Science Sunday- Geology Rocks and Minerals- Day 744 | ActOutGames

Presley: Hey everyone, it’s [email protected]
here and today is Science Sunday and I am going to be teaching my mom a little bit of
Geology. Mom: (laughs)
Presley: Not Geography but Geology. I used to get them confused all the time. (intro music) Presley: Ok, so first let’s talk about how
I got these amazing samples. And I got them from the girls in science day at the Denver
Museum of Nature and Science from the rock and geology clubhouse. There was this booth
and there was kind of a contest where you would post a picture on instagram and the
best picture got these. Mom: Yes.
Presley: As well as this awesome geology book. So we won and we got these amazing really
cool geology things that I have been absolutely in love with and now I just want all of them.
Specifically I want all of the crystal gems. Mom: Yes.
Presley: I want the crystal gems. So thats garnet, ruby , sapphire.
Mom: So that was very nice of… Karen the Geologist to send us these. Yes?
Presley: Yes. So let’s talk about the gems that she sent me. Ok. So I can’t find the
box for this one but this is Pyrite which is easy to tell. I know some gems by heart.
Mom: OK Presley: I know exactly what they are. So
this is Pyrite. I don’t remember where it is from because I don’t have the box. But
it’s really pretty and it’s also Pyrite also known as foul’s gold. It’s called foul’s gold
because when they are mining people would see Pyrite and think it’s gold and it’s called
foul’s gold because fouls would think it was gold.
Mom: Uh um. Presley: So yeah.
Mom: And do you think they would try and sell it?
Presley: (shrugs) Maybe it’s called foul’s gold because fouls bought it too.
Mom: Uh um. Presley: I don’t know. But this is Amethyst
which forms in geodes. And I really like Amethyst it’s one of my favorite gems.
Mom: It is your favorite. Presley: Also, my favorite crystal gem.
Mom: And what is a geode? Presley: And a geode..We actually have a geode
over here. It is a rock so it looks like this on the outside. And then you smash it with
a hammer and there’s cool crystals inside. And some of these happen to form Amethyst.
And I know that from a Steven Universe video. Mom: (laughs)
Presley: I learn a lot about geology just by watching Steven Universe.
Mom: You sure do. Presley: This is Citrine from Brazil.
Mom: OK. Presley: And I my gemsona is Citrine.
Mom: Your what? Presley: Gemsona.
Mom: You have a gemsona? Presley: Yes.
Mom: (laughs) Presley: Yes
Mom: OK Presley: And she’s Citrine. And this is Citrine
so it has this white and then the actual color of Citrine on the top.
Mom: Ok. Presley: Which is cool because her gem looks
like this. Mom: And do we know anything about Citrine?
Computer: Citrine Presley: This is Citrine actually. Actually
it’s called Citrine not Citreen as I thought it was called.
Computer: Citrine. Mom: Citrine is a glassy yellow variety of
Quartz. Presley: Yes, it is a.. so this is Citrine
apparently. I didn’t know it was called Citrine. Computer: Citrine
Presley: Citrine Computer: Citrine.
Presley: Why is it called Citrine? I thought it was Citreen. It has an E.
Computer: Citrine. Mom: Ok
Presley: Anyways, Citrine. And apparently my OC’s name has been completely different
than I thought it was. Mom: Oh my God, your gemsona?
Presley: Yes my gemsona. Mom: Has been wrong this whole time?
Presley: Yes her name, I called her Citreen when she is Citrine.
Mom: Ok Presley: She has had a name change in the
last 5 seconds. Computer: Citrine.
Mom: OK Presley: Anyways. It is a yellow to orange
kind of Quartz. Then we have Galena. Which I though was Gal-ana. This whole video should
be called Presley can’t speak English. So this is Galena apparently and it is kind of
in a squarey shape. It’s just.. and it’s really sparkly. Galena not Gal-ena as I thought it
was called. Galena also called lead glass. Lead glass that’s kind of a weird name but..
oh well. Is the natural mineral form of lead. So..
Mom: Hmm. Presley: So..
Mom: And this one is from Mexico. Presley: Yes, Mexico.
I can speak a little bit of Spanish. El nino come pan y la manzana sopa. Anyone who speaks
Spanish is probably looking at the screen weird right now.
Mom: So this is Galena. Galena is one of the most abundant and widely distributed sulfite
minerals. Presley: Galena is the main ore of lead used since
ancient times because of it’s somewhat low melting point it is easy to liberate by smelting.
I wonder why it’s not in Minecraft then? Mom: It’s not in Minecraft?
Presley: It’s not. Mom: Interesting. OK. Next one.
Presley: Yes, Galena. Very pretty. Very sparkle. And.. very sparkle.. that is how to say words.
And this is native copper but copper is very very very commonly used in lots of things.
There is a lot of copper down here from copper wires from past science sunday’s. But this
is copper and it’s pure like form so it’s not all melted into a wire or anything. And
copper is an amazing conductor of electricity. Which I like.
So you could just go like.. with this ore.
Mom: OK What’s it’s symbol? Presley: Cu
Mom: (laughs) Very good. Presley: Cu Cu Cu Cu
Mom: Yes, it has a very high thermal electrical conductivity.
Which is what you said. Awesome. Presley: Yes, pure Copper is soft and malleable.
A freshly exposed surface has a reddish/orange colors. So this one is kinda starting to turn
green. I don’t know if it is something else. Oh well. The metal and it’s allows have been
used for thousands of years. In the Roman era Copper was principally mined with cyprus
hence the origin of the name of the metal as сyprium (metal of Cyprus), later shortened
to сuprum. Its compounds are commonly encountered as copper(II)
Beautiful. It’s actually not as soft as it says in the article.
Mom: So this says- Architectural structures built with copper corrode to give green patina.
Presley: So that’s probably what this is. Patina.
Mom: Patina. Presley: This is quartz from Arkansas. I have
a friend that lives in Arkansas. Mom: OK. Can you tell us anything about Quartz?
Presley: It’s in Minecraft. Mom: And what does it do in Minecraft?
Presley: It looks fabulous. In Minecraft. That’s pretty much always does. It looks cool
and this looks absolutely nothing like the Minecraft version. The Minecraft version…
this is not white. I guess the Quartz at the bottom of the Citrine looks more like the
Quartz in Minecraft. This kind of Quartz from Arkansas does not look like the Quartz from
Minecraft at all because the Quartz from Minecraft is pure white. While this is kind of a clear
coloring. So Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust after
feldspar. Feldspar. Feldspar. Feldspar. I am probably saying that wrong but I don’t
know. It’s made up of a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with
each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2.
Science! Yes, and also it’s very pretty. It also apparently a news place. Is this chrysocolla.
Is that how it’s pronounced? Computer: chrysocolla
Presley: Yeah chrysocolla. Which is how I thought is was said. From Arizona and it just
fell over. And it is this beautiful color. Mom: Uh Um.
Presley: And there is also a lighter variety of the color and black. So it ‘s kind of feels
like a rock. It doesn’t feel like a gem, it’s not very smooth. But when it’s smoothed out
it’s really pretty. So chrysocolla is a hydrated copper cyclosilicate mineral with formula:
Cu2-xAlx(H2-xSi2O5)(OH)4·nH2O (x