School of Mathematics: studying maths at Bristol

[MUSIC] Welcome to Mathematics, at the University of Bristol. Our School is amongst the top 40 research-leading mathematics departments in the world. Our maths teachers here are fantastic researchers, really passionate about mathematics, and they bring that passion and enthusiasm into the classroom. People are drawn here from all around the
world, so you will be taught by internationally renowned mathematicians inventing new ideas all the time. In pure mathematics, we focus on patterns and mathematical structures and proof. You’ll get a chance to see the applications
of mathematics, from the mechanics of cells, which will be essential for understanding diseases like cancer, to quantum information, which has revolutionised our thinking about computing. Our students thrive in this environment, and always give us fantastic feedback about their Bristol experience. Maths at Bristol, for me, was definitely the
right decision, the city, the course, the staff. I mean, the
staff really do make the course for me. I was really worried that I’d get here and
there’d be no girls doing maths, because that’s what everyone thinks with maths, but when I got here, it was about 60% guys and 40% girls, which is really nice. I thought there would be a stereotype of somebody who studied maths, but I think, having been through the course, I don’t think that stereotype exists. There’s a wide variety of type of students. The course is challenging. It will challenge you, but there are so many things put in place
to support you going through it. I’ve had a few issues where I haven’t understood things, and I’ve found that having my personal tutor was amazing. As undergraduates, we work on projects with our supervisors, and it’s very, very likely that you will discover something new. That’s always a great achievement. You’ll be walking down the street, and all
of a sudden you’ll just get this big smile on your face because you know that you’ve realized what you were missing in the problem. Maths is one of those subjects where you could spend days working on a problem, and it really gets kind of frustrating, but in that moment of clarity when it clicks, it’s beautiful. It’s what you do maths for, that moment. Besides its incredible beauty, mathematics is without doubt the central tool that underpins most of science, engineering and technology. It’s relevant to the big issues of importance in the world, such as forecasting the future of the economy, and developing new and effective medicines. We live in a digital world, and it’s surprising how much pure mathematics underpins all the technologies that support this. Everything from data compression for digital music players to national security. Whether it’s fundamental science research or engineering, it is increasingly the case that mathematics plays a key role in finding solutions to the complex real world problems of today. Maths here makes you extremely employable. I get emails every week with employers desperate to take on our students. Our graduates are in high demand in sectors such as retail and financial industries, high-tech companies and government agencies and of course, in academic research. I can’t think of a better time to study
mathematics here at Bristol. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]