto this well believe it or not I have a whole bunch of Livingstone is now
they’re almost this size they just grow fast that white one on survive they like
it out here oh wow these are all night bloomers it
looks like they haven’t had a big battle of night bloomers versus turtles
sometimes sometimes those Cooter’s get in here and they’ll be foliate about
everything that’s a good festival to go to by the
way if you’re ever up a tender little cooter you