Science and Biomedical Science at Deakin

When I finished high school and I started browsing all universities The Bachelor of Science at Deakin really offered me many choices. So now I’m majoring in chemistry and human biology. Studying at Burwood is really awesome. Lots of really modern facilities are available to us. So you’ve got all the labs in building M and then the library itself is really great and has plenty of resources. There are so many majors available from zoology, marine science or even mathematics. General science, biomedical science, forensic science and environmental science. There are many more available for all students and all their needs and interests. Biomedical science is a really really broad field that looks at the biological aspects of medicine. So looking at creating new medicines and different health care products that can be used in the field. For most of the science units we have the chance to go to class and there are practicals where we can use the equipment and get used to them. And then you’ll often have a lab partner or the table will all work together. So it’s quite group based and team work learning. There will be microbiology, you’ll be looking at dead specimens and dissections. Really really hands on, practical experience that give you great lab skills that you can use in a job. We develop the skills necessary in the laboratories and later on in our work place. I would definitely recommend prospective students to come to Deakin because I really enjoy it here and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a really exciting field, there’s a lot of job opportunities within science and biomedical science specifically. Deakin has great learning facilities and the teachers are really amazing. I think it’s a really good community where everyone help each other. Science is really exciting, because it allows us to have answers regarding our environment and our world. It is also really inspiring to look around and discover new things and explore. One of the most exciting parts about biomedical science is that it’s a really broad field that’s rapidly developing. I really enjoy coming to Deakin because it is so diverse. I’ve met students from all around the world from China, Russia, Philippines and even countries I didn’t even know existed. I really really enjoyed my time at Deakin. Just the facilities, the staff and the friends that I’ve made have been really fantastic.