Scared People Try Not To Die In “Until Dawn” • Ch. 2 Pt. 2

– Oh
– Oh no, she got. – She gone, nope.
– No, no, no, no, no. – Nope.
– No, no, no, no. – Did we choose something
that made her go? – Is that it? (electronic voice music) – We’re just back to the other characters? – [Man] Sammy. – Oh, right, what happened
with Hayden’s bath? – No. No, that’s not what I want
to know what happened about. – This is the story we
like, what was Hayden doing? – [Man] Do you need any help with that? – Hardy Har. – This friend group is weird – Yeah. – And hard to understand,
no one likes anyone, everyone likes everyone.
– They don’t have hot water? You know what, I think
it’s for the best that you keep your clothes on. – Chapter two, Hayden
tries to run the bath. – This is a nice cabin, it’s got like several rooms, open floor plan. – What was that? – Yeah, it’s nice, Josh is rich. – Yeah.
– Ooh, a tattoo artist. Johan, Johan probably, it’s Johan. Oh, that was the tattoo
that the girl had, remember? – Oh yeah. – ‘Cause I was like butterfly tat. – All Hannah’s stuff.
– Oh. – Okay, Hannah had the
tattoo, Hannah Washington. That’s a pretty weird gift to
give your sister I feel like. Maybe that’s just me.
– And 2010? That’s like three years. She would’ve been like, what, 13? – Like, that’s weird.
– 15? – Is that a photo of him on the Mantle? Are they weird?
– Don’t turn this into that. This is not Game of Thrones. – I strike it from the record
unless it happens later. Party invite, dear Hannah. – Dear Hannah, I would be
delighted if you could attend my awesome party, oh.
– Oh. – [Sam] Gee Hannah, crush much. – Secret photo of Mike,
everybody loves Mike. – She’s such a snoop. – Yeah. – [Sam] Hello, could this
be anymore about Mike. – But like.
– Mike and Hannah forever. Clue found, compatibility test. – Oh, it’s not gonna work,
wow that’s a big clue guys. Cosmo told her that her
relationship was doomed. – This says run away from
home or get a tattoo. She got a tattoo.
– Oh. – She really takes
those quizzes seriously. Let’s power walk to
the destination Hayden. Oh, a door that’s open, what are the odds? – Let’s go Josh, let’s go. Josh is probably gonna
say something stupid. – [Josh] I’m pretty sure that somewhere in this crazy place we used
to have a spirit board. – Do not bring out a spirit board. – [Man] Wow you have a spirit board, those things are a joke man. – It’s not a ghost that’s haunting them. It’s a human being murderer. – Yes, but if you do the
spirit board, then a ghost will also be haunting them, you
don’t mess with spirit boards in cabins that have no power. – Yeah you just gotta fire up the boiler it’s in the basement. – Do it for her, Josh. – All right you guys see if
you can find the spirit board. – Chris let’s go find it. It’ll be like a scavenger hunt. – Ashley’s gonna get
punched in the face by a. – A romantic scavenger hunt. – Oh yeah, they like each other. – They do and she’s gonna
get punched in the face. – Ew, Josh is being gross. What was that? – It was nothing, but it
reminded me of a ghost story where it’s like the ghost in a sheet. – It reminded you of a
ghost, a generic ghost. – Yeah. – Chris and Ash on a mission together? (laughing)
Use some alone time. – Ah, ooh, okay, mocking, Chris needs to go for it, flattering. – Look at her, she’s like literally, seriously considering this. – That’s the most, like, wondering face, why does she have the scratch on her head? – She has the scratch ’cause the bird attacked her right after. – Oh, yeah, after the incident. – No, I don’t wanna shoot a squirrel. I’mma shoot the squirrel. – I was gonna. – We don’t talk about it
anymore, we put it to rest. – We put a lot to rest,
mocking or flattering? I really don’t care, flattering. – They’re very sweet together.
– I think Hayden’s nice. We gotta keep her nice, oh. – I swear they just need like, something to bond them or you know, some sort of traumatic event to send them into each other’s arms. I mean at this rate they’ll
be in the bariatric ward before Chris makes a move. I’m honestly wondering if now
it’s too obvious that it’s. – It’s Josh.
