Ryerson University – Department of Sociology – Promo Video

[ Music ]>>Sociology is the
study of society. And society means people living
together in different ways. And we try to understand
in sociology, how does society operate,
what makes it work and how does it change
over time.>>People that are interested
in sociology are interested in the full complexity
of the world. They’re not interested in just
one aspect of human culture. They’re interested in
all the different ways that humans interact and
all the different ways that human culture
makes us who we are and makes us understand
the world as meaningful.>>As sociologists, one of the
things that we do really well, is we try to focus a lot more on
those who tend to not have a lot of power in the system,
in the world, generally in our lived lives. And we try to look
at ways in which to perhaps change the story. To sort of understand how we
can change the perspective and bring about social change.>>For me it’s a
globalized study. What is about us here in
Toronto at Ryerson University that is connected to
the rest of the world? And that’s something I really
want impart to my students.>>Sociology at Ryerson is a
really exciting place to be. Our downtown location attracts
students who really want to be involved in the city,
involved in the community. I feel like our students are
really strong social activists. They really want to
see social change. And they’re very involved,
not only in our program and creating a sense of
community in our program, but also in creating
a sense of community within the broader
Ryerson community and in the broader city as well.>>What makes the faculty so
great in this department is that everybody’s so
passionately committed to the culture diversity and social justice
issues in Toronto. And that allows us to have
meaningful relationships with our students
and among ourselves. And we feel so supported and
encouraged whenever we take on any new direction in our
research, in our teaching, or in community
directed projects.>>The type of students that
are interested in our program, are students who are interested
in activism, communities. Students who are
interested in understanding about the life we live and
the current events and issues that affect the social world.>>One of the things that
I really, really appreciate about studying at
Ryerson is the professors. They’re always able to help. They’re always willing
to be there. You go through their
office hours. You can talk to them
about papers, if you’re having problems. And it is so comforting coming
from high school straight to university and being told that your professors
don’t care about you. All that stuff is
not true at Ryerson.>>In the sociology
department, you can just walk in and every door is open.>>There’s an enormous amount of
cultural diversity at Ryerson. And I think that really enriches
the classroom experience.>>What students get out of
studying sociology at Ryerson, most importantly I think,
are critical thinking skills. And perspectives that seek to advance social
justice through research. Studying sociology helps
students see beyond the status quo. And to not only see
possibilities for transformative change,
but also to make it happen. [ Music ]