Should I Buy A Clinical Research Course?

hey guys ECR G here back with another
episode so glad to be doing another episode today I’ve got a very very very
good question user submitted I mean viewer submitted
question from YouTube actually they did this in the comments and the comment is
as such hi thanks for the video would you recommend one investing in a
clinical research course before applying for a clinical trial assistant position
and they have in quotes here in this case coming from a background in science
biochem so biology research at a master’s level so it sounds like this
person is coming from a master’s degree and I’m in order to get a master’s
degree you have a bachelor’s also so would you write the question is would
you recommend someone getting a clinical research course on top of that to become
a clinical trial assistant okay so no the answer is simply is no I would
not recommend for a few reasons one the clinical trial assistant position is an
entry-level position now oftentimes I do say they want people with a year of
clinical research experience or two years or whatever
bla bla bla bla bla don’t pay that any mind it is an entry-level position so if
you are looking to be a clinical trial assistant you need to apply for those
positions regardless of how many years of experience they think they want
because that is an entry-level position and what ends up happening is they get a
good candidate who maybe that doesn’t have the necessary experience that they
ideally want in an ideal situation but they give that person a chance and you
know that is the role that people take to get their foot in the door so a lot
of people are going to be applying for that with no experience so that’s just
that’s just how it is that’s just how the industry is saying with the other
entry-level positions also they want base they tend to post one to two years
of experience they post that because they don’t want to do too much training
no one wants to spend all their time training but you know that’s just par
for the course with those positions they’re gonna say maybe no experience
with Inga say zero to two years experience because they want someone
within that range now what they hire someone with the year of experience for
sure because that’s what they ideally want but they would also hire someone
with no experience also so don’t let that deter you when applying apply for
those positions also in the second part why would not recommend a clinical
research course is because a lot of those courses I feel like aren’t
beneficial to you when you don’t know anything about the industry I feel like
those courses are very very beneficial when you have a little bit of background
maybe you’ve done six months to a year because it’s also new what they’re
preying on you with a lot of those courses out there is they are saying
this person really wants to get in the industry maybe if I can convince them to
take this course and spend a few grand or however much it is upfront then
they’ll take the course whatever and you’re gonna learn something you’re
gonna definitely come back with some knowledge but it doesn’t necessarily
translate into a job this is not in academic industry this is not a you know
a like a certification based industry or anything like that this industry is
experience based so when you get that experience your life changes so what I
would do in your situation if you have a master’s or anybody is focus on getting
experience whether that’s through an internship whether that’s through an
entry-level job whether that’s through a contract position whether that’s do a
full-time position focus on getting experience get your
foot in the door first and then you’ll be able to go wherever you want whenever
you want trust me on this your life is gonna change after you get clinical
research experience and you will see that so I would not recommend now a lot
of people do not have the luxury but I would not recommend spending your money
on a clinical research course because it is it is it is helpful when it comes to
the matter of knowledge you will gain you will definitely learn more about
clinical research but I do not think it translates
with the amount of money that you spend into necessarily getting a job faster
and not when you can do it without getting a job now what’s that gonna take
is you’re gonna have to look at yourself and understand what your positives and
weaknesses are with your candidacy you have to make sure your resume is on
point now I do help with resume reviews if you’re interested in that you can
email me elite clinical group at we’ve helped a number of
people and I made a recently made a testimonial video that’s on the channel
you just type in resume review testimonials on YouTube or clinical
research resume review testimonials the video will pop right up it is also if
you can’t find it you can email me Ally clinical group at and I will
point you in that direction but you know there are other things you can do to
better your chances of getting a clinical research job maybe some of it
is strategy maybe you’re not applying to the right places
maybe you’re not applying enough maybe you’re not networking enough with the
right people so if you need some help with there you can email me or just look
through some of the videos and on YouTube and some of the podcasts on the
podcast once again link is in the description
for those so there could be a number of reasons why you’re not getting the looks
that you want from different companies or or whatever that might be but I don’t
think about getting a clinical research course is necessarily going to improve
your chances that much and I think you could kind of you can definitely do it a
hundred percent you can do it without forking over those thousands and
thousands of dollars so I would not recommend a clinical research course but
a clinical research course in my estimation is definitely better than
going and getting a whole nother clinical research degree do not go for
another four years after you already have a bachelor’s degree to major in
clinical research or do not spend a year ago getting a master’s in clinical
research when you have no experience in the field companies will pay for those
degrees they will they will pay for it so you want you don’t want to fork over
that money out of your own pocket you want someone else to pay for it
and besides it doesn’t matter if you have a master’s in clinical research
with with no experience they want the experience
10 out of 10 times so I do not recommend those courses if you don’t have any
experience the only education I recommend is self-education on YouTube
you know if you want to buy a book or something something like that there’s
tons of information I’ve released tons of like probably like I don’t know about
100 thousands but probably like hundreds of hours of content on the YouTube
channel on this YouTube channel and on the podcast that you can listen to there
is so much information about clinical research getting into the field out
there not to mention dance fair with the
clinical trials guru shout out to him he has lots of videos I used to watch his
videos when I was getting into the industry also and has helped me a lot so
he’s got tons of weapon ours webinars tons of content out there if you want to
learn a little bit more about the industry and learn about some specific
clinical research things now I don’t oftentimes go into too many specifics
but I do I’ve discussed how to do some of those entry-level tasks you’re gonna
be asked in the past now I might do a refresh series for 2019 so definitely
let me know in the comments if you would like to see some clinical research tasks
you know how to do them I can try my best to reformulate them because I can’t
show my work computer on on this screen share but there’s tons of content out
there guys for free just because you pay for a course does not mean you know it’s
better or it’s gonna be different the same and it’s the same information that
you’re learning you’ve got to get some experience and get your foot in the door
and that that’s pretty much what it’s gonna take I do not recommend paying for
courses at all but you but paying for you know some other things maybe some
advice maybe paying for lunch with a key stakeholder those are all ROI positive
for sure that’s what that’s what I would recommend so I hope you enjoyed this
video guys email me elite clinical group at for any quick enquiries you
may have take care guys