– That Josh is weird. – Josh is like I’m gonna murder everyone so you can be in love. – You want a traumatic experience, Josh. How about your sisters died? – It really means a
lot to me that everyone – Oh, okay. – You came, Sam. – Maybe he’s struggling and we just are being a little harsh. It’d be funny if she were
like, it’s weird to be back. And he’s like oh, uh, yeah. – No. – I do want Hayden to be
nice, but food for thought. If she were mean, she’s all we have. – We’re all gonna make it through this. – We have this murderer. – I wanna ruin everybody
else’s lives, but Hayden feels like our rock.
– I wanna save everyone, – Yeah. – Except for Josh and Mike. – That’s what I said, that’s what I meant. – And Emily.
– Oh yeah. – So pretty much, we’re on the same page. – Sorry to drag you down into the bowels. – Ugh just get me some hot
water and I’ll be super fine. – I mean I wouldn’t want you
coming down here on your own. – Well it’s definitely creepy down here. – Yep. – Yeah. – Not a place to be on your own. – What does that mean,
what does that mean? What, you don’t even trust
the basement of your own home. – He said not a good place
to be alone and the game immediately has you walk around alone? All right, let’s leave. Oh, a padlocked door, wait
no, that’s the doorknob. If we try it one more time it might open. Okay, I think it’s locked. This is a cool shot of Hayden, looks like she’s in a music video. – Yeah, all eyes on me, I’m in a cabin. – Don’t lie. – My name is Hayden.
– I ain’t playing. – I’m in a cabin. – Did you fix it yet, dude? He’s just turning his
flashlight on and off. Oh, wine, heyo. – Why do they have this
creepy door that looks like you could lock someone inside? – Yeah, this family’s wack.
– Grab the wine and get out. – Oh, a baseball bat, now smack
him over the head with it. Ooh, serious, is it yours, or,
baseball in the snow I feel like at this point it’s
not that big of a deal. – Ask him, is it yours, aw, frick. – No, she’s a jokester. – No, not everyone is a jokester. – She doesn’t like confrontation. – You don’t like confrontation. – It’s true. – We’d come up in the
summer and we would have the best time the whole family was there. Mom, dad, my sisters, it was. – Ooh, okay.
– At last. – Accidentally brought
out some demons here. – At last. – [Josh] Can’t go back, new reality. – We should’ve asked if it was his bat. – This is the weirdest.
– Oh. – You said it wouldn’t matter and it did matter, it did matter. You killed someone right
there, you probably killed her. – I would be devastated if I killed her. – [Josh] Can you hold this? – She’s the only one I’m tryna protect. – What was that?
– What was what? – What do you? What do you mean, what was what? – I moved.
– You moved. – I moved, okay here we go. – You’re gonna anger him and then he’s gonna bash her in
the head with a hammer. – How about this game?
– Yeah. – What now?
– Schooled ya. – Nice one. – Hey game, I got you. – First we gotta increase
the water pressure before we get the boiler fired up. – [Sam] Sounds kinda complicated. – No, no it’s actually pretty simple. – Boom.
– That’s more like it. All right, five girl. – I almost missed. – That was the most nerve wracking five I’ve ever experienced. – I almost missed the high five. That would’ve ruined our social lives. – You. – Did you just miss a high five
with me, I’m a crazy person. It’s gonna end that he’s actually – Could be a lot of things
– A super nice guy. – And none of them are nice? Look at his creepy. – I’m just, I’m just Joshin you. – Oh, I’m pranking his ass. – Oh my god. – Oh, she’s a great actress, even Sam is. Pranked, insist, no seriously,
you’re about to die, dude. Oh, I shouldn’t have done pranks. Pranks is what got those two girls killed. – There’s something back there. – I don’t love Josh. – Got, ya. – All right, all right, your point. – If I got the butterflies for that, it’s gonna be boy who cried
wolf scenario, and I’m gonna warn someone in the
future, and they’re gonna get murdered ’cause they don’t believe me. – I’m just so involved in this I didn’t hear a word you just said. – I may have predicted
the ending, I don’t know. – Good, I don’t want spoilers. – Someone’s gonna die and
it’s gonna be our fault. – Oh, someone’s gonna die
this round, it’s gotta be. I don’t know if you can get
through this game with no. – Oh. – No, nothing regular about it. – I’m concerned, what do you think? – I think that concerned is
good because if she checks it out alone, she dies
alone, if they check it out together, we kill Josh too. – I’m concerned, but Hayden’s a hero. – No.
– Heroic. – No, ’cause. – She was on the show Heroes, c’mon. She’s a hero.
– Not anything. – No, they should’ve done it
together, you just killed her. – Did I just?
– You just killed her. You never go alone in a scary movie. – Don’t you die on me, Hayden. – Oh my God, it just said status update, you’ve made a mistake. – Don’t. – You’ve made, ahhh!
– Don’t you die on me, Hayden. – No. – Oh, I have to hit the buttons. – No, no, no, no, no. Oh my God. – Ah.
– It’s a prank, it’s a prank, it’s our friend, I hate him. – It’s a prank? – Oh yeah, he took his mask off and those noises that he’s, ughhh, ughhh. It’s freaking Chris. – Door’s locked. – To keep out strangers. – [Girl] What. – [Man] Hey. – What the hell? – Is this Chris? – You just got monked. – Why would you do that? – I’m just happy Hayden’s
okay and I’m pissed at Chris. – That wasn’t funny. – The girl getting punched in the face, a guy was wearing a mask. – Yeah, it was like that. – Okay.
– Very confused. – Noted. – Okay did you at least find the thingy? – Wait, I thought they went together. – What thingy are we looking,
oh, the spirit board, I said – I thought they went together. – No spirit board. – You know what, no. I’ve just been through enough. – Yes, my rock, Hayden. – Crystal ball, all right, so have fun. – She says no spirit board, that’s stupid. – No, God, wait.
– Oh. – Wait, wait, wait.
– This is it. – Wait.
– That’s Gar. – I would like to understand your feelings toward people who fear
isolation, loneliness. – Oh that’s us, oh that’s
probably why he brought us here. Don’t talk to me. – Do you share this fear? – No, let’s lie to him. Oh, and he has a spider too. – Oh, I hate the spider.
– And a dead animal. – Do I share the fear of loneliness? – I mean, I do. But like.
– But do we want to tell him? – I feel like we should lie to him now. – No. – We should lie to him.
– No, I ain’t lonely. – How do you feel about
people who are afraid? – How do I feel about people. – Wait, are we turning ourselves into the killer by being creepy? – This game’s a lot to take in. – Sympathy, sympathy,
I back down from lying. – Yes, I feel sympathy, despise is a word a killer would use. – Well Mike has a fear of isolation, do you feel pity for him?
– We’re not Mike. – Oh, he used a name this time. – We’re not Mike.
– Okay. – Do we feel pity for Mike? – So Mike’s not the one in therapy. – Yes.
– Yeah, I feel pity for Mike. – Mike dies. – This is a lot of information. – This is not reflected in the way you are playing your game now is it? – Is he talking to us? – I’m done, the guy addressed us through the screen, I’m done. – Let us investigate your feelings toward other people in greater depth. – I feel personally attacked. – Unless the person he’s talking to is playing a game with
the people who are there. But I do think he was
talking directly to us. – Which would you say was most important? – Loyalty or honesty?
– Why can’t you value both? – Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty,
but honesty is good too. I’d pick both. – (mumbles) friend okay? And what about loyalty versus charity? – Loyalty. – So you would sooner
look after your friends before caring for those in greater need? – The dude twists the words.
– Why? – You’re not a good therapist. – No he’s a tick. – We’re already out of time. – Oh no, we’re out of time,
we’re out of time, audience. – We’re out of time, big time. – Oh.
– Why is there a hook? – What? That was a lot, I don’t
think the killer’s Mike, he. – Mike either doesn’t survive
or isn’t like the lead character that we’re talking to? – Yeah, if it’s Hayden
I’m gonna lose my mind. ‘Cause that’s acting. – [Woman] What if Hayden’s
having a psychotic break? And she has two personalities? – Someone’s definitely
having a psychotic break. Because of the situation.
– I think it’s us. Make sure to share with friends. – Thanks for watching.