SciShow Psychology: Coming Soon!

Hi! I’m Hank Green, and if you’re watching
this, you’re probably a fan of SciShow. Which means you probably share our insatiable
curiosity about the universe and the science that makes it tick. Now, we want to dive a little deeper into
what makes us tick: our brains. So we’re launching a brand-new channel that was chosen by our Patreon Patrons: SciShow
Psychology! And I’m gonna need some help tackling the mysteries of the human mind. Which is where I come in. I’m Brit Garner, and I’ll be hosting SciShow
Psych with Hank! Ever wondered if you can really trust that
your memories are accurate? Or why reading Harry Potter made you want
to be a wizard? What about all those personality tests? Does being an INTJ actually mean anything
more than being a Gemini? Psychology tends to get sensationalized or
over-generalized, so we’re looking forward to getting down to
the real, hardcore, peer-reviewed science you know and love on
SciShow. But brains are also just super complicated
and weird. So for some questions, researchers don’t have
the answer yet, and we won’t either. And that’s okay. Starting on March 6th, we’ll be uploading two episodes every week over at Head on over and subscribe!