Science News Interview: Clyde Yancy

– Hi, this is Clyde Yancy. I’m here at the world
conference of cardiology in Beijing, China. This is a fascinating meeting and I had the privilege today to co-chair an important abstract session. (noise drowns words) heart failure, or whatever other name you want to scribe to it, is growing in importance. The mechanisms are uncertain. Some provocative research
is presented to suggest that it’s related to vascular stiffness, and that would be consistent
with the prominence of (words slurred together
and drowned out by noise) There was another
provocative piece of work that demonstrate with the diuretic dose that we use in patients that preserved injection fractions may contribute to excess events. Likely because of concomitante
renal insufficiency or underlying renal disease requiring the higher dose. These are the very same issues with which we are struggling in the United States.