Samsung CES 2020 keynote in under 6 minutes

– Hello everyone. I want to invite a special guest to the stage. Say hello to Ballie. Hi Ballie! Why don’t we give him big hand? (audience applauds and cheers) This is a future of a new personal care. Ballie, say hi to the audience. (Ballie bleeps and plays melody) Ballie recognizes you and stays with you. He even knows to give me a little space. Watch this. (cameras clicking) (audience cheers and applauds) I could use this
technology around my office to make sure I’m not late to any meetings. Come here, Ballie. (Ballie bleeps) Good boy! – Ballie patrols your home to keep you safe. He is a fitness assistant
to get you moving even when you’d rather lie on the couch and watch TV. Ballie is a remote control
that helps seniors connect with all the smart devices in their homes and calls for help if they need it. A new friend to your kids and pets, and a camera that records
and stores special moments, kind of like a family photo album. Ballie is just one example of how Samsung innovations
are transforming how we care for ourselves. – Let me introduce you to what I call the intelligent home. We have been anticipated this new flexible home with innovations, like our customizable
BESPOKE refrigerator. The boundaries between physical
and digital are dissolving. We introduced this last year at CS as a walking assistant, but now, it’s evolved with more features. It is a sport and entertainment system. GEMS is essentially an
integration of an exoskeleton with powerful software all
connected to Samsung AR glasses, a Galaxy smartphone and
watch and other devices. – Let’s start with our
GEMS fitness menu first. I’ll put on my AR glasses (software makes a sound) and choose where I wanna work out today. Then I pick my fitness trainer. – Hi, welcome back!
– Hi! – Okay, let’s start. One, stand on your spot. Good! Two, keep your balance. Three. How did it feel for you? – Good, but it was a
bit more intense today. Was it different? – That’s because I increased the intensity by one level today. – Hm. After one-on-one training with GEMS, I can get professional
feedback from my mobile device. With my galaxy connected to my GEMS, my workout results are
aggregated and analyzed. It’s telling me I need to lower my body closer to the ground for this workout. – In a new smart kitchen,
Bixby analyze your GEMS workout and recommend healthy and
balanced post-exercise meal. Your refrigerator could
automatically sense what’s inside and suggest amazing recipes. It could also create intelligent
food playlist every week, order and deliver the ingredients
for your home-cooked meal everyday, and take a look at this. Our home self-contained growing station that put garden-fresh produce
on your table every night. Then there is Bot Chef,
our food prep assistant. – As the cities get more and more complex, so are your trips from
home to work, school, and even play. And that’s why we’re integrating 5G, Edge computing, and AI. And Samsung is already
test-driving vehicles equipped with 5G Telematics control units. You’re commuting into work in the city and bam, you hit traffic. It’s my personal pet peeve,
I know you’re smiling ’cause you feel it, too. I hate it. But now, your car is gonna communicate with the rest of your devices with real-time traffic information to coordinate your schedule so you don’t miss your meeting. – We are bringing Samsung
Knox from mobile devices to TVs, home appliances, and more. GEMS, there’s so much more
than what we showed you today. It can be your fitness partner at home. It also help the elderly and disabled take a step they thought was impossible. Thank you! (applause) Please enjoy, see yah. (Ballie bleeps and dog whimpers